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Each flower has variations in them; some have multicolored variations as well with different shades.
Snapdragon flowers require light to germinate, but be careful not to expose them to high temperature light as they will not grow at all then. Snapdragon flowers should be started indoors 8-10 weeks before frost ends and then when it is two weeks till frost-end you should take your snapdragons outdoors. Plant snapdragon flower in a sun filled location during the winter and make sure you have great drainage in the soil. In the growing phase try and water regularly, but be sure of proper water drainage so pest and disease to not hit the snapdragons.When watering snapdragon flowers, water near the crown of the snapdragon plant. I just got snap dragon that are planted in hanging baskets but I sure didn't know that they are poisenness if injested.
Sunning Overture Ⅱ series really raises the bar for winter- blooming Snapdragons and has breathed new life into winter cut flower sales.
Their name comes from the fact that when you squeeze the delicate sides of the flowers you see a shape like a dragons jaws.

You can toss the seed in late fall even when it's snowing and it will germinate by spring time. At this point you should pinch the top stem off and encourage the branching so that you get a fuller plant.
Your snapdragons will be resistant enough to handle a couple of weeks of late frost.Planting snapdragons in vegetable gardens will offer you protection against deer and other animals. Mites, caterpillars, mealy bugs, slugs, snails and aphids are the pests that you may find on snapdragons.
Group II flowering for growing under relatively short days, lower light intensity and lower temperatures.
The milder climates are best suited to snapdragons.New varieties of snapdragons are coming about these days.
Cut some snapdragons and put them in a vase they will look perfect or they can be the ideal gift for that special someone.
Snapdragons give off a wonderful fragrance due to which they can be brought into indoor settings for that aroma effect.

If you have any areas in your landscape that are bare then snapdragons could be placed there. The snapdragons also add beauty to the plants surrounding them and give out an enticing fragrance.
In summer moths it is advisable to give them plenty of shade and water for them to have a chance of growing. The maximum height of some snapdragons could reach 6 feet, though generally they are 3-4 feet.
Due to the fact that they establish themselves quickly some people grow snapdragons afresh in the subsequent winter.
Snapdragons in your flowerbed provide cool color and balance other mid-sized and small plants.

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