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The owl is a mythological animal which has rich meanings in history and different cultures. An owl was almost always depicted with Athena, the goddess of wisdom, the city of Athens has and still has statues, painting ect of owls to honor Athena. Skull tattoos are a very popular type of tattoo that are often placed in various areas of the body. Skull tattoos have always had a fairly large following, mostly because they were quite rebellious in nature. There are many different reasons why someone may choose to tattoo a skull tattoo design or multiple skulls on themselves. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. Now this can be a standalone skull, or a complete skeleton that is wearing a black robe that you may have seen in depictions of death before. It was not the norm to have a skull tattooed on yourself, and many individuals saw this as a sign that you may worship the devil. This may be because skulls are often referenced to death, and death is the ultimate change in life.
In order to find out what their reasoning was, you would have to ask the person that had them tattooed, but there are a few common reasons why people do this.
I have really wanted to make a skull version of the new drawing style I have been doing lately.
Start by making a large circle for the skull head shape and then draw one short guide from the bottom of the head shape.

You will now begin sketching out the thick, very prominent brows that should be drawn the exact way you see it here. Trace the lining you drew in step one to thicken the shape of the skull's head and when you reach the top, draw in a slight mound or bump. Now it's time to draw out the high cheek bones and as you can see they should be pointed and arched. For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw out the arrow shaped nose, and see how the tip remains sharp. In this post, I consolidated a collection of 55 awesome owl tattoos for your inspiration if you are looking for owl tattoo ideas.
Many people uses the skulls to represent their own impending death that will eventually take place one day. Because of this, many people, especially young people, tattooed skulls on themselves in an effort to be rebellious.
Some of the more common themes are mentioned above, but sometimes people also use skulls to represent hell and heaven as well. Add some dark splatter shading on the left side of the skull, and sketch in a light crooked line for an added crack. Draw in the mouth including the extremely sharp fanged teeth and then draw in the even row of top teeth. Color in the holes and add some mild speckling and then erase the lines and shapes that you drew in step one. There are many different forms that death can take, but a common representation is a skull and bones that is shrouded in a dark robe that may or may not cover the face.

While this may be seen as a very negative symbolism for the skulls, many people actually manage to put a very positive spin on it, and do not portray the skulls representing death in a negative light. This is still a very popular reason for many people to tattoo themselves with many things, and skulls are among them. These may also be left up to the interpretation of the individual who tattoos themselves with skulls and may be heavily dependent on the design that is used. There are many places on the body that are suitable locations for skull tattoos including the back, chest, legs, shoulders and arms.
Draw in the eyeballs, and then sketch some marks under, and above the eyes for added detailing. A few of these include rebellion, change (because the skull on tarot cards actually stands for change, and not for death), and perseverance. If you want to make your skull tattoo in a colored state like the one you see here, all you have to do is use some paint, or even a coloring program that you know how to use. Anyways, I can’t really say anything more about yet another skull tutorial because I must have drawn more than eighty skulls for the site and each one has its own unique description. I think you will enjoy drawing a skull design because I know there are so many of you that love tattoo art.

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