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All three New Testament versions are available below, as a full page or two-per-page (this size would be better suited to slip into standard sized scriptures). I’ve never seen the New Testament split up that way, but thank you for doing it as so! So this is my disclosure for this little project:  I am in NO WAY trying to change the God Breathe Inspired Word of God…  I am simply trying to personalize His Word so that my kids can apply it to their lives…oh I already said that. I’m (sadly) not very familiar with the Bible, so having this bit of information will be helpful while reading it!

I’m glad my charts have helped you, and I welcome feedback and ideas for more charts.
A good idea for kids to get into practice believing that God’s word is practical and for them. I think I’d like to create them for all four books of scripture as time permits, so stay tuned! I really love all of his charts for scripture study because they present a really simple overview of the content of the scriptures.

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