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Chemical treatments can leave hair dry and prone to breakage, so deep conditioning treatments may be necessary after a perm.
A perm for thick hair can create beautiful, stylish curls in otherwise straight or slightly wavy hair, or it can cause extreme damage to the hair shafts and drop the curl quickly. Other conditions which may affect the quality of the perm include the hair's texture and its elasticity. Individuals interested in adding a permanent to their hair should begin by consulting with a hair professional about their hair's current condition. There are many benefits to receiving a perm for thick hair that is elastic, healthy, and medium in texture.
Review the Pros and Cons Feb 08 As soon as wedding bells start to ring? and that shiny rock has found its new home on the left ring finger? there are a few vital decisions that need to be made before you call the caterer. Before a dress can be chosen, or a menu or even a theme, one factor needs to be decided on…when will the wedding take place?The traditional idea of a spring wedding is being chased by new ideas of enchanting fall ceremonies and majestic winter receptions. With such great wedding potential in every season, deciding on the ideal time to make your fairytale come to life can become a challenge. To help sort out the commotion, we’ve broken down the pros and cons of each potential wedding-hosting season.

Hopefully this can help you and your beau decide on the best time of year to get hitched!P.S. Don’t forget to scroll down to our list of important dates to take into consideration when planning your big day.WinterProsEmbrace the Natural Theme Having a wedding in the colder months means you’re gifted a winter wonderland theme.
Put your guests in the season’s mood by serving hot cocoa and giving out candy canes as favors.Discounts on Venues and Vendors Because winter tends to be the off-season for weddings, many venues and vendors offer discounted prices for their services. If you’re looking to save money on your celebration, winter may be the best time to host your wedding.Take Advantage of Shorter Days Winter tends to feel gloomy because of the limited amount of daylight.
Even those who RSVP “yes” may be forced to miss or be late to your wedding due to inclement weather. Just something to keep in mind.Winter Theme People come to expect a winter wonderland theme for winter weddings. If you don’t provide that, some people may be put off.Indoor Restrictions Some couples may try to be daring in the winter and host some sort of outdoor aspect to their wedding. However, your guests may not be so keen on braving the cold.SpringProsHappy People Usually, spring brings out better moods in people because of things like better weather and blooming flowers.
To get the venue you want at a better price, you may have to sacrifice a weekend day for a weekday.Peak Wedding Season The majority of weddings, and many other events happen during the spring.

This may threaten the number of guests that are able to attend your wedding.Hot Temperatures Because of hot temperatures, makeup can run and threaten the outcome of pictures. Wearing formal attire can be uncomfortable to the wedding party and guests that need to run around in hot weather.Higher Hotel Rates Summer is peak travel season. Mountain resorts and state parks make for great places to host a fall wedding.Dress Options Because of the weather, brides have more options of the kinds of dresses to wear. Longer sleeves, for example, are a great option for the big day.ConsGuest Availability Many people go back to school, whether it’s to teach or be a student. This may affect their decision to attend your wedding.Short on Cash People may be short on cash after going on vacation over the summer.

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