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Clearly unsure whether Noel and Liam Gallagher were going to live forever, this muddy fan pictured at a festival in 2000 decided to include a question mark. Nikki Sixx is lost for words when he meets a fan with a gargantuan tattoo of him on her back. In a desperate bid for some publicity, this no mark from last year's Big Brother (Rebecca Shiner is her name apparently) has Jedward tattooed on her fat behind.

What better way is there to show your undying love for a band or pop star than to have their faces entrenched into your skin (or other such body part) for life?  Here we present a host of fervent fans who've done just that – with seismically different results! These tattoos prive how important it is to have a good tattoo artist - The one on the left is good while the tattoo on the right is plain shoddy. Sixx got the tattoo in tribute to his close friend and when it was unveiled for the first time on Kat Von D's TV show, LA Ink, Mars was moved to tears.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing about the image though is the brown stain in her arse crack.

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