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The pair - who'd met on an online chat room - say they quickly fell 'head over heels in love' and soon after met in Moscow, Russia, where they decided to get married. The tattoo-mad former art student whose sister is also a tattoo artist added that above her eyebrow he had written All For Love.
Geekologie is a geek blog dedicated to the scientific study of gadgets, gizmos, and awesome. Gracias soldado, si hay alguien que me lo pueda arreglar se lo agradeceria, no domino muy bien estas cosas de informatica.

Turtle, alexis, Fiona, David B and Christina, who all agree love makes people do crazy things. As long as her face tat has meaning to her, none of you people who claim to be into the scene should say shit about her! It is so rare to be so right, and I appreciate these apes being ignorant enough to convince themselves how on the money they are.
Finally back in 2010 I chose to get it covered up with a triquetra, and I'm so happy with it now.

To each their own and if you are one of the people posting negative then i suggest you go back to your little hole in the wall and think about your own life.
That just shows me the person has no friggin idea what constitutes a good design or take her features into consideration.

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