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One of the questions most frequently asked by new purchasers of Oriental carpets, rugs or textiles is ‘What does that symbol mean?’ The dealer, usually knowing little more than his customer will either shrug his shoulders or launch into some great fantasy of his own making. It is now established through archaeological finds and historical accounts that carpets and other weavings have been made for at least 2,500 years, and probably longer. Many of the names assigned to individual carpet designs were given to them by European or US dealers. A breakthrough in understanding the origins of carpet design motifs came initially from the work done by James Opie, published in Hali as ‘Tribal Rugs’ in 1992. The use of birds’ heads with a long plumed feathers, lions, peacocks, dragons and of course the ‘tree of life’ can be found in the decorative art of many cultures as far apart as Scandinavia and Eastern China. Earlier this year the book ‘Tattooed Mountain Women and Spoon Boxes of Daghestan’ was published (and has also been reviewed on this site).
In conclusion, to understand a symbol or design that has always fascinated you in a rug or textile, you need to look beyond the environmental conditions in which people lived when the piece was made, and try to penetrate the deeper historical, social, and religious context – although you may still be left wondering what the real meaning is! Spiritual beliefs of men are often depicted by using an angel tattoo.  An angel is recognized by many cultures as an intermediary between God and his creations. Depending on how much skin you want to devote to this tat, the possibility for creating an outstanding angel tattoo is wide open. Other ideas for angel tattoos for men lean more toward the emotional side.  Angel tattoos for men are used to symbolize their female love, to show their sensitive side, and as a memorial to a deceased love one. Many times, men will wear a memorial tattoo on their back, however another possibility is to design a tat that somehow symbolizes the personality of the deceased only in the angelic form they now inhabit. Angel tattoos for men seem to be symbolic of deep inner beliefs or emotions.  Study the gallery, pictures, images, videos and other art before choosing an angel tattoo design.

Cody York made a photo gallery which is a compilation of tattoos that pro BMX riders have, including Anthony Napolitan, Ben Hucke, Caleb Quanbeck, Chester Blacksmith, Mike Hinkens, Seth Klinger, Tony malouf, Troy Merkle and Vince Smith. The explanation of its popularity can be found in dragon's shape - as since  it may be flexible and long, it may be suitable to almost every part of the body.
Each of these topics will send a personal message or symbolic meaning when wearing as body art.
People believed that the dragon can manage bringing down the rain which is very important for Japanese and Chinese rice cultures. At the age of from five hundred to one thousand years they will become Chiao, or large creatures. The horns of a male dragon are thin near the base and stronger and wider towards the outside. Michael is also recognized as a protector of God’s children on earth, which takes us to guardian angel tattoos for men. We used to think that dragon is kind of horrifying monster, but in the Japanese culture it is connected with freedom, fortune, good luck, wealth, wisdom and force. Legends tell that they begin their lives as a fish to turn at the old age into a scaled dragon.
Japanese mythology says that all the dragons originated from Japan and as they left their home they gained toes. The dragon's body is wrapping around the top of the arm and head of the dragon is placed on the chest above the heart. But in the West people used to associate dragons with evil (because of its snake-like shape) and in the tales they often are fought and killed.

On the contrary, Chinese mythology says that it was the Chinese dragons who left their home and lost their toes. Dragon tattoos are also appropriated for legs and arms because of creature's long and flexible shape.
Most of such temples where dragon image is used typically belong to the Zen Buddhism religion. Actually, this shape allows the dragon tattoo to suit well to the each part of the human body.
The Koreans consider that dragons' homeland is Korea and the dragons gained or lost toes in dependence of  their direction - if dragon went towards China, it gained toes and if dragon went towards Japan it lost toes. The Han-Ryu dragons can measure up to forty feet in length as they are the tallest ones and can reach the skies. Strength, freedom and wisdom that the Japanese dragons symbolize, their shape and designs are the cause why a lot of people choose the dragon tattoo. The Hai-riyo dragons are similar to birds in their shape and are the most evolved in their kind.

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