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The tattoos of bull stand for power, strength, aggression, peace, stability, perseverance, resurrection and determination.
If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Celtic Tattoos, Dragon Tattoos, Cute Tattoos and Phoenix Tattoos. The furious running bull is a symbol of the Taurian wearer’s persistent and determined nature.
The composed looking bull tattoo, done on the arm, is a symbol of stability and passive aggression. Big and belligerent bull tattoo done on the back looks very impressive and oozes a superb macho charm. The guy was born under the Taurus sun sign and this tattoo is a representation of his zodiac. This cute small bull tattoo is a tribute to the deceased son of the wearer who was a Taurian.
Symbol of masculinity, authority, strength and aggression; this bull tattoo looks very badass. The Taurian guy wears his zodiac sun sign on his sleeve in the form of a black bull tattoo.

The girl is a Taurian and wears her sun sign symbol on her arm as it motivates her to be determined and strong. The clean dark contours create an appealing bull tattoo that is tribal and traditional in outlook. Awesome chest tattoo exhibiting a bull with a piercing in its nose makes a fantastic style statement.
Live life with a fearless attitude and face the challenges head on; this is the message of the aggressive looking bull tattoo.
Exquisite bull tattoo done with fine shading looks very attractive and stands for the warm-hearted and helpful nature of the wearer.
A solemn looking bull tattoo graces the forearm of the guy that symbolizes peace and protection.
Check out this bull tattoo done with dark ink that is a symbol of resurrection and determination. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.
Like any other piece of body art, raging bull tattoos have a symbolic meaning attached to it.

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As a tattoo, it represents both the qualities and inspires the wearers to be brave and resolute in their actions. Conquering such a powerful raging animal is the ultimate prize for any man who dares to get into a cage with this animal.
Here we have created a collection of 27 images that display different types of tattoos with the bold bull as the theme.
Overcoming the challenge gives the person a feeling of utmost invincibility and absolute courage.
Generally a raging bull portrays power while the cowboy maintains a sense of confidence and authority yet remaining calm. The people who are born under the Taurus sun sign find the bull an appropriate design for a tattoo.

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