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Did you know this was written by a mom to her son?  You have the privilege of influencing your children and their future choices! Don’t we tend to think that women in the Bible were lowly, domestic, servant-like sweethearts?  No way.  This chick is strong and hard-working….just like you! Do you have a son?  The original audience of this proverb consisted of young men as a way to teach them how to pick a great wife.  Don’t you want a hard-working, valuable, selfless, wise daughter-in-law for that boy?  Teach him to look for a top-notch bride. Do you have a daughter?  Proverbs 31 is like a mini manual from the Lord for her.  Teach her to be trustworthy, caring, fearless, helpful, and strong. Proverbs 29:25 wallpaper is available in different resolutions and devices like iPhone, MAC, PC, android, nokia, and others.
It can be used as a desktop wallpaper or background for your pc or in powerpoint presentations in your christian church sermons or in your music software for datashow on Christian concerts. Wisdom has built a palace supported on seven pillars, and has prepared a great banquet, and mixed the wines, and sent out her maidens inviting all to come.
Listen closely, pay attention to the words of the wise, and apply your mind to my knowledge. Can you imagine what it must be like to be in God’s position everyday as He contends with all the prayers and petitions from us? However, if it is God’s wisdom that you seek, why can’t you realize that God’s wisdom is right before your eyes, and the answer to your problem and situation begins by trusting what He is sharing with you in black and white (sometimes red, when it is Jesus’ own words), even though it seems wrong in your eyes.
When we begin trusting our understanding above God’s wisdom on matters, we are walking in ways that are not God’s ways. Read the passage above once again and understand God is saying to your heart: stop and listen carefully to all He has to say to you. On matters of the heart: When we seek healing of relationships, only in God’s wisdom can you find not only the power to forgive, but also the ability to forget wrong-doings, including the guilt you may have when you look into your own mirror.
Proverbs is a treasure trove for me, but it was also a heavy burden—to live that skillful life, to not fall into the traps, to not turn to the right hand or the left but to keep my eyes straight forward on the path. About Sarah ElisabethSarah Elisabeth Sawyer is an award-winning inspirational author, speaker and Choctaw storyteller of traditional and fictional tales based on the lives of her people.

I was wondering if you owned the copyright for the Proverbs image on your page and if so please could we have permission to use it on our church notice board? Related Posts from iGroove RadioJuly 30, 2014 Study shows that those who stay up late are more intelligent than those who go to sleep early. And if you would like to send this wallpaper to Facebook, Twitter or Delicious, please be our guest! She calls from the busiest intersections in the city, “COME, you simple ones without good judgment; come to wisdom’s banquet and drink the wines that I have mixed. She sits at door of her house or stands at the street corners of the city, whispering to men going by, and to those minding their own business. So many times, over and over, God hears something like, “Lord, please help me to understand,” or “Lord, please give me the wisdom and words to handle this situation or this relationship issue.” Then God says okay and shares His wisdom to us only to have us reject the response because it does not suit our needs as we want it.
When our will seems to deny God’s will, we are not trusting in the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe but our own frail and certainly imperfect desires over His desire for us. This is the primary and oft repeated theme in the book of Proverbs, written by the wisest man of his time, King Solomon. The writer of Proverbs strives to show for the wise and the foolish, the simple and the smart, exactly how to go about life and deal with daily situations. It was tough—ah, still is—but I am ever so grateful for my mom’s encouragement to us when we were young to read that Proverb a day. Speaking, teaching creative writing, unexpected surprises, family and friends fill in all the little spaces of my life. However, not those who stay up late partying or texting loved ones…August 1, 2014 Ladies are you looking for a gentleman? Then when we experience the same problem, or even a worsening of the problem, we blame God for not solving the problem for us or not answering our prayer request. God’s Word allows us to carefully and prayerfully seek answers to life’s problems and challenges by examining not only specific wisdom about the matter, but also many examples and testimonies from God’s chosen people recorded in His Word.
And, that God is interested in fairness and graciousness to all His creation, even those seemingly awful people that are making your life miserable.

Though considered by some to be archaic in today’s terms, these stories still point out the ways of wisdom and how to live life with skill and purpose, not haphazardly. Haven’t I written for you thirty sayings about counsel and knowledge, in order to teach you true and reliable words, so that you may give a dependable report to those who sent you? However, though we can read the words and see the meaning of the text before our eyes, often our heart wants to declare certain parts of His Word non-applicable to our situation.
God will not give you release from the burden of the problem until you accept His wisdom and counsel on the matter. End the blame game and the name calling, or casting blame everywhere but where it truly belongs – within you.
The Lord is near. Don’t worry about anything, but in everything, through prayer and petition with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. Only then will you learn the blessings that come from honoring God’s wisdom as the light upon your path in this life.
And the peace of God, which surpasses every thought, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Finally brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable – if there is any moral excellence and if there is any praise –dwell on these things.
I can still quote a good bit of it today, though I no longer read one a day since I started reading through the Bible yearly on a regularly basis. Do what you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, and the God of peace will be with you. But every time I come to the chapters in Proverbs, I can almost close my eyes and recite the whole thing.

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