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Ladies, let me show you how ANY woman can supercharge their love life and rediscover passion in just eight weeks.
Telling the story of Hazel and Gus, it's a tale of what happens when two star-crossed teenagers fall in love and full of all the angst and drama you'd expect, there's also a catch - they've both been battling cancer and Hazel just so happens to be terminal.Advertisement - Continue Reading BelowSeeing as we've got a bit of a wait on our hands for the movie, the only way it seemed right to do John's words justice in the mean time is with a look at some of the most BEAUTIFUL fan art and illustrations you may ever set your eyes on. If you find something of value on our love quotes and sayings page, enjoy its gifts and please pass it on to your friends.

Her compelling story of her own transformation and the wisdom she shares in Awaken to Love is food for the soul and wisdom for anyone who has ever been in love.
So buckle up, grab the tissues and get ready to give your corneas a big old treat with the most heartbreaking quotes from the book.

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