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Serve with coconut cream and cooked root vegetable such as taro, kumara, breadfruit or boiled green bananas. New Zealand Tourism Guide : New Zealand Travel Guide, Accommodation, Tours, Attractions, Vacation Information and NZ Holiday Sites. Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. As we discussed the other day, you need to emphasize the differences and similarities between the islands.
On the menu you would find lamb, pork, cervena (venison), salmon, crayfish (lobster), bluff oysters, paua,mussels, scallops, kumara (sweet potatoes), kiwifruit, tamarillo, and pavlova. Grill in a webber kettle with the lid on the vent almost closed, 15-20 minute on each side.
Umus are when fire is built and rocks are placed on it once the food that is going to be cooked is on it, they leave banana fronds are set on top and they leave it to cook. People that say it is something they just can not describe and think that it’s a food worthy of the gods. Obviously there will be a lot of seafood and small animals, makre sure your article mentions this. In places like New Zealand and the Cook Islands, they use lots of fish and fruits in most of their dishes.

Nine high islands is the southern group of mainly volcanic origin, even though some are virtually atolls.
The fishermen go out at night with bright lights for the fish to fly up out of the water and are captured in the nets in mid-flight.
Samoan food is not heavily seasoned or spicy it is normally prepared with food that is already cooked.
Lu’au is made of taro plant leaves, coconut cream and taro all wrapped in the taro leaves and cooked on the Umu. Prepare the fish, gutted, cleaned and scaled, top and tail and remove bones and gills on sides.
Sprinkle or rub with salt and squeeze lemon or lime over, cover lightly and set aside for a couple of hours to marinate. New Zealand has developed many cuisines like pavlova, colonial goose, lolly cake, hokey pokey ice cream, and anzac biscuits.
In Samoa you should always eat what is presented to you because that is by far the easiest way to make a Samoan friend. Oka is the way they prepare their raw fish, they cut the fish into bits and let it marinate in a lemon juice, coconut cream, salt, and onion mixture. New Zealand has cuisines that they didn't develop but is a very important to New Zealand culture.

Take 2 pounds (1kg) of chopped spinach, two finely diced large onions and a pound of coconut cream. These cuisines are fish and chips, roast lamb and mutton, scones, lamingtons, and meat pies. Boil the spinach for about 25 minutes, so that it is horribly overcooked, and fry the onions until they are soft and brown.
Some people prefer fish to be part marinated as too long in the lemon juice may toughen the flesh.
In rural Tahitian socities, young women are not allowed to eat food that has been prepared for adult men. Simmer this over a low heat for about 45 minutes.In Samoa most people mostly eat salted beef if you visit someone in Samoa this is no doubt what they are going to serve you. This is because they believe that male interaction with the spiritual world could have residual effects that would pass, via the food into the young vulernable women.

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