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Paying heed to those hunters and gatherers from another time, the Ancient Hunter Sterling Silver Skull Ring represents the hard work and rough lives of those who lived in the past. This handcrafted sterling silver skull ring is a depiction of a rough warrior-type sculpted human skull. Gold floral detail surrounds the eye sockets and don’t forget to check out the tiny skulls set within the hollow eye sockets, looking right back at you. Tags: biker skull ring, Day of The Dead, Human Skull Ring, mens skull, Mexican Sugar Skull, silver sugar skull ring, sugar skull, sugar skull ring, unisex ring. The Full Skull Ring is JM Custom Skull Rings’ most true-to-life skull ring to date, with a full lower jaw, ear indentations on the side of his head, large eye sockets, and a complete set of teeth. With his thick cheekbones, missing teeth, and barbaric appearance, this hunter clearly had his roughshod work cut out for him just to survive his brutal life.

This heavyweight Sugar Skull ring cast in 28.5g (1oz) of 925 sterling silver is the perfect addition to your Day of the Dead ring collection. Suitable for a man or woman, this unique Mexican skull ring is a great alternative gift for a loved one? Suitable for a man or woman, this unique Mexican skull ring is a great alternative gift for a loved one?
With complete structural detail of the human head, including the lower jaw bone, the Full Skull Ring represents the artist’s view of an ancient skull. Deep cracks and gashes etched into his aged skull, combined with his recessed eye sockets and furrowed brow, provide a hardened look that clearly means this is a hunter with a savage history. The hunter weighs a solid 19 grams of .925 quality sterling silver in a standard size 10, but can be made in sizes ranging from 5 to 13 (or other customized sizes).

Check out the golden cross embossed on the front of the cranium, the full set of gold teeth and sun symbols either side of his temples.
Rendered completely out of .925 quality sterling silver, this realistic looking skull ring is skillfully handcrafted through the art of lost wax casting. To customize the Full Skull Sterling Silver Ring, simply fill out the custom order form indicating your preferences for customization: base design, size, letters, symbols, etc. I can work with you to create the skull ring of your imagination, channeling your inner bad ass, while maintaining quality workmanship and comfort in wearable artistic expression.

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