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An anchor tattoo usually means stability, peace, strength, determination and passion.People frequently use other symbols or letters with anchor together, such as roses, infinity, swallows, compasses, ropes and wheels. Here are 50 cool anchor tattoo designs with different meanings that can inspire you if you are going to have your own anchor tattoo.
Because a anchor means strong, determination and passion, while infinity means never ending and always pushing through. A ship anchor and wheel tattoo symbolises a constant change of direction in life and hope for stability.

Rose symbolizes femininity, and a rose and anchor tattoo means that on for a man or girl, their partner is what keeps them stable and strong.
If you want to use this wallpaper, please click the download link below to go to the download page. It’s like nothing much going on in there but turns out to be very sexy look on her arm. Anchors have become popular within general tattoo culture over the years, but the symbolism is still the same.

It suggests that the person with the tattoo is in control but is still searching for where they would like to drop anchor and settle down. Besides the common meanings of anchor symbol, these tattoos are also related to Navy, sailors, or people who work on ships.

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