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It is amazing how much power the tiny fist-sized organ pumping blood throughout our body has on our imagination.
The heart is typically shown as a pattern of two curves with a dip at the center coming down to meet at a sharp point.
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Inked with simple black strokes this heart pattern with a spiralling motif inside sits pretty on the back of the neck. This tattoo combines the Celtic traditional knots motif with the red color of passion to make an elegant heart design. This tiny red heart lock theme tattoo on the wrist seems to be just waiting for the right key. Styled in a gorgeous 3D design this big red heart tattoo comes with Roman numerals on a gold band for a rich effect. The black outline defines this simple red heart tattoo with a white flower growing through it, symbolizing love and peace. Love is rare and precious like a blue rose, as this tattoo design combining a red heart with a blue rose seems to be saying. A free-flow dance of lines in many colors makes up the heart shape in this simple artistic tattoo. The circle of perfection, the peace sign, and a red heart combine in a powerful message about love, peace, and the search for perfection in this simple tattoo. Drawing on applique work for the design idea this tattoo shows an embroidered red heart with a huge needle through it. Stuck with pins on all sides to look like a pin cushion this tattoo of a red heart expresses a heart that is in pain. Elegant wave-like patterns make up the lock theme heart tattoo shaded in delicate black hues on the back of the neck. Styled in musical note patterns and lines of music this heart tattoo celebrates the simple and intense joy of music in bright red. A bright and pure red shades this stunning heart tattoo with the tattoo date inked on the side making it a lifetime treasured memory. A romantic pink shade is used to color this ornamental heart theme tattoo styled in curves and geometrical shapes with flowing lines. Touched with delicate shades of black, this is a series of five simple heart tattoos in red and blue inked vertically along the inner arm. A pretty blue pattern makes up this simple heart design, with two dots on either side of the heart completing the traditional decorative look. A lucky four leaf clover comes together with a red heart in this inner wrist colorful tattoo in red and green. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Tattoo art has evolved so much today that even a small tattoo in simple lines can look very striking.
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A small simple tattoo can look very striking when it is a bright red star designed so beautifully.
Oriental letters are one of the most popular and attractive forms of small simple tattoo and this is no exception.
A rough design that imitates the earth’s globe makes a very attractive and striking small simple tattoo. This musical note signifying a baritone or tenor is a brilliant example of a small simple tattoo. Rhod Gilbert, the Irish singer shows off his “flaming Battenburg” tattoo that is small yet famous.
A man would definitely want to find the key to his beauty’s heart, so says her small heart shaped lock tattoo. This woman expresses her faith in God with this simple yet striking back tattoo of the Cross.
The heart, the eternal symbol of love designed in a simple small tattoo can look very striking too. A small simple tattoo on the ankle can be a perfect way to bring a company logo into the limelight.
The infinity sign which symbolizes the eternal cycle of life is a great tattoo that is small and simple yet attractive.

Such artistically designed flowers make a lovely small and simple tattoo that is worth imitating.
As small simple tattoos go the Hyperion style tattoos take first place in their simplistic designs that are also very striking. The dog designed in simple lines and the words give a clear message of warning in this small yet attractive tattoo. A teapot and cup reminds one of tea, the panacea for all ills through this small simple tattoo. The delicate perch of this bird on a wire makes it look almost life-like in this small simple tattoo.
The outline of a house is a small and simple design that will look great as a first time tattoo. For just a little spot of color on the foot this small simple tattoo of colored flowers is just perfect. The five-sided Pentacle is a wonderful Pagan small simple tattoo to have that is also very striking. The combination of needle-n-thread with the outline of a star is an unusual small simple tattoo. A ribbon tied in a bow is a very feminine looking small simple tattoo that is very attractive. This is a trendy small simple tattoo of a very modern looking Cross designed in a nice blue shade.
This small simple tattoo depicting a musical note definitely shows that the wearer is a lover of music. For a number of decades, heart tattoos have been a popular symbol for people to express their love in a permanent manner.
There are some designs which are commonly seen, like hearts with a cupid, lovebirds or romantic flowers. A small heart tattoo which features winding ribbons that grace the name of a loved or lost one is staple. If a person wants to show pain, hurt, or betrayal inflicted by a loved one, or the pain associated with losing someone close, he can opt for a heart with daggers. This is a tattoo which is often chosen by couples who hope to share a permanent symbol of their relationship. There are other designs which you can combine with small heart tattoos, like butterfly tattoos, Celtic tattoos in a heart shape with intricate knot work, and bands which loop around the image. A wedding band tattoo is more than just inked art - it's a symbol of conjugation, love, and eternity. Not that we'd want to burst your bubble, but marriages aren't exactly the most secure bond made on earth. If you are looking to update your look, this Small Feminine Tattoos Heart Design Pictures inspired for your needs. Simple Heart Tattoos use red, the color of passion and blood, to ink the heart, or keep the look elegant with a fine lined black ink design.
Check out this pretty heart outline inked on the finger in red, the color of eternal passion. The swooping tail of the heart makes for a perfect climb for the teeny ladybird as it journeys upward. The red and yellow hues of the heart seem to draw on the hopeful rising sun for inspiration. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. A small star, flower, boat, musical note, house, animal, or just tiny letters can tell a lot about the wearer. They have been a long time favorite, and the demand for unique designs with trendy flairs remains. For most people in the United States and in the Western world, hearts have come to symbolize togetherness and love, especially romantic and erotic love. If the person has a sense of humor, he or she can select a dancing heart or comical heart cartoon. Ribbons with 'Mom' written on them along with a heart was a popular design with sailors, and is also a classical design. Normally, such couples go in for a complementary locked heart on one person and a key on the other. The name or the initials of the loved one is inscribed on the heart, as an everlasting tribute to the special people in the person's life. While it is reverent to the institution of marriage to wear a wedding ring once the knot is tied, some prefer a more permanent reminder.

Divorce rates are skyrocketing by the year, and couples are falling out of love faster than you can say, 'prenuptial'. You get to see heart tattoo designs in which a pattern of knots, or vines, or jigsaw puzzle pieces are used to depict the heart. These days, the word 'Mom' is replaced with the name of a loved one, with childrens' names, or also names of pets. The best way to gauge whether a tattoo is right for you is to get a temporary version of the design before making a definitive choice. But for those who manage to create something special on their wedding day - nurturing it year after year - a wedding band tattoo can do more than just present itself as body art.The point we're trying to make is, not all marriages last like we hope on our big day, but sadly end for one reason or another. Body art also celebrates the heart through beautiful tattoo designs in a single color or many colors. The heart is a pretty motif that can be inked anywhere from the wrist, to the shoulder, to the chest area, to the back of the neck. There are numerous variations of hearts, like hearts with multiple ribbons, which depict both the parents, multiple children, etc. Sacred heart tattoos can also be combined with crosses, angel wings, halos, or they can be wrapped with rosary beads.
A daggered small heart tattoo can also be surrounded by thorns, which represents the thorned crown, associated with Jesus Christ. It is also said to be a symbol of the Sufi Movement, which is a branch of Islam, that focuses on spreading love, unity, and harmony.
Tattoo artists create many patterns using the heart as the center with motifs such as keys or wings used for deeper meaning. You also find the heart motif shown with a pretty floral design, or combined with the three-lined peace sign to send out a powerful message about love, nature, and peace.
It can also combined with flowers or birds, especially lovebirds, butterflies, which symbolize free spirits as well as water, to depict purity and serenity. These tattoos made on the wrist can have a heart wrapped with rosary beads to make a bracelet. This can also be combined with the crescent moon, which stands for the heart's responsiveness, or also with a five-pointed star, which represents divine light.
If things don't work out (God forbid), can you look down at your ring finger without the tattoo being a painful reminder of what was?
Tattoos showing the heart often keep the basic design simple while creatively playing with the form in artistic new ways, such as using a threaded design, a pattern with flowing colorful lines, or ink shades that make for a 3D look. These are some tattoos of small simple designs that can have a great impact on those who see them. Be sure about this move because one day, you may have to confront the idea of living with the wedding band tattoo, for a long time to come.If you have set your mind on getting a wedding band tattoo, then you will need to choose a design that will signify your love for your spouse and also celebrate your relationship. Simple is beautiful, and sometimes the most basic heart shape can hold a lot of deep meaning, as these tattoo pictures show. Whether just black or bright colors are used, these tattoos have classic designs and outlines.
Where Do I Place a Wedding Band Tattoo?A wedding band tattoo is of course placed anywhere around - or on top of - your ring finger.
While you may not have enough surface to work with, strategic positioning and an apt design will make it pop, nonetheless. On the other hand, there can be other additions which can be made to a simple heart tattoo. You can always extend the tattoo over the knuckle region (or in the opposite direction along your finger), so that you have ample vertical space for your artwork. A simple, intricate, or wraparound sort of design that mimics the curve of a wedding band, is also a neat idea.What Sort of Wedding Band Tattoo Should I Get?Good question, except it really is up to you. Heavy designs shouldn't be an option, for obvious reasons - it can overwhelm your ring finger in an unflattering manner.
But, you can go overboard with a design that is complex, yet so well done, that you can't help but admire it every time you look it over.Then again, simplicity is always a much beautiful alternative.
Men would be wise to follow this tip too - except that one solid tattoo would look much more pleasing to the eye, rather than one that travels along the ring finger.Ideas for Wedding Band TattoosWedding band tattoos can be complex yet not overwhelming.
Do remember though that a wedding ring finger is a tricky area to perform a tattoo on, where visiting a highly trained professional with stellar references, is crucial.

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