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The Convention is a two day event celebrating the art & variety of tattooing in the 21st century, in the historic capital of Scotland.
The convention is to be held in the Corn Exchange, a Grade A listed historic building, with a 3000 capacity. I was approached by the organisers of the Scottish Tattoo Convention to produce some posters to promote the first ever Scottish Convention. With bruised eyes, bullet wounds and bloody faces, it was like a scene from hit US TV show The Walking Dead. Some 30 actors were taking part in the fundraising night organised by five Glasgow Caledonian University students. Earlier in the day the actors met in Glasgow's Walkabout bar ready to be transformed into zombies. Around 13 makeup artists, led by lead artist Sam Johnson were on hand to get the 30 actors ready for the event. Event manager, media student Laura Connell said the inspiration for the event came from another zombie night which took place in Glasgow last year. Using fake blood and latex amongst other products, the makeup team transformed the actors with impressive results.
Talk about bling for the skin, Beyond MediSpa manager Nicola Bristow is massaging Stem Cell Gold Serum into my skin; a product that contains 24 carat gold pieces and stem cells harvested from sheep placenta. I’m at the Beyond MediSpa in Edinburgh’s Harvey Nichols experiencing the much lauded O-Placenta facial, also known as the Sheep Placenta facial.
Massive in Hollywood, this treatment is now in the UK thanks to Pamela Kharikhou, an entrepreneur based in Harrogate and is now exclusively available at Beyond MediSpa branches in the UK.
The science behind the facial and the Stem Cell Beauty Innovation brand is quite astonishing. There are products that use apple stem cells, however, it’s worth noting research shows these to be less effective on skin than those taken from mammals. After a gentle exfoliation, it’s time for the microdermabrasion which I am really keen to test as much as the sheep placenta facial itself.
To finish, Nicola uses the Stem Cell Moisturiser, ?95, on my face and the Stem Cell Eye Firming Cream, ?95. Is there a wax cycle - ie should you start it 3 months before your holidays or what's your advice to get body beach ready?
A gentle buzzing fills the air; it’s everywhere and around Edinburgh's Corn Exchange venue people lie up on tables and sit on chairs with various body parts exposed.
They've been dubbed by some fashion mags as the accessory of 2013 and plenty of people have them. Taking place over Easter weekend at Edinburgh’s Corn Exchange, the Scottish Tattoo Convention is in its third year. It is organised by James Aitken, a tattoo parlour owner, who says the visitors come from far and wide to the event. Back in the venue, and stands fill the halls with different tattoo artists offering a wide range of styles. Thanks to The Scottish Tattoo Convetion and Edinburgh Corn Exchange team for inviting me along. Pampering is another great way to take some time out just for you and pregnancy massage can be done with the expectant mum usually lying on her side during any massage.
The spa, which has just celebrated its third birthday, is a oasis of calm with the main lounge, pictured above, tastefully decorated.
My preggers friend Gwen Shaw went along to experience the spa’s Ultimate Rose Pregnancy Full Body Massage.
Using a special selection of Aromatherapy Associates oils, Gwen’s therapist, Rhona, massaged her back, shoulders, neck, hands and arms before Gwen turned over onto her back. Post treatment there's a chance to relax in the spa's swanky relaxation room, pictured above which also includes a selection of herbal teas. Phones ringing, texts bleeping, email pinging, facebook updates, sometimes getting heard amidst the din can be tricky right? I was invited along to the recently opened Lush Spa in Edinburgh (the only one currently in Scotland) to experience this interesting sounding treatment.
Now, what’s become clear is that Lush likes to carve out its own path when it comes to spa treatments and beauty products. The treatment beings with an Alice in Wonderland experience to begin it with a drink me, eat me episode.
Elise begins with a lovely facial massage with hot and cold stones before introducing the tuning forks, pushing the vibrations through different points on my head and body. It’s minus two out here and there’s snow on the hills but it’s barely noticeable to me in my bikini.
The spa also has 40 treatment rooms with a variety of treatments and spa packages on offer, including the Ladies Day Celebration Package.
Aside from traditional treatments, Stobo is keen to remain at the forefront of new spa experiences.
Alternatively you can treat yourself to some Stobo pampering on June 14 at the Ladies Day meet at Musselburgh Racecourse. Ladies Day Celebration from ?99pp – 9am to 5pm (saving of ?45 per person) Mon – Fri only and valid until end August 2013.
Back in 2004, Gwyneth Paltrow caused a stir when she showed up to a film premiere sporting the after effects of cupping with red circles on her back. Because cupping has been around for millennia and it’s found in all different cultures around the world from the ancient Chinese medicine and Thailand to European countries such as Poland. After a consultation, Hoeyyn and Kei suggest light cupping since this is my first time, and opt to use the vacuum technique rather than the intriguing sounding fire one. The cupping can be done on the face, but again since this is my first time we opt just to do a small section on my back. Afterwards, it might just have been Hoeyyn soothing manner but I feel a sense of inner calm. Set amidst Edinburgh’s swanky Quartermile area is a girlie hang-out where you’ll find yourself pondering beauty treatments or fun sounding work-outs. Welcome to the Bone-Yard webzine, the number one resource for the alternative scene in Scotland. I can still remember the mixture of excitement and nerves as I walked to Inkredible Kreations in Perth to get my first tattoo. Its the 29th of March and my girlfriend and I are headed for the Edinburgh Corn Exchange where, for the past four years, it has been host to The Scottish Tattoo Convention.
With a fantastic rockabilly band blasting out toe-tapping tunes on stage, we make our way around the various tattoo stalls. After four hours we literally have to drag ourselves away, my car has been sat in the ASDA car park well past the maximum stay period.

The Scottish Tattoo Convention is a wonderful event that is extremely well organised and a big congratulations must go out to the team that every year work very hard to ensure it runs without a hitch. If you share an interest in tattoos, then you will do well to stick the date of the next Scottish Tattoo Convention in your diary because, as Scottish events go, this is one of the best!
Edinburgh is a UNESCO world heritage site, and is a main transport hub for the UK and Europe. Located close to Haymarket station, and on several bus routes, it is also within walking distance of the City Centre, Castle and Royal Mile.
Except rather on a mission to kill, these zombies were in fact rather friendly and on a mission to raise money for Yorkhill Children's Foundation.
The ticketed event saw around 70 participants navigate their way around Glasgow City Centre on a mission to win prizes. And it was all the handiwork of a team of makeup artists from Glasgow-based Academy of Makeup. The stem cells used in this treatment come from the placenta of New Zealand sheep because they give the best results on skin. So if it’s impact on skin you’re after, then this is the treatment for you.The treatment begins with Nicola cleansing my skin with a cleanser containing volcanic ash, then there’s the skin analysis. Known for its skin benefits for years, microdermabrasion removes dead skin, to reveal new and improved skin underneath.The machine used by Beyond MediSpa looks very funky and almost vintage in design with Nicola using a pen-like contraption to do the technique. It contains the highest concentration of the placenta extract and when it’s applied to skin smells vinegary.
Well in case your skin hasn't seen the sun for month, when it comes to donning that bikini it's all about having super smooth skin and waxing is a great technique for this.
Aside from some of the world’s most glamorous stars, recent figures report that one fifth of the adult population in the UK has been inked. This year saw some 150 tattoo artists from around the world head to the Scottish Capital and around 3000 tattoo fans through the doors at the weekend event.
What is a common feature though, is that amongst those getting tattoos, nobody is showing any signs of pain. And aside from learning to love your changing shape, taking time out to relax is just one of the top pregnancy beauty tips.  Even the Duchess of Cambridge is at it with the former Kate Middleton reportedly taking up pregnancy yoga before her first baby is born this summer. However, the chic Chamomile Sanctuary in Edinburgh’s West End has a unique way of getting mums-to-be to chill out. And within its tempting treatment menu, it offers a variety of different pregnancy massages treatment at Chamomile Sanctuary using a special bed. Gorgeous Gwen is due in a month and is kept busy running her own business and three-year-old daughter Stella.
The full body massage also includes legs and head massage to complete the top to toe treatment. And if you're not sure about having a treatment whilst pregnant then do check with your GP before booking. A while back I had visited the spa and was blown away by the awesome The Good Hour, so I was intrigued to see what the Sound Bath offered.
And this was no different because at the heart of this treatment are items I’ve never come across in any spa treatment before: tuning forks, rainsticks, a bell tree. Then it’s through to the treatment room where I’m tucked into a heated bed and here lovely incense is wafted through the air.
And the feeling is lovely; a relaxing hum just fills your head cancelling out any internal racket going on. A new experience to me, I was slightly apprehensive but found the gentle heat and soft crackling relaxing. My head is clear yet I’m very sleepy and yawning my head off.  The best way I can describe it is, you know that feeling when you've been on holiday and nothing really seems to matter because you're so chilled out?
I like the ethos behind the brand, and I’m a fan of the amount of detail and thought that goes into the brand’s treatments. In fact, I'm positively balmy thanks to the tropical waters of Stobo Castle’s Outdoor Hot Tub. And today the family-owned spa in Peeblesshire has become a popular choice for those looking to relax and chill out. This spa package marks Stobo Castle’s official partnership with Musselburgh Racecourse for the glamorous Ladies Day racing event in June. Here, the Stobo Castle team will be offering a selection of treatments such as manicures and pedicures throughout the day. My nerves have subsided because the pain-free procedure has produced an almost trance like effect on me.
More recently Jennifer Aniston is another who grabbed the headlines at the Call Me Crazy premiere with the cupping marks clearly visible in the glare of flashbulbs. It uses local suction on the skin, either by using heat or vacuum to ease a variety of different ailments. I decided to find out more and experience it for myself thanks to the experts at Edinburgh’s Shivago Thai Clinic.
The cups come in different shapes and sizes and Hoeyyn shows me some of what’s been used for cupping through the ages including bamboo - pictured here above. Seated, Hoeyyn places the cup on my skin and manually removes the air, pumping just once to do so. Hoeyyn tells me, the most noticeable marks on my skin following cupping shows my body is dealing with toxins and congestion, alongside moderate stagnation and that my body is tired. Because in amongst all those posh looking glass flats is the newly formed beauty and fitness pairing of Fitness Chicks and Wo:mankind. The overpowering smell of antiseptic, the dull metallic sound of the gun the heavily tattooed bodies that surrounded me. Since its first event back in 2011, The Scottish Tattoo Convention has grown, each year attracting more and more tattoo enthusiasts and artists from around the globe. Alex, who works at Red, Hot and Blue in Edinburgh, is known throughout the Scottish scene for his incredibly detailed realism. The pageant is good fun and draws a large crowd who cheer and applaud each of the girls as they take to the stage to win our support.
The organisation helps sick children, babies and their families and raises cash for medical equipment, resources and research. Personally, I love when a treatment includes this as I think it shows an understanding for skin that goes beyond a formulaic facial. The ends can be changed depending on the intensity of the microdermabrasion and in this case a fine tip is screwed on. Red light therapy is then used to really push the product into the skin to give it the best impact. Immediately afterwards there is a noticeable impact on my skin; it’s got a J-Lo glow, fine lines are ironed out.

No, not The Tattoo as in country dancing and bagpipes like some people have thought when I mentioned it, tattoo as in body art, Angelina Jolie and LA Ink.
And since I shriek like a little girl when I'm getting my legs waxed, I know there's no way I can get this year's must-have accessory. Alas couldn't get a decent snap of the bed to show you dear readers, but it features special bump holes to allow mums-to-be to get the full benefit of a back massage whilst being comfortable. It might sound vaguely hippy to some but British brand Lush is doing just that with its Sound Bath spa treatment. The tuning forks are also used as sonopuncture on and around the ears to give same state of relaxation as comes with meditation. Some people might consider a treatment based in sound therapy as too alternative or whimsical. Perhaps the unseasonably chilly air has scared off other guests as the huge tub, which looks like it could fit a football squad, is empty bar two of us. The spa entrance features a covered section which links the grand section of the main house to the well equipped spa complex.
It includes two treatments: Stobo's Top to Toe Sugar Glow, and the choice of either a Jessica Manicure or ZenSpa Pedicure as well as a three course lunch and use of all the spa's excellent facilities. It is gentle but effective enough to leave skin smooth to touch, and the 40 minute treatment also includes a face mask. Founded by husband and wife team Kei Ngu and Hoeyyn De Freitas in 2008, the clinic has built a reputation for a variety therapies including cupping. It is entirely painless and in fact, I find the experience really relaxing, so much so that I almost forget Hoeyyn is even doing the procedure. Lying on the bed my excitement was now being outweighed by nerves but as the gun made first contact with my blank canvas I felt something that I rarely feel; peace. We enter the main hall and instantly those familiar and welcoming smells and sounds hit me; antiseptic and metallic buzz. There are artists here from all round the world and some of the styles and attention to detail leaves your mind blown. The pageant runs throughout the day with different categories such as beachwear and evening wear mixing it up.
There were people at the convention that in everyday life would never associate with one another. My therapist notices some dehydration and congestion and moves to the extraction phase of the facial. And it’s actually a really pleasant sensation; it feels like your skin is being oh-so gently vacuumed. Nicola then follows this with the Stem Cell Daily Gold Serum, which is also available to buy in store for ?129.
Or perhaps they're just taking in some of the other great spa facilities on offer at Stobo. And beyond the superb outdoor hot tub, it’s home to some great features including a hydro pool, a laconium and a steam room or two. So as you get your strokes in, you can take in the undulating views of the Scottish country side. It uses two high pressure jets of water and the pre-programmed system simulates massage patterns. But beyond that the sensation is calming and relaxing and I can see why millions of people are fans of this ancient treatment including some well-known faces. The pictures, however, reveal what it looks like with my skin almost looking like a bubble inside the plastic cup. I remember sitting in my Granny’s house as my Uncle showed us all a tattoo that he had just had done. Of course there was pain but, for me, the pain helps me escape to a place where all of lifes troubles, worries and woes just dissolve, allowing me to simply be at peace in a moment, free from the world and its bullshit. Again, we are only in the hall for a few minutes before I bump into a familiar face, Jason Corbett of Red, Hot and Blue.
Its absolutely awe-inspiring to watch Alex at work, his attention to detail is remarkable, whilst the imagination and creativity seems never ending. However, for one weekend, every year they come together to share their common interest, passion and love for tattoos. Extraction might sound like some sort of secret agent code but in fact is good old fashioned spot squeezing – but done by an expert. And as well as more of the stem cells, this also contains 24 carat gold particles which, aside from making me feel like royalty, also give the skin an added glow. The word regenerate is used to describe this facial in the information I’m sent, and I think that best describes it. The sensation is sublime and replicates classic massage techniques used by physiotherapists. And when the cup comes off, her skin isn’t marked in the slightest - seen here below - despite being a more intense cupping.
It takes Jason a second to recognise me, well it has been about 7 years and I no longer have long black hair, but finally the penny drops.
Events such as the Scottish Tattoo Convention bring people from all walks of life together and unites them, breaking down the stigma and segregative nature of society. To say I’m impressed is an understatement and I’m already thinking about when I can book myself in next.The O-Placenta Facial costs ?185 per treatment or ?925 for six and is available at Beyond MediSpa, Edinburgh’s Harvey Nichols, 0131 524 8332. After this has been completed, my lovely therapist Lucy also applies a base coat and two coats of my chosen Jessica polish – a lovely glittery bronze shade called Gingersnap – before applying a top coat. But Hoeyyn says, that isn’t necessarily a good thing as the way your skin reacts means some different.
And because of this, I can see myself heading back to the Shivago Thai Clinic for more cupping, maybe even with fire.
Due to the uniqueness of his technique, his stall draws a large crowd, all eager to see him in action. And during the treatment, you can lie down and be massaged with around 2000 litres of warm water. In the space of 10 minutes we bump into friends and faces from all over Scotland, some of which go back over a decade.
Pint in hand, we take a slow stroll through the foyer which is ram-packed full of stalls selling a wide range of products and services such as traditional vintage barbers,  jewellery, furniture and decor and fashion accessories.

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