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With a change in people's notion on getting a tattoo on their body, this art form has received a warm response throughout the world.
If we delve deep into the religious meaning of zodiac tattoos, then we can well understand their association with legendary stories, mythologies and people's belief in Gods during the ancient period. In this article, however, we shall restrict ourselves only to Pisces tattoos for women.Pisces Tattoo MeaningPisces is the last (12th) zodiac of the constellation and it represents water. Understanding a woman with a Pisces tattoo could be difficult for a man until he knows her completely. Being meek and timid, a Piscean woman would love to keep herself aloof from real life troubles.
Since Pisces is represented by a pair of fish, the zodiac sign represents the lore where Aphrodite and Eros, both taking the form of fish, escaped from the giant Typhon. A Pisces tattoo is inked keeping all these significances in mind.Pisces Tattoo DesignsThe range of Pisces tattoos for women is large. The combination of color and the form is given great importance, because the fish should be prominent even in presence of other elements.

If you closely scrutinize a Pisces tattoo, you can easily figure out that it looks like the alphabet H.The Ornamental FishThe Pisces zodiac symbol could be explicitly adorned as an ornament when you get it tattooed on your ankle or on your wrist.
The two fish will represent the pendant while the beaded chain extending from it would be your anklet or wristlet. Choose colors of bright red, blue, orange and green for the fish while leave the beads unicolored. You can also flash golden, copper or silver colors for enhancing its ornament like appeal and the classy jewel shall stay on your body forever.The Tattoo With a Script"Dreams are today's answers to tomorrow's questions" - Edgar Cayce! The quote illustrates a script that would be in sync with your thought process so that it could be inked on your body along with the symbol. You can come up with quotes and citations on love, life, dreams and reality from the Bible and religious texts for this purpose. The symbol should blend well with the script, which would further portray your mind and its thoughts.The Yin and Yang DesignThis is one of the most interesting design of a Pisces tattoo, where the two fish are etched in opposite direction.
The Yin Yang design is usually done with black ink and it also contains the zodiac symbol 'H'.

The tattoo is intensely sensuous and one should deeply understand the meaning before getting it inscribed permanently.The Fish with its Ruling ElementUsage of the color blue is extensive in this tattoo because Pisces is ruled by water.
Choose wider parts of your body, like your shoulder, back or waist for getting this image inked. The ruling element design is quite popular among women who consider themselves to be staunch Pisceans.With so many Pisces tattoo designs at your hand, I'm sure you can find out the exact design that you are looking for. No matter what design you opt for, make sure that you get it done from a reputed tattoo house.

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