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To direct a conflicting situation in your favor, you have to keep persevering consistently. We can choose to live life fully focused on the moment at hand and live happily, making great progress, moving by inches. Most important, we must always keep in mind that anytime we suffer a setback while moving forward, it will always be just a matter of inches, never miles. I close my eyes, and a single strand of pure light runs through the soul of every citizen of the world.
I recognize and honor that being a parent is the most important role I will ever play in life, and that I have the opportunity to be the most influential teacher in the life of my child. May the light that is You burn as an even brighter beacon to illuminate all in the world that is right and just.
The desire to make loving service a central theme in our lives all of sudden seems to be shared with many others too, friends, family and Internet contacts alike.
We create our internal experience of reality by choosing our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. We tend to identify with and become attached to things we have, and to fear their loss, and this includes our knowledge and beliefs as well as relationships and physical things.
If we can see who we really are, we can come into a state in which we are one with everything, which means we feel connected with life, we feel a love of what happens, but we also feel we want to be of service and ameliorate the suffering of life. Most of us have this sense that our deep self is the same now as when we were much younger.
My understanding of love is that love is how one must feel when we see through the veneer of separation that seems to divide us and connect with somebody (or with some thing or place or activity) as one with that person or thing. The ego is a character in the dream of life around which the life-dreamer weaves a cracking tale.
If we want to awaken, we don’t need to eradicate the ego, we simply need to be conscious of the deep self as well. Both sides of a dichotomy in life (yin and yang, light and dark, good and bad, individual and integrated, etc) form a whole; both apply at the same time, neither can exist without the other, like the two sides of a coin.
The Gnostic teaching - as found all the way back to the most ancient of literature, such as the Indian Vedas - is not a set of rules that we must follow to become ‘good.’ It is about discovering our own essential nature, which is good already, so that we can live spontaneously. Truth is always aligned with unconditional love, and that is also our essential nature, so universal truth is integral to the higher self. What “stands in your way” is what you created, personally or as member of a group, consciously or subconsciously, so the way forward is accepting what is and taking responsibility for that creation as part of the whole of your and everyone’s life.
We need to search for truth about ourselves and welcome it; and seek to expose and release the lies we have become identified with. To help you strengthen the spiritual YES in you, learn to put Truth first, last, and always in your life.
Learning is one of the main functions of living, and to do that we need to ask questions, experience and listen, remain open minded and include our inner knowing. Listening to negative self-talk is one of the reasons why we may have difficulty creating success in our lives. Many of us think we have a reason to feel good and think well of ourselves, and speak well to ourselves, ONLY if and when the outward appearances of our life match the (often) ambiguous model in our mind created from bits and pieces from others, like a patchwork quilt thrown together at random by people not in alignment.
And as Chief Seattle says, “Humankind has not woven the web of life; we are but one thread in it.
When you choose not to identify with the movement of thoughts and emotions, sooner or later you will have the profound experience of your own Self standing free from the mind - free from the compulsive habit of conceptualization and personalization. It’s never too late to remake your life so that at the end you can answer, “Did I really live? To realize life is a dream, you need to become more conscious, to discover yourself within the dream and become mindful that it is your creation. An ethical leader of a group will see themselves as a servant of that group and will act accordingly, working to meet their needs and better their position. Jim Hunter speaks about how hard it is to actually change and put into action the principles of servant leadership, and what he’s discovered through his 30+ years of work as a trainer in organizations about what supports the change process. I think we can all agree that the “real” world as described above is created and shaped by people. I have found that beautiful music is a great aid to dissipating and releasing emotions that are not serving me, or that are getting in the way of a heart-felt high vibration (fulfillment and gratitude), the state of being that attracts abundance.
Feel the doubt and fear dissipate in your body as your vibration rises, and release them as you breathe out. We need to examine all the thoughts we have, the considerations and beliefs, and find out what’s true and what isn’t.
Because we are beings of discourse, of speech, and because we live in a world of constant communication, the ability to speak our truth without judgment or blame is as important today as it always has been. Once aware that we are in the process of behaving reactively, we can put on the brakes and move into a different gear, moving off again in a more empowering direction, that both ourselves and the people we are dealing with will benefit from.
All of our awareness, personal responsibility and inner work do nothing really until we bring them into reality through action. It is tempting to offer someone an insight that you feel is just out of their reach, but to do so is to deny them the empowerment of discovery, especially the discovery of their own inner truth - which may turn out to be a different insight from your own in any case.
Many of us want to be of service in the world, and are inspired to make our lives and our work useful to others.
Mindfulness reveals the way fear shapes our perceptions and behavior; awareness gives us the ability to see the connection between our emotions and our habitual reactions. We can start working with fear by becoming aware of the thousands of tiny fears we live with each day. Every belief system (or BS) colors experience in a different way, rosy-red or gloomy black or some unique personal flavor….
The singing voice is a vehicle connecting us with the flow of life that gushes through our being at full force. So much better to recognize and respect our differences than to criticize and judge, which only leads to loneliness and separation. When we love ourselves, the more we are open to discovering our ideas; and the more we love others, the more we are open to sharing them. If love is the unconditional acceptance of what is, then fear is the non-acceptance of what is, leading to resistance.
We can’t help but have relationships, however whether they are empowering or drag us down depends on the quality of communication - the way we bounce off people. If there is real relationship between two people, which means there is communion between them, then the implications are enormous. It is people like this who have progressed furthest in their spiritual development, not necessarily those who use advanced methods of meditation, attend expensive seminars or have mastered psychic tricks. Sympathy, forgiveness, the relationship of possessiveness, jealousy and fear - all these things are not love. At some point in your life, you look up from the hypnotizing clamor of daily existence and seek meaning in that which is above the physical realm of existence.
The real problem, then, is not fully understanding the situation, not perceiving with an open enough mind - there’s something in this apparent problem that we’re just not seeing, at least not yet (the solution). The opening of our hearts is the greatest hope for the evolution of Mankind as we move into critical times. If you believe you can do something, then you almost certainly can, provided you are open to learning. Many of the skills children need to regulate their behavior and navigate the challenges they face every day are taught and practiced in the family meeting.
Too often we think of listening as waiting for the other person to stop talking so we can get our opinion, feelings, or thoughts expressed. At some time we each have to face up to the fact that our mortal body will eventually die; nothing we can do about that.
Love illuminates prejudice, bigotry and partisanship because they are seen to cause separation; this is in stark contrast to the communication, empathy, understanding and resulting compassion brought about by love. For many people work is drudgery, but when you’re doing something worthwhile, according to your own values, the situation is transformed. Too many of us believe “work” is something to be avoided, and these people dream of a path to instant wealth, because then they would “never work again.” I suspect that’s why the universe makes sure most of them never achieve the success they desire! Before you can conquer your fears you first have to open your eyes and look at the monster objectively to realize its size and its impact before we can decide how best to face and diminish it. When all is said and done, there is only one freedom that cannot be diminished, and only one place where its abiding peace can be found: all that your heart longs for lives within your True Self.
The world is a mirror, reflecting whatever you send out in your thoughts and words and actions. Through self-acceptance without judgment - instead of feeling that we aren’t good enough - then we can start to respect ourselves. With awareness we are able to see when we have left the present, and we have the opportunity to come back to it.
Love, and loving service to our fellows, connects us so we do not live isolated lives and life becomes meaningful.
As humanity evolves, we have to earn the raising of our vibrations in our etheric soul through good works and selfless service.
This is the simple truth - opening the heart - that I feel is the basis of the current rise in human vibration and evolution of consciousness.
If we study our existence, it seems that moment to moment, we are either experiencing or manifesting life.
Harmony in place of conflict is achieved by being true to your inner self, the loving part of you. They believe that the purpose for the passage of time is to allow a person to become better, wiser, to express more and more of one’s BEINGNESS. Sometimes, though, in-between achievements, getting off the bike is a good idea, to look at things with a more objective, less involved perspective. One of the cornerstones of reducing your stress is to know what you value-what’s most meaningful in your life. You are bound to face challenges of different types during each day you live, throughout your lifetime.

Moreover, you need to have the patience and the belief that things will start working for you, eventually.
Or, we can keep staring “in the rear view mirror,” stuck with thoughts of what could have been, instead of what can now be. The pictures I captured in my backyard attest to the kind of confidence required for such a profession because his life hangs, literally, in the balance every minute of every day he performs his airborne magic. It’s not just “being enlightened” - it’s how you feel toward others and what you do in your life activities to demonstrate the compassion and togetherness that you feel.
This ties in with what lightworkers have been anticipating as we move toward the Dec 21st galactic alignment and the start of a new cycle of the way life is lived and felt on this planet, what they call Ascension. The one with a capital Q that haunts my mind like a foreign voice murmuring words that I know are important, but I can’t understand.
Each moment is a new opportunity to think differently, regardless of all the moments that came before it. For me it isn’t about trying to convince my ego-mind to feel it, but to recall a time when I did. That’s part of the survival game, but we do well to accept impermanence with equanimity and to retain an open mind, willing to review and evolve.
We experience this in our body - there’s chemicals, there’s good feelings, it’s an embodied thing - and it comes from this recognition of oneness. You can both become conscious of the oneness of being and feel empowered as a separate individual to be the hero of your life adventure.
We can be human beings and enlightened spiritually all at once - not just one or the other as is often implied.
The Gnostics taught that we can liken the truth of our situation to a wheel, with many spokes and an outer rim.
Like our Trans4mind motto - “Minds, like parachutes, function better when open” - so open them parachutes.
Real correction, at any level, always purifies the matter and so leaves it less confused and thus in a higher state.
Unlike the untold billions of other life forms teaming on the Earth -- whose nature is an open and shut case -- human nature is not fixed. This grand YES will grow to have greater and greater meaning to you as you put it into practice. You don’t get the best from opportunities that come your way and you may even avoid certain situations because you simply don’t believe you can cope as well as other people. But sometimes we block the flow of love, fearing to express it in case we are rejected, or fearing to accept it in case it is later withdrawn. We like to give the impression that we are strong, confident, in control, managing our lives okay, and generally don’t need anybody, thank you very much.
Your inner being is always there with you, expressing itself through the quiet whisperings of intuitive information. This confusion leads us to self-criticism that isn’t deserved or useful, in good times and especially in not so good times. Your awareness will become so vast that it embraces all things, while simultaneously being the experience of freedom from all things. Very good practice for that step in consciousness is learning to dream lucidly, to become conscious and causative whilst dreaming and yet still remaining in the dream. Also Jim talks about the importance of authenticity in creating genuine community, and about love in organizational life. Trust and compassion are spiritual attributes, especially of the heart-centered spiritual being.
And for the world to change, since we are the ones creating it, it seems obvious that “we, the people,” need to change. The right music is a great accompaniment to your meditation sessions, and some of the best music for this purpose is provided by the MindPower MP3 audios. As John explains further, “Many of us have become disconnected from the natural world and our own spiritual nature.
When we take up the journey into consciousness, when we determine to discover what our life is trying to teach us, we necessarily arrive at the seventh initiation.
As the British commanders used to say when presented with a good idea from a subordinate, we need to, “make it so.” With scholarly work we can all become great pundits but, in order to learn what life is really about, and in order for the changes we want in our lives to take place, we are definitely required to take action.
One powerful way is to develop the practice of speaking to our self in the language of these true conditions. The desire to help others is noble, however, our most effective and powerful service is offered from detachment rather than based in fear. When we choose to stop instinctively reacting to uncomfortable situations, we realize that we have control over our connection with the world; we are not victims of circumstance. We can all see how other people’s BS makes them blind and “stupid” at times, but we find it very hard to notice how our own BS is doing the same to us…. The singing voice, through the media of breath and sound, supports the process of transforming energy patterns, creates measurable beneficial effects in the physical body, and influences consciousness more efficiently than any other form of sound. Life is as you make it; your heart emanates love (pure intent) and the universe reflects those vibrations back, multiplied in every way imaginable. Whether it is creating a new life, or a new world, or a piece of art or music or writing, it all begins with being open.
Where there is love, oneness naturally exists; where there is fear, understanding and compassion go missing. In particular, we need the kind of respect that leads to listening without prejudice and judgment. In that moment, when your attention is focused on whatever higher consciousness may bring, you are receptive to new ideas and new information.
Check out: what am I intolerant of, unsure about, ignorant of, assuming, believing, anticipating, suppressing, invalidating, not acknowledging, not taking responsibility for?
But it doesn’t mean to forget past helpful lessons nor to abandon creating an exciting future. If you concentrate on finding whatever is good in every situation, your heart will soon be filled with love and understanding, a feeling that nurtures the soul. Then at last you can understand things from the parent’s point of view, as well as from your own inner child’s eyes.
They learn to listen to others respectfully, they get to see and be a part of the problem solving process, they experience the value of a cooling off period before tackling an issue, they come to understand that accountability is an important part of moving past mistakes, and they see cooperation between children and adults in action. It means creating a “new you!” Of course there will be doubts, surprises, set-backs, and failures along the way. The mind that can be so full of day to day concerns, the ever pressing need to fix what is problematic, the desire for things to be different than they are. The reasons why are frequently complex, a combination of many factors and logic, that can easily become misdirected, conflicting and and confusing, even within our own minds. But we may not choose to face up to the fact that our relationship is in a mess, that we are in the wrong job, or that we have not been doing a good job bringing up our kids.
Does your mind tend to overestimate the risks of life and underestimate the powers and resources you have to handle those risks?
I see work as a great honor and source of fulfillment, although clearly there is both “good” and “bad” work.
If you don’t, and these emotions get stuck in your energy field, life can become one drama after another. If you complain, everywhere you go, you will meet resistance, anger, hostility, and plenty to complain about.
Through self-respect - instead of trying to please another’s expectation - then our true potential can start to shine. Jesus once said that the care we offer to even the smallest child or the weakest old man is received as if it were offered to God.
The fortress built around the heart which protects us from the slightest possible pain, is also what’s blocking the softest, sweetest, most gentle healing energy from finding its way in. Robert Fritz describes this power as structural tension, pulling you like a stretched rubber band between your perception of current reality toward your inspired vision. Our souls come from the afterlife dimension where there are levels of consciousness, from a less solid duality rising through to oneness, but we can taste oneness here and now through love. Morgan writes, “They do honor each tribe member sometime throughout the year--not on a specific birthday, but rather to acknowledge the person’s talent, his contribution to the community, his personal spiritual growth.
So if you are a better person this year than last, and only you know that for certain, then you call for the party. Yet when our life is all about completing the millions of tasks on our “to do” list we often lose our perspective. Empathic communication is the basis of understanding, so this is fundamental to relationships. But facing challenges and overcoming them helps us in molding us into a better, stronger and much more evolved individual.
It’s when we look miles ahead and wonder “how are we going to get so far?” that we fail to move forward at all. On one of his few breaks, Steve told me the average death-per-worker statistic in Canada was 3 in 1,000.
This determines the vibrational level that you attain on the other side of the valley of death and it also works to influence the degree of consciousness of humanity during our lives. It’s the Question that interrupts my sleep and draws my attention away from things I know I must do. I can’t give you the answer, but I’m convinced how you answer that question does make a difference.
In practice, mindful awareness accompanies the body-mind and ego, and provides the invaluable missing context. Love is what we feel when we realize we are one - two separate players in the game of life but joined together in essence, sharing our space.
It only begins -- over and over again -- each time we can glimpse something higher than our own painful certainty over who we think we are. And then get among people who recognize the real you, who support you and love you as you are.

Taking this beautiful idea one step further reveals to us the promise that self-elevation always follows self-correction. You can put this behind you if you begin to feel more optimistic and positive about life - no longer torment yourself with ‘what ifs’ and instead start doing more things that you find rewarding and uplifting. For despite investing considerable time and effort in whatever you do, you’re frequently upset with yourself and your work.
Break down these walls with the help of hypnosis: get the wonderful audio download, Accept Love. When life is difficult or challenging, it’s more important than ever to say encouraging, loving statements to ourselves. Your sixth sense is real, and can naturally perceive and know things that are about to happen. We need to move beyond the beliefs that are binding us to the same old patterns and worn out solutions. We keep driving around in our bumper cars, hoping that everything will be explained someday, and sooner, rather than later, would be preferable. The action of speaking the truth without expectation, or the anguished imperative for change, is a great adventure in itself. We nourish and enhance our self-esteem by talking to ourselves in a loving and supporting manner, replacing the voice of the inner judge, the “merciless rider”, with the voice of the heart, the voice of wisdom and compassion.
Like no other sound, the voice becomes a link with our spiritual life by revealing deeper aspects of the Self. You can allow for any life experience to show up and simply open your mind to seeing the positive outcome out of it. Emotionally, they are also ‘processing’ and letting go of emotional baggage – emotions of fear, hate, guilt, worry, anxiety, anger, etc.
It is the people who are isolated behind their walls who talk about duty and responsibility.
As long as the mind is the arbiter, there is no love, for the mind arbitrates only through possessiveness and its arbitration is merely possessiveness in different forms. To listen properly, generously, keep an empty mind, focus solely on understanding what the other says, without judgment. In this state of denial, things just carry on the same, whereas if we faced up to the truth, it’s likely a lot could be done to improve the situation.
Do you feel a subtle, yet persistent, sense of anxiety that runs like an undercurrent just beneath your conscious awareness? I also believe the difference between “good” and “bad” work is one of the most important distinctions in life! There are no logical processes or rational models to substitute for pure courage, faith, and trust. It’s also simply looking for opportunities to be helpful, to cheer with a smile, to do the right thing with no thought of reward.
When your heart is filled with gratitude, your thoughts and words and actions are kind and loving and helpful. When we enter the present, we simultaneously let go of our fear filled fantasies, negative thoughts, worries and ancient resentments for a moment. When societies and governments are no longer at the loving service of all people, then arrogance and exploitation risk snuffing out true human development and fulfillment. They are also aware of their primary goals in life and are devoted to fulfilling them, both for their own benefit and as service to others. If we are fortunate we find our niche and as much as possible solve the problems of survival, then we stick with those solutions.
When our inner fortress remains too rigid and strong, it can push away those who are trying to give us love. However, rely on them excessively and you distort ‘what is’, leaving yourself totally unprepared for the day that reality catches up with you. Everyone is recognized by a special party, but it has nothing to do with age or birth date.
We lose our ability to discern between what’s important and what’s not because everything feels equally urgent - equally critical. If we’re writing the book of our lives, best make it a good one with plenty of reversals, ups and downs, triumph and tragedy sometimes, and preferably, a brilliant ending that makes sense of all that comes before. You can only steer your way through challenges only if you persevere and show your strength of character in such hard and nerve-wrecking times.
When we realize that everyone is connected at Source, we may experience love without limits, inclusive of those who may appear to be hostile or indifferent by outer appearances.
Whatever we’re trying to achieve we need to have a broader perspective, to validate what we have achieved so far and to energize ourselves with the vision that initially inspired us. However, many people are trapped in circumstances; in which case they can learn to appreciate what they are doing as much as possible, and in spare time express those talents that are hidden at work.
Changing the laws, changing the type of government, changing the leaders, changing the monetary system and other retreads are not working. It makes all the difference between a life of success and fulfillment, and one of disappointment. That in itself shows that we are all basically one consciousness, albeit based in physicality and duality. You can allow your experiences to be toxic to you energetically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and bodily, or you can transmute your experiences into opportunities, especially to expand conscious awareness and Knowing.
Only by loving and serving others, even with the simplest of gestures, will humanity regain a sense of happiness and hope. But our upbringing hasn’t taught us most of what we need to know in order to make the most of our potential, to have truly fulfilling careers and relationships. When this occurs these walls no longer serve our highest good and its vital that we dismantle them. Such a dramatic shift occurred when his son, Tyler, was involved in a car accident, sustaining a severe spinal-cord injury that left him paralyzed. No matter how frantic life gets, no matter how much frenzy seems to be present, the most successful people are able to rise above the pandemonium and maintain their perspective. Just feel that feeling for as long as you can or choose to, before you have to get back to whatever you’re doing. This is true not only for the heirs of the “One Percent” but also for those families with enough wealth to give “everything” to their kids. The key is tuning into it on a regular basis so that you are used to hearing what is coming your way.
Stripping that stuff off (and letting go of the accompanying painful feelings and misguided behaviors) and finding what is our own inner truth. To truly know our inner nature we are required to express ourselves.” We have to tread through the mud and jump in the river, see where it takes us.
If you can just choose to have an open mind, you’ll be able to manifest anything and everything you want in life. Then practice realizing that you are the watcher, the observer, watching the mind think; that you are not the same entity. There is simply no way to get around this “fact of life.” You can’t do the same old thing the same old way and expect to see any improvements in your work or personal lives. When you find that something is harder than you dreamed or didn’t work like you expected, you’ll need internal motivation that pulls, pushes, and drives you forward! It’s only through dissolving these wounded walls that we can truly relax, lighten up and become receptive again to let in love. Leading his family through the experience, Terry’s journey resulted in a spiritual awakening to a clearer understanding of life and the truths it has to offer. The more I’ve practiced this, the easier it’s become to go into that feeling at will; and sometimes the feeling just happens, with no thought or effort on my part. The center symbolizes God the father and the outside symbolizes the Goddess, mother nature. If truth were to be given out honestly, there would be no one willing to accept it, except for a few teachers. The more you practice opening your senses (being more sensitive) and quieting your mind, the easier it is to hear. Because it comes from inside us it is pure and our inner knowing, from each of us as a spiritual being. Even in the midst of the greatest storm of our lives, we can still see if we would only look because it is only our fears and inhibitions that blind us.
Wayne Dyer says that, “To be immersed and surrounded by peace is a great definition of enlightenment.” Awareness is looking even better!
Let’s have pizza for dinner.” It gets a job done, but it does not increase the excitement level or bring the people any closer together. No matter how long you have lived according to this pattern, you can reconnect with your innate capacity to love and be loved. The more you let go, relax and trust the guidance within, the clearer the messages from your intuitive self become. The mind is a tool for us to use; it is not the Being we truly are, just as your car assists you to go places but you are the driver, separate from the car. Does your actual behavior reflect your top priorities in terms of time, effort, thought, and investment? To build strong relationships, to manage all your relationships for the better, you’ve got to get beyond the fluff and the superficial. For each of our fears we have developed one or more strategies, of avoidance, indulgence, smothering or denial.

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