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The story of the Scorpio versus Orion is the most famous of the myths related to the Scorpio constellation. When hearing this, god Apollo who was also the god of animal herds and Gaia, who was the goddess of the earth, took the decision to stop Orion with the help of a giant Scorpio, who hunted down Orion.
People who belong to this zodiac sign have gained a reputation of being nasty and difficult to deal with and that is because they are being misunderstood and thus feared.
Despite their reputation, Scorpios are very emotional, even going to the limits with their feelings.
Ruled by the planet Mercury, the Virgo is considered an earth element sign, it is the sixth sign of the zodiac and corresponds to the Virgo constellation. Since ancient times, the bull has been a symbol of strength and fertility so many civilizations worshiped this animal: the Greeks saw a constellations of Zeus disguised as a bull, after falling in love with Europa, the Israelites worshipped the Golden Calf and the Egyptians thought that a real bull was the incarnation of Osiris and so they worshipped Apis, the bull of Memphis. Scorpio is the zodiac sign of all those people who were born between October 24 and November 22.

When girls with Scorpio as their zodiac sign choose to get its symbol tattooed they generally add embellishments such as stars and flowers to the usual symbol.
The typical Scorpio symbol can be made to look more artistic by curving it to form an abstract heart.
Orion was a giant hunter who was in love with goddess of the dawn Eos, but his problem was that he was bragging too much. However, it is their attitude that make them be seen like that, an aloof and elusive attitude, sometimes mysterious, sometimes flirty. If you are one of the people who belong to it or if your soul mate is a Scorpio, you will equally be happy to wear a temporary tattoo with the symbol that represents it. Thus, when designed properly scorpion tattoos look amazing and succeed in inculcating fear almost always. You can make it complicated and elaborate by adding other details or floral patterns and colour.

He was bragging about conquering her and about being the greatest hunter and that he would kill all the creatures on Earth.
It is usually represented with flowers, ears of corn or a basket of wheat.  If the woman is not nude, she has wings, as a sign of her spirituality. It is abstract enough to pass for a decorative tribal motif at first, but upon close inspection it becomes obvious that there is a scorpion in there somewhere.

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