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Using the instructions below, make a Phantom of the Opera prop or Zombie out of a styrofoam male wig head.
His clothing was made from an old costume, but you can find fabric of any kind to suit your needs. Alien Abduction LampGreat as a project for kids, make your own Alien Abduction Lamp for school or home. You can spray paint the paper plates with no problems, but if you use styrofoam note that spray paint will melt the foam.
The "dome" or field under the flying saucer is simply a plastic glass I purchased at Walmart for 50 cents. To use this, I turned the light, light side down, and placed it on top of the upside-down glass as shown in the photo here Cut a small hole in the bottom of the plate, so the light can sit inside the flying saucer. If you would like to purchase a lamp ready made you can find them at Abduction Lamp for around $100.
Halloween BottlesI made these labels on the computer and printed them on matte white sticker paper, available at Staples office stores, or other office stores, for around $9 for 30 sheets. This prop was made from pvc pipe, an old sweatshirt, old leather gloves painted white and the head was made from styrofoam. Octopus ManFrom the movie, "Pirates of the Caribbean" we created this prop from an old mask and old clothes. I saw a mask similar to this vampire online for sale for $70, so I decided to make it myself.
Click here for another view of the spider being built.Click here to see the completed Spider prop. This graveyard is in the back of our haunted house but you can use the same ideas for an outdoor scene.
Click on the link above for a blood recipe you can drink and use for a costume, show, decoration, or as a vampire drink.
Make simple plexiglass dead guy that looks really great and is one of the best decorations I have ever made. Now put some Christmas snow, canned snow used to decorate a Christmas tree, on your 'creation'. For the old look to the plexiglass, spray it lightly with white spray paint or use Christmas snow around the edges. For the Frankenstein Milk Jug spray paint the jug green and then spray paint the bottom of the jug, black. Paintings and portraits, framed in gold, with black backgrounds, look excellent in your Haunted House.
Instead of buying premade paper bag candle holders or fancy candle holders, make them yourself from cans. Michael MyersBuilt on a simple "t" shaped wood stand, we used a Michael Myers mask over a milk jug.
Psycho LadyBuilt using a styrofoam head over a wood frame, stuffed with newspaper and foam.
HearseWe were actually able to get an old hearse that was in a field for years, but any car would do. Messed Up Old MaskDon't worry if you have an old mask that got messed up because it melted from the heat in your attic. Hitchcock's "Birds" SceneMade from a styrofoam head, painted to look like the scene from the famous Alfred Hitchcock movie, "The Birds". Styrofoam TombstoneWe cut the shape of the stone using a turkey knife, spray painted the foam with gray primer, then painted on the design and name. Alien with HoodThis is a one gallon milk jug painted as described in the "How To" website link.
Michael Myers PropUsing the directions listed below under "Props", Joanna Griffin created her own Michael Myers. Make a spider garden from plastic spiders, and inexpensive spider web in a part of your yard.

Take ordinary boxes, spray paint them to look old, and put stuff inside like spaghetti, etc, (see below) for children to feel. Just painted a $2.00 pottery bowl with paint and eyes bought from a craft store for 30 cents.
Another $7.00 (Big Lots) plastic skeleton, seated in a rocking chair, covered with spider webs and cheese cloth. I used cordboard to cut out the shape of an alien, used Reynold's wrap aluminum foil for his suit. Stuffed old clothes with newspapers, set an old mask on top of an empty milk carton to prop the head on, and set on hay. View a fantastic "Zombie Meatloaf", and see the link below for more cool recipes THAT WORK! Have the person who is fortune telling have a deck of old cards or download fun ones from this website.
Click Here (under construction) for details of making this a great party hit for younger children. Click here to view a nice Ouija board, you can print and use on your fortune telling table. To make a Ouija Board, you need this picture set on a table, and to make a 'tear-shaped' device for moving about the board.
Now take an old fish aquarium pump and place a plastic hose down, under the plastic skull or face, so the air bubbles pass around the head.
I cooked spaghetti and put it into a jar, added some red food color, and had guts in a jar!
Simply take any glass jar, I used one that tea comes in at a convenience store, and painted it a neon color. Staple an old cloth to the inside of the box, something that will hang down over the hole, from inside the box. Place a bowl inside the box so Trick or Treaters have to reach inside the box to get their candy.
You can also place items in some spray painted boxes that the little hands must reach into. Place the items in each box, dim the lights, and have the children reach inside to feel the 'monster parts'. Many of you will remember that we lost our entire house, and all of our things, in Hurricane Katrina back in 2005.
If any of you would like to see these and other props on display, please visit our Haunted House at Grand View Cabins and RV Park located in Altamont, TN. Lastly, thank you so much for everyone who sent us things to help us recover from the hurricane. Walmart Bag Victim:We took plastic Walmart bags, made then into long, narrow arms, legs, and big bags (of bags) for the body. Using the instructions in this website, Ray and Christine Ramsey of North Hampton, England, submitted these photos.
The Strange Case of Charles Boyington Visit the website, with photos, of the famous oak which grew over the grave of Charles Boyington.
Halloween Craft Coffin Boxes Great website for ordering paper craft coffins for mailings and home.
Grand View Cabins and RV Park Highly recommended lodging site if you are traveling between Nashville and Chattanooga, TN.
A special thanks to Jeff Quaglietta who has helped me design this site from its conception in 1998. Anubis was the Egyptian god of the underworld who guided the spirits of the dead into the afterlife. It was his job to waken the dead for their final judgement and oversee 'the weighing of the heart'. This was the method of judgement used to decide if a soul was worthy to enter the underworld.

You can click on the link or sketch above for a larger image that you may use to help you with your drawing of Anubis.
I will show you how to make quality Halloween, or haunted house, decorations, props, (large or small) or throw parties that work, or cook up neat things in the kitchen, all in the most inexpensive way.
I had a cheap mirror I got from Walmart and mounted this behind the teeth once the mouth was cut out with a jig saw. The easiest way to do this is to use a red paint pen, also available from hobby stores or Walmart.
This smaller version of the Alien from the movie, "Alien" and "Aliens", took me a few days to complete. Put paper mache on the skeleton to give it some bulk, and the head is made with 2 liter bottles. Her caldron is made from a plastic caldron, easily found at Walmart for around $1 for a small caldron.
Since the flying saucer is silver or gray, as you like, you may want to paint the plates if they are not this color.
The alien is made from 2 milk jugs, painted like the alien from the movie, "This Island Earth" from 1955. I used Cheesecloth, a tiara, and child's cameo jewelry, both from Party City, child's section.
Pillows and old clothes were shaped in a human form under an old white sheet to give the appearance of a man.
May I say that we are back on our feet and now we have built an entire Haunted House with almost all of the ideas found on this website.
Well for anyone that wants to make a decoration, prop, or any of the dozens of ideas you will find on this website. Make that great memory for a child so magical that they remember the fun of Halloween for a lifetime. After Seth had killed Osiris, Anubis wrapped his body in linen to prevent it from decaying. After stuffing the shell, we spray painted him white with some gray spray paint lightly sprayed on top.
To make them look better, lightly use spray paint around the bottles and very lightly in the stickers. Andrea Moon, a friend, wrote that she used salad tongs that were shaped like Skeleton hands and arms which she purchased from Target. The clothes were all purchased at Goodwill, and the leggings were made from an old brown blanket which is pinned behind the legs. If you come by, please ask for me, Kimberly, and I will come out and give you a personal tour of the house. I then painted the entire head, and used the lid from an old yellow paint spray can for the teeth and eyes. For the legs, I had to cut another pair of old work pants that were the same color as the coveralls.
First use a nail or ice pick to form the hole in the top of the styrofoam in which to insert the Fuzzy Stick. They had a huge pile of old artificial flowers they threw out along with the funeral pyres. For this project to work best, you need to place or stake it down against a dark background.
Click here to see my son's mould For his head we used old cloth and did not cover his face.

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