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Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums. Enemies play an important roll in The Force Unleashed, for without them, who you would you release the Force on? Most enemies in the game are pretty basic, attacking with either ranged or melee attacks in basic patterns. Note that some of their weapons I was able to get very specific about, while others I wasn't. EVO troopers are dispatched to areas that have environmental hazards, be it extreme temperatures, poisons gases, or radiation. These droids aren't exactly at the forefront of combat, but they do have the tools to kill someone. Being fitted with the AJP-400 Hush-About personal jet pack, they can fly through the air pretty liberally. A Stormtrooper that proves themselves in combat can be promoted to the rank of Officer, meaning these guys are really just palette-swapped Stormtrooper. AT-KTs (All-Terrain-Kashyyyk-Transports, also called AT-STh [All-Terrain-Scout-Transport-Hunter]) are mainly used to keep local species in check, most are fitted with some sort of net launcher or something. The backbone an Imperial landing fleet, AT-STs (All-Terrain-Scout-Transport)are often used in the front lines of heavy combat situations. AT-CTs (All-Terrain-Construction-Transport were built not for combat, but to haul heavy equipment and boxes around, which you why they don't have any actually armament. Click below to go to our questions page to see all the questions already asked and ask your own.
Has anyone noticed in the game that the Junk Titan's head looks like the head of a Vulture Droid from Episode 1? Search more high Definition 1080p, 720p, Free HD wallpaper, Widescreen, 3D, Wallpapers, Computer, Pc, Desktop, HD, Background, Android, Iphone, Mobile Wallpaper and Photos Image. This is because some of them are known figures in the Star Wars universe, so information about them is well know, while others are not. They are fairly resistant to Force powers, and have an energy shield to block Lightsaber attacks. They have heavy armor to survive in these conditions, and they also have EVO shielding for further protection.
They'll only attack with their buzzsaw, but the small size and black color makes them very hard to see coming before they start ripping through you. Cortosis is a metal that is very resistant to Lightsabers, and the tractor boots keep them firmly on the ground, so they cant be pushed around.

Held together by the Force itself, these Titans have long reaching attacks, normally centered around it's large arm. I mean, sure, swords aren't effective against armor or droids, and Vibroblades are rare and expensive, but there has to be some other alternative.
They'll run at you in a rampage and either stab you with it or jam it in the ground and create a shockwave. They have the ability to completely cloak themselves, but the power it consumes means they can only attack when not cloaked.
Release their cages by attacking them, and watch them tear through the Imperials in the area. This model is fitted with a paralysis cannon of some kind that can immobilize the target if hit.
It has a formidable armament, including the two heavy guns, one rapid fire turret, and a grenade launcher. They serve both purposes well with a light armament of a point laser and a small rocket launcher, and a tractor beam for moving or throwing small boxes.
2, there are several variants of the E-11, including the E-11a, E-11b, and even the E-11 Sniper Rifle.
Some do have an energy shield to block against some attacks, and their fast melee makes it hard to get a saber attack in without it resulting in a clash. Apparently the Force is considered an environmental threat, as the shield also protects against it.
Like the EVO troopers, they have to survive in harsh conditions not just from the planet but from their weapons as well, so they'll always have their shield up.
The combination nulls all of your attacks except Lightning, which is highly effective, them being robots and all.
It does have the ability to create shockwaves around itself, and to thrust it's arm into the ground and make a plasma spike near your location. They are tasked with keeping heavy fire on opponents and guarding the flanks of Militia formations. These guys are easy to see coming, as they are the only ones that will charge right at you.
You'll see the yellow line following you around, and when that turns red you have about a second to dash away. They also have the ability to disassemble themselves into the ground, and reappear in front of you. They have all the same traits of standard EVO Troopers, including the extra armor and force field, but they can also turn invisible using a cloaking armor.

They wont stay visible for long, so when you see one, rush over and attack quickly with standard attacks, or push them against the wall from a distance.
They also have the ability to call for help from an unlimited number of Shadow Troopers, who always seem to be lurking nearby like ninjas. They aren't that much of a threat, but can get annoying with all the things they have to throw at you. So remember to honor their commitment to you have fun as you throw them out a window into cold, dark, space. Telling the variants apart is pretty hard, but I'd be willing to bet that they are in this game.
Don't even try to get close, in addition to the armor, they have energy shields to totally block Lightsabers, and they have immense strength and love to pick you up and throw you. If you let them surround you, they can be a pain, but otherwise you can usually Push them away. The only really thing you can do without endangering yourself is throwing things or lightning it to death. The reload time is pretty slow after every shot though, it seems, giving you time to get close. Because it has no real armament, you can jump up in it's face and slash away, or just keep your distance and use Lightning.
When you face them early on, most don't raise their shields, meaning you can attack with anything.
This makes them the only soldier that can withstand till the end of an Aerial Assault combo later in the game, making them great for that achievement. They only have melee attacks, so keeping them at a distance and using any Force power a couple times normally does it.
When in a group, charge them first and take them out, or throw something at them (possibly a teammate). The best attack is to do a Dashing Blast into them and knock them over, then stab them before they get up.

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