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Randy Orton or Randal Keith Orton is an American professional wrestler, who shot to fame and success at quite a tender age.
Randy Orton’s body consists of various tattoos including five alluring tribal tattoos, which signify his strength and bold nature. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Emma Stone Tattoos, Daisy Tattoos, Army Tattoos and Eagle Tattoos.
The only colored tattoo on Randy Orton’s body is that of a rose, which was inked on his left forearm for his daughter Alanna. The tribal tattoo on Randy Orton’s left arm was one of his earliest tattoos, but does not have any significant meanings. Randy Orton’s left bicep is inked with a vivid tribal tattoo that has features like a thorn wire. An elaborate tribal tattoo covers the entire back and the nape of the famous wrestler, which he loves to flaunt. Randy Orton has magnificent tattoo sleeves covering both his arms, which add on to his fighter attitude. Apart from having four other tribal tattoos, Randy Orton also flaunts an elaborate tribal tattoo on his right bicep.
Other than flaunting tribal tattoos and skull sleeves, Randy Orton’s softer side gets revealed with his dove tattoo which is inked on his left inner arm.
Although the real meanings of his tattoos are not known, the tattoos on Randy Orton’s arms may signify his strength and strong male instincts. Inspite of having bold and manly features, Randy Orton’s tattoos are undoubtedly elegant and fancy. The beautiful contrast in the intensity of the tribal tattoos and the tattoo sleeves further enhances the beauty of the tribal tattoos. Just like the left bicep, Randy Orton’s right bicep also exhibits an elaborate and magnificent tribal body art.
A four lines verse is inked on Randy Orton’s right inner arm just above his elbow, the meaning of which is a mystery. Standing at an event, Randy Orton strikes a wonderful pose for the camera with his alluring tattoos.
Randy Orton’s right forearm features a magnanimous tribal tattoo inked with bold black color, which extends from his wrist to the middle portion of his forearm. The name of Randy Orton’s daughter is imprinted on his left forearm just beside a rose tattoo. The tribal tattoo on Randy Orton’s left arm was inked right at the dawn of his career, when he decided to cover up another tattoo with the tribal tattoo.
Inspite of having no significant meanings, Randy Orton’s tattoos are often related to his powers and his desire to demonstrate his powers more intensely. Randy Orton has beautifully and strategically used his body to house seven tattoos with two alluring sleeve tattoos. The tribal tattoo on Randy Orton’s left forearm is drawn very precisely and with extreme care.
Painted with a soft tone, Randy Orton’s sleeve tattoos feature various skulls, the reason behind which is never shared by the wrestler. Some people believe that Randy Orton settled for tribal tattoos because he wanted to show off the bold, animal side of his personality to boost his career. The dove tattoo on Randy Orton’s left inner arm can be seen very frequently and may signify his hidden peace-loving nature.
The contrast in the vividness of the sleeve tattoos and the tribal tattoos creates a striking visual appeal.
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Former wrestler, The Rock’s tattoo is just one example of some of the beautiful ink that wrestlers in the WWE, TNA, Ring of Honor and several different indie promotions wear to the ring with just as much pride as their many championship belts.

The Rock, who is arguably the most famous and successful professional wrestler of all time, sports several tribal tattoos up and down his arm, on his shoulder and on his chest. Brock Lesnar is not only an intimidating professional wrestler, but he is one of the baddest UFC fighters to ever step into the octagon. One of the first wrestlers to walk down the ring with full arm sleeves, The Undertaker used his tattoos to strike fear in the hearts of his opponents. CM Punk is the current rebel of professional wrestling, and he walks to the ring covered from head to toe in tattoo designs.
Jeff Hardy is a wrestler who is always looking to take his appearance to the next crazy level in order to match his high-flying style. Randy Orton used to portray a clean-cut narcissist on WWE programming, but made the transition to a crazy, maniacal bad guy a couple of years ago. Chris Jericho is a wrestler who has found crossover success as a rock singer for the band Fozzy. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites.
Winning the World Heavyweight Championship, Randy Orton became the first ever wrestler to win this championship at an age of twenty four. However, a dove tattoo often visible on Randy Orton’s left upper arm also demonstrates his soft nature.
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Brock has several tattoos, but his most famous is a sword tattoo with a grenade on the end that runs up and down the middle of his chest.
Punk’s most famous tattoos include a Pepsi logo on his arm and the words “DRUG FREE” tattooed on his knuckles that indicate his straight-edge lifestyle.
His coolest tattoo design is that of a dragon wrapped around a tree that starts on his back and works its way up and down his arm. He is new to the tattoo scene, but is working on a full-blown sleeve on his left arm that already features bicep, forearm and wrist tattoos. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.
In spite of exhibiting elaborate tattoos, Randy Orton never shares the meaning of his tattoos as he thinks that only his close associates and family members have the right of knowing the meaning of Randy Orton tattoos. But before you go on reading, let me assure you that this page has got nothing to do with sex. One of the coolest things about professional wrestling are the tattoo designs that a lot of wrestlers sport all over their bodies. His powers and strength are revealed not only by these titles but also by his tattoos that elaborately cover his arms and back.
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