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The Jag label is green, white, and orange and has a large Buck's head smack in the middle of it. What is the english translation of the printing around the perimeter of the label on bottles of jagermeister?
What do the German words in black lettering stand for on the label of a Jagermeister bottle?
From Kabbalah to Scientology, celebrities have been devoting themselves to fads in religious practices for years.
If you were one of the characters on 'Friends,' would you be more like Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, or Joey? The Jager Bomb is a mixture of Red Bull and Jagermeister, a very common mix at bars and clubs. Ever wish you could take a Jagermeister shot machine with you camping, tailgating, and partying?

Cyclocross started in Europe more than one hundred years ago when cyclist were looking for a way to stay fit in winter.
Cyclocross requires the power of a sprinter, the speed and endurance of a time trialist, the bike-handling skills of a mountain biker and the tactics of a road racer.
It is not surprising that cyclocross has become the fastest growing part of the sport of cycling in the U.S. Events foster a festive atmosphere and encourage everyone to have fun while racing as hard as possible. My favorite shot to drink is a Red Flannel Jacket, which I was introduced to on my 21st birthday in a bar in my college town.
The distinct herbs, blossoms, roots and fruits of Jagermeister are an excellent accompaniment to this festive bird.
Place the onion, carrot, celery, herbs in the turkey and season inside and outside the poultry.

After 1? hours, add the chopped carrots, onion to the pan and continue to roast, basting every 30 minutes. Packing a built-in GPS that checks through a massive database of enforcement cameras throughout the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia, the GPSmirror also offers voice, tone, and visual alerts, advisory speed limit announcements, a GPS-based speedometer display with compass, and the ability to give you your GPS coordinates should you need to call for help. Available as a six-bottle value pack, the cooler has plenty of room for all six bottles, ice, and the requisite cans of Red Bull, and uses the same tech as the Jagermeister Shotmeister to deliver ice-cold shots straight from the external tap.
Roast until the thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the thigh away from the bone registers 175?F, 2? -3 hours total.
In a small pan over low heat, melt the remaining butter; stir in the lemon zest, ? cup of water and ? cup of Jagermeister.

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