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Artist Anish Kapoor has won the commission to design a 115m high public artwork at Olympic Park in London, to be built as part of London’s Olympic Games in 2012. The sculpture, called ArcelorMittal Orbit, has been designed in collaboration with structural engineer Cecil Balmond of Arup. The sculpture – the largest in the UK– will consist of a continuous looping lattice of tubular steel mimicking the orbital trajectory of space objects. The LAVA designed MTV Awards Installation has been shortlisted for the 2010 Australian Interior Design Awards Environmentally Sustainable Design category. The proposal from the Laboratory for Visionary Architecture (LAVA) to re-skin the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) tower in Sudney Australia has won the ZEROprize for Re-Skinning. It is estimated that street lighting accounts for over 30% of all electricity purchased for most cities.  Inefficient lighting wastes billions of dollars each year and can account for 28% of total greenhouse gas pollution produced by a municipality. The park bench, much like other public, utilitarian furniture, has too often been regulated to uninspired mediocrity. The bench seems to peel away a layer of history, presenting for the person sitting on the seat, a short explanation of the history of the area.
Beckmann proposes a conceptual alternative to business-as-usual, choosing the site of the proposed 53W53rd, among the city’s largest skyscraper proposals in one of the most overbuilt parts of Midtown.
SOFTlab’s latest installation, CHROMAesthesiae, arrives at Devotion just in time for spring. The New Museum announced details of “Skin Fruit: Selections from the Dakis Joannou Collection,” its much-anticipated exhibition curated by artist Jeff Koons.
This installation and seating place in one was made of 13700m of woven rope, strung through steel frames. Almost static in orthographic projection, the wall unit is clearly recognized as organized series of patterns. It is a great pleasure to inform you that we have been named by the WSJ one of the leading independent architecture magazines in the world.
The Exocarp Chair is made using algorithmic design and a 3-axis CNC mill on three sheets of birch plywood.
Whitevoid’s LivingSculpture 3D module system was designed for Philips’ interactive product family. The Dragon Skin Pavilion was carefully designed to maintain balance between the regular, repetitive framework of the rectangular panels and their gradually irregular interconnections as they configure the overall shape. London-based Illustrator and sculptor Arran Gregory’s latest line of creations take the notion of faceted surface and apply that concept to the form of wild animals. This work represents a formalized approach to naturalistic form that uses material and color to interpret and abstract that naturalistic form towards artistic ends. Located in front of the Casalgrande Padana Headquarters, the CCCloud monument is a result of the collaboration between Kengo Kuma Architects, Alfonso Acocella, Luigi Alini, and Casalgrande Padana. The monument is constructed of unglazed ceramic tiles that have been adapted for structural use.
Every day we receive several emails requesting a copy of the book which was sold out in only two months after its initial release. We strongly believe that all interested in this 1,200-page publication (300+ innovative skyscrapers) should be able to acquire it and for this reason we have decided to print it on demand for a limited time.
La pression autour du poids et de l'apparence est particulierement vehiculee et amplifiee par les medias. Se sont particulierement les femmes qui font de la chirurgie esthetique (? 84 %) et quelques hommes (? 16%), malgre une augmentation du pourcentage d'hommes. La deuxieme operation la plus pratiquee est l'augmentation mammaire avec 17% d'augmentation de 2008 a 2009. The tower will offer views of the  Olympic Park and London’s skyline from a viewing platform.
Suspended in the Sydney Convention Centre for the 2009 award program, the sculpture provided an intense visual environment for the global TV show.
Drawing its design inspiration from natural patterns found perhaps in membranes  and sea anemones, the digital design was realized in lightweight fabric, using the latest digital fabrication and engineering techniques. The proposal aims to transform the identity of the brutalist-style high-rise and reduce its carbon footprint.

The City of Sydney, Australia and others across the world are taking a strong look at converting the conventional street lights to more environmentally friendly technologies. They seldom have a contextual relationship to their surroundings and they almost never contribute to the story of a place. As Thorpe explains “The basic principle of the bench is to give the effect that it has been peeled away from the ground, revealing a typographical story based upon the history of the particular area where the bench would be placed, giving the impression that you were reading from the foundations of the town”.
Hines, the developer, engaged Paris architect Jean Nouvel, who designed an 82-story hotel and residential tower higher than the Chrysler Building.
CHROMAesthesiae is a flourishing landscape of color, blooming across the ceiling in high contrast-gradated clusters.
This issue explores the most innovative examples of performance and exhibition architecture today.
Creating optical illusion, this colossal piece is questioning boundaries of human perception.
But as the fourth dimension is activated by the viewer’s moving around the piece, the situation dramatically changes and the unit reveals its complex nature, oscillating between series of twisted surfaces and intriguing play of cavities and material densities. The results show incredible amounts of texture and dimension without even having to touch it. This notion of function vs rough beauty is something that I find highly intriguing, so I started to play with the idea of creating objects closer to the human scale that deal with the same system… The design of Exocarp came about by separating the areas where the body would touch the chair and areas where an extrinsic agent might try to approach the chair. The first version of the structure was designed and built at the Tampere University of Technology by students in the autumn of 2011. It comprised 163 plywood components manufactured in Finland at TUT and shipped to Hong Kong.
In this case, for his exhibition titled ‘Wolf,’ Gregory has sculpted a wolf out of acrylic resin and mineral stone and applied cut, faceted mirrors to every surface along its body.
The publication has been praised by the critics, including the Wall Street Journal for its importance in showcasing the future of architecture. La chirurgie esthetique, selon le site Chirurgipro, est « la chirurgie destinee a corriger les anomalies morphologiques du corps ou l'aspect exterieur du corps mal accepte par son proprietaire. Leur motivation pour passer a l'acte est la sensation d'un mal-etre, car la plupart du temps, les personnes se sentent mal dans leur peau, elles veulent que le regard que l'on porte sur elles change.
Il y a quand meme des risques : infections , cicatrices, ecchymoses, mais les risques ne sont pas tres importants. La premiere etape de l'operation est de creer et d’effectuer l'incision pour creer un espace (poche), afin d'inserer le futur implant. Le gel utilise normalement pour les protheses est un gel de silicon de qualite medicale, mais pour gagner plus d'argent la societe qui produit ces protheses l'a remplace par du gel industriel non evalue.
Visitors will be able to take a trip up the structure in a large elevator and will have the option of walking down the spiralling staircase.
LAVA has developed a simple, cost-effective and easily constructed building skin that forms a translucent cocoon to create a micro-climate.
Sydney estimates that if their trial is successful, low energy lights could reduce energy consumption by up to 50%. Ben Thorpe’s Peelback Bench however, manages to do all of the above with grace and elegance. This will also be the first exhibition curated by Koons, whose early work inspired the evolution of the Joannou collection.
These are projects that revolutionize architecture on many levels, including sustainability, aesthetics, technology, and urban design. Screenplay was created for this year’s Dwell on Design festival in Los Angeles, by Oyler Wu Collaborative. To celebrate we are offering all our readers worldwide a 60% discount on the entire eVolo Collection – only 300 sets available. The design separates the surface areas by making the parts that the body touches really smooth and the parts that are on the outside, or away from the skin, are textured or irregular.

Thus, the areas that the user touches the chair became smooth and comfortable whereas the areas approached by an extrinsic agent became texturized using a script that uses a perlin noise algorithm to generate the irregular texture, where the script to generate the irregular texture increases in amplitude proportionate to the surface area. The modular plug and play lighting system that creates infinite variations in layout and arrangement. The components were the result of a complex process involving the latest techniques in digital fabrication. The resulting work is striking, yielding a dramatic form that reflects both light and image.The difficulty of translating the supple, organic lines of a living creature’s body into geometric lines and cut glass only furthers the impact of this aesthetic statement. Aujourd'hui les techniques chirurgicales permettent de remodeler la quasi totalite des parties du corps avec de plus ou moins bons resultats ». Les incisions sont generalement dans l'un des endroits suivants : sous-mammaire (en bas du pli du sein), periareolaire (a la suite du bord inferieur de l'areole), transaxillaire (aisselle). Ces protheses comportent un "cocktail de produits dangereux" avec des produits chimiques qui n'ont pas etaient testes cliniquement. The 108m3 of space is enclosed within a minimal surface area of 568m2 and uses only113.6kg of lightweight material.
The skin can generate energy with embedded photo-voltaic cells, collect rain water, and improve the distribution of natural daylight. There is clearly a market for low energy street  lights, but unfortunately, most of the designs have been uninspired.
SOFTlab uses modularity as a core modality in order to generate complexity from repetitive form, allowing for rapid expansion or contraction of every piece created. It is interesting to point out that these works are not concentrated in one specific region, but are located in every corner of the globe; from MVRDV’s Comic and Animation Museum in China, to the new Broad Museum in Los Angeles by Diller Scofidio + Renfro, or Kengo Kuma’s Victoria and Albert Museum in Dundee, Scotland.
Through the use of birch plywood, a secondary pattern emerged through the variation of grain.  This pattern was not really predicted and it was truly a wonderful surprise that can only be achieved by the use of CNC machines.
The surface onto which is mounted is transformed into interactive and ever-changing architectural element. An international team of material and structural engineers have built the second version For the Hong Kong Biennale. A CNC-router was used to make a wooden mould in which pre-heated flat rectangular pieces were bent into shape.
Ces protheses seraient donc plus fragiles et se dechireraient, menacant de se repandre dans le sein, entrainant des complications. Yet there is no shortage of eye candy to keep a fickle TV audience glued to their seats as the engaging interior landscape supports the MTV award experience.
It can also use available convective energy to power the building’s ventilation requirements, reducing HVAC dependency. Architecture can encourage people to find new paths, discover new aspects of their city – and of themselves.
This type of investigation starts to give more of an understanding of material and craftsmanship, as opposed to simply generating an output from a file; by layering the material and paying close attention to detail, a more personal product can be achieved through digital means, as opposed to a generic and utilitarian form.
The highly flexible system consists of an online configurator to create and order the individual arrangement, a plug and play modular hardware system and an iPad controlled light animation application. A computer programmed 3D master model generated the cutting files for those pieces in a file-to-factory process: algorithmic procedures were scripted to give every rectangular component their precisely calculated slots for the sliding joints, all in gradually shifting positions and angles to give the final assembled pavilion its curved form. This customizable installation is made of discrete, laser cut paper structures held together with binder clips: everyday objects are repurposed and precisely recombined. A meticulously pre-choreographed montage sequence required all components to be uniquely labelled and numbered for assembling or dismantling the structure. The skin could be applied to other similar existing structures inexpensively, contributing to a low-cost, efficient way to beautify cities everywhere.

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