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Starring: Ed Westwick, Tyra Banks, Sandra Lee, Gabrielle Anwar, eccentric music, alcohol abuse and tongue. You are viewing the amazing and beautiful tattoo on the topic: Young Woman Showing Belly Tattoo. People get tattoos for many different reasons, from tribal to romance to being ridiculously into a certain TV show. For women who get breast tattoos, however, the reasons are sometimes so much more profound.

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After reconstructive breast surgery, many women choose to have the nipple area tattooed, either to restore its natural appearance, or to something more artistic.
I think they are really beautiful and work really well, which perhaps speaks volumes about the women who choose to have them here. Other women who have undergone breast surgery (augmentations or reductions) use this type of body art to draw attention to the chest as a way to show their confidence or pride in being a woman.

I think that perhaps since this area is so intimate to a woman, these tattoos are much more thought-out and considered.
I was going through the hardest time of my life and Tumblr gave me a way to let things out and come to terms with things.

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