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And, in a way, those are right.  Because our hearts – our shared humanity – tells us that every person is valuable, every person deserving of something, every person a person, a human being – someone with intrinsic worth and dignity. One doesn’t need to look very far to see people not doing all too well in life – people struggling and yet fine with it, accepting of it. Or people forever alone and loveless – too scared to approach someone they like, too desperate to keep them, or too jealous to do anything but drive them away.
Or, of course, people, so sad and depressed – too sensitive, too insecure, too weak to withstand the difficulties of life. There exists a level of success and happiness possible for them with the knowledge they have, and experiences they’ve lived, and confidence and belief in themselves they hold within. And though it may not always prove true, I think it’s just best to view our lives – all the world, really – like this, from this point of view.
As am I, as well, and everyone who remains far from their dreams; far from the Selves they desire, and the lives they imagine.

But against the chaos, nothing can be done, and life is the sum of controllable events and impossible to control ones.
The only exception is people who are extremely suffocated by their environment to the point where their basic needs cannot be met (war torn countries, politically and economically devasted countries etc).
That’s what I got from this, so thank you for helping to jog my mind and decide on my own what it all means.
I think that destiny comes for 2 reasons: we work to have it, we just have it because it happens. How many guys have you met who seem to feel they ‘deserve’ a beautiful, moral, young, educated woman when they themselves are none of those things? Or how I want things to be BETTER in my relationship and to have my daughter grow up with morals, values and a totally open mind, a student of life.
The only thing earned is knowledge taken from both good and bad experiences, and learn from them, not to gain anything other than food for the spirit.

Mind quotes can help you to think about life in general and change your looks in a good way.
So in fact it isn’t really that they deserve better, it is that they deserve the basics. Of course the same things apply to women, but I think this is a human thing, not a woman or a man thing.

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