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Sometimes people prefer isolation because they don’t want to be a part of crowd or gathering.
It is not necessary that everyone has the potential of dealing with the worst people around, some people just keep themselves separated from all this and fetch a peaceful life for themselves. Or sometimes some mishap leads people to go in agony and avoid the colors and happiness of life, they don’t want to meet people, don’t want to mix up and give themselves a break from the sickness.

My today’s post is dedicated to those sensitive and delicate persons who prefer being alone because in this case there is no one with you who can hurt you badly and disappoint you. Without that peace and appreciation with being alone you open the door to wrong ones for the sake of companionship. However I would like to advice all of you don’t miss the little happiness moments in life and try to enjoy the colors of life because we only get to live it once. You should develop the habit of being alone when you want to indulge in some kind of soul-searching or talk-therapy with yourself. You can talk to yourself; you can better know yourself and develop accountability of what you are and what you do.

When you want to bust stress and reduce mental tension, it is preferred that you stay alone that time.

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