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3-D Guns and Roses - Upper-Chest TattooThis is an amazing tattoo, the black & gray work in the guns make them look so real. If you feel this image is in violation of our Terms of Service, please use the following form to have it manually reviewed by a staff member.
Although not counted among the main stream tattoo designs (animals, insects and religious designs), the gun tattoos have become quite popular.
All types of guns can be featured in these tattoos with the pistol being the most popular variety.
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There are much better books out there, which I will not directly recommend, as those who are not tattoo artists, or genuine about becoming a tattoo artist should not even read them. Third, I hate having to cover up these kinds of tattoos- it's such a pain to plan a design around a blue blob- it limits options for your artist, and I for one charge for the frustration and the headaches associated with scratcher work.
Did you consider using an inductor fed with square wave DC and a magnet fixed to a springy piece of metal to generate the linear motion?

The roses are deep, deep read but the shading make them so realistic that you feel you can reach out a pick it. Gun tattoos symbolize power, protection and authority, while they are also used for showing off one’s outlaw spirits. Scroll down to check out some of the coolest gun tattoo ideas that are easily customizable and are sure to look great anywhere on the body. Since I haven't had much success with coils in the past I have decided to use the rotary method.
The crap you get from suppliers that sell to anyone need a complete overhaul before they function well.
At first I was worried to construct a product that could be potentially dangerous and cause permanent damage. As in the use of most rotary tattoo guns there is no mechanism to convert the rotary motion of the motor into a linear motion. To create a more accurate tattooing gun I must create this motion without loosing too much torque through friction.To do this I plan on having a separate linear mechanism in the shaft connected to the cam through a bent wire.

Even the book itself says that even though it gives out info, the BEST thing to do is combine it with a real apprenticeship. Thank you,My first tattoo i did was on my brothers and some of my friendsdid you have any tattooing experice if you didnt then why did your bro let you 9or did you do it wile he sleot?eer last word is sleptwhen you use it for own tattoos then you don't get anything aids or somethingonly if its a dirty needle (i think)I was watching history channell and these prisoners jack the freaking parts from machines and give each other tattoos.!! This also allows for a more functional method of changing needles by having an opening in the pipe allowing the user to simply unscrew the needle. As well as creating a much more accurate gun.The gun must be comfortable to hold and easy to use. Agreed but otherwise wonderful instructable.very nice tutorial, and very nice machine you came to do.
If you are interested in learning to tattoo, by all means, do so, but be intelligent about it.

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