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To help those of you who are just starting out we have created a few simple practice sheets and some designs for you to try.
While many celebrities have tattoos, Pink's tattoos are among some of the most interesting and numerous. Pink's follow up CDs have been hits and include Try This, I'm Not Dead, Funhouse and Lowdown Unauthorized among others. In fact, Pink has said that there's only one tattoo she won't get - and that's a tat of her husband Carey Hart's name.
Of course it is believed there may be more ink on Pink's body, but these are the tats that are confirmed. Many people choose to emulate celebrities when they get their tattoos, and since Pink's are so numerous, there are plenty to choose from. Designing your own tattoos, the way Pink has for some of hers, will always make the tattoo more special.

If you want to have many tattoos like Pink does, you may want to choose a theme or style that you will consistently work within. These shapes re-occur throughout many henna tattoo patterns and can help you to build more complex designs as well as gain good control.
When Pink was just a little girl, she decided that she was going to be a rock star, and she spent most of her childhood and teenage years practicing singing.
Pink states she wasn't happy with this style or image (pink hair), and she was happy when her next album featured the pop rock style she enjoyed.
She has many different styles and sizes of tattoos, and has not chosen to stick to one theme or particular tattoo style.
He has many tattoos as well, and many of Pink's name - but she feels that getting a tattoo of her husband's name is not her thing. Copying the tattoos of another person image for image may lessen the effect, as well as being less important to you later.

She was in several high school bands, and she eventually became a backup singer for many artists at LaFace records. Pink also shows no signs of stopping, and has been quoted as saying she definitely plans on getting more tattoos. Make sure the symbolism of your tattoos is something you'll want to carry with you throughout your lifetime.

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