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My anxiety has always seemed to make these periods of life much longer than they really are. There’s a freedom in letting go of life, an indescribable feeling in admitting that God is bigger and smarter than I am.
If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments about organizational strategies, please share them in the Comment Box below. Get free information on neurological disorders, education, and encouragement by signing up for my weekly newsletter! Share book reviews and ratings with Tourette Syndrome Awareness Reads, and even join a book club on Goodreads.'s commentary on today's Second Samuel readings today titled "David's Return to Jerusalem" is at this link.'s commentary on today's John readings titled "What is this thing called Love?" is at this link. I just noticed a similarity of how David handled his enemies, those who came against him outside of a relationship with him and those David knew.
I am not sure if even that can be or really is God judging us, as much as our seeing what God has to offer and rejecting that gift.
Perhaps you’re stuck in the pit of anxiety, or the seeming eternal night of depression.

You had life plans, big plans, but somehow, you ended up here, a hop, skip, jump, roll, duck and doge somewhere down the road of Not-Where-I-Planned and Where-The-Heck-Am-I. And don’t forget to sign up for my weekly newsletter to receive extra resources I don’t include in my blog, encouragement, and a gift as a thank you for signing up. Download a schedule of our One Year Bible readings for the year in PDF format at this link. I have been observing how if David knew the people who challenged him, he showed tremendous mercy and delayed judgment, if they had judgment at all. Doing that puts the one who has rejected that gift on the judgment seat by their own volition. If what you are doing is something that ultimately glorifies God, then He will help make that work and those plans a reality. Maybe your life’s situation has you feeling trapped, or your body has succumbed to a chronic illness.
No one was forcing me to study a major I really wasn’t enjoying (secondary education with a focus in math), and for some reason, I thought it was up to me to find myself a man. I do believe we can follow Christ’s example, however, and be willing to submit to God. After all, we are pulled in so many directions in this life, it’s hard to be a master at one thing.

If housework teaches your child to take pride in your home and what God has provided, it’s glorifies Him. What if your children have gone astray, and you feel like they’re running down the wrong path? It just occurred to me that David, being a type of Christ, is doing what is afforded those who either have or don’t have a relationship with Christ. If going to your day job allows you to tithe to your home church and fund vital ministries, it glorifies Him. Don’t lose sight of the blessings of glorifying God in the tasks society deems as mundane. My job continued to reward my hard work with more responsibilities and the same amount of pay I’d always received, and because my OCD was pushing me so hard in school, I barely left my desk when I was at home. Whether or not we experience judgment with no mercy is based on our relationship with Christ.
Of all the sins that we can commit, the one that is surly fatal, is our non-acceptance of Jesus Christ’s salvation.

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Religious inspirational quotes for facebook
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