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It’s that time of the decade again, the time when Star Wars returns to the big screen, and all pop culture hell breaks loose. Star Wars tattoos are more then a trend, they’re more of a staple in the tattoo industry. As usual, we want to showcase not only the tattoos themselves, but the artists behind them. If you have a Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel or Muppets inspired tattoo that you would like to share, please submit your photo to us and we'll gladly post it.
If you're not familiar with Ink Master, it's Spike TV's reality contest that showcases the talents of tattoo artists - oh, and they're all vying for $100k. The mini flash challenge winner usually gets to pick which artist gets which "canvas" aka person who either very bravely, or very stupidly wants a tattoo done on television by someone who may or may not crack under pressure. Some of the artists knew nothing of the movies which made it much easier for some of the true geeks on the show to shine. For the main challenge, the artists had to showcase their contrast skills in tattoos (obviously). Unfortunately, Sarah went on the defensive when the other contestants didn't gush over her design. I won't reveal who won or lost this week but here are some pictures to pass the time before you watch the episode. Daniel reached out to his twitter fans and asked for 5,000 retweets, in exchange he would get the now infamous tattoo inked onto his leg.
5,000 retweets later, Daniel obliged the request and fed the public’s need to see this one of a kind tattoo happen. GAZA (Reuters) – With a thick black marker pen in hand, Palestinian graffiti artist Belal Khaled carefully draws an intricate Arabic calligraphic design on a silver Skoda.
The art work decorates the sides of the car, running along the windows and down its doors, the latest in the 24-year-old’s mission to turn everyday objects into things of beauty.
From cars, handbags, street walls as well as human bodies, Khaled is leaving his prints almost everywhere in the Gaza Strip, which is run by the Islamist Hamas movement and under blockade by neighboring Egypt and Israel. In his eclectic choice of objects and backgrounds, his calligraphic graffiti is brightening up the densely populated, impoverished Palestinian enclave of 1.95 million people. He also takes photos of both daily life and vestiges of the long conflict with Israel, with which Hamas fought a war in 2014 that shattered much of coastal Gaza. Khaled, who also works as a photographer and sculptor, began creating his art pieces about a decade ago before turning his drawings to objects as well as human bodies. Meet Jack Reynolds, he’s 104 years old and the most elderly person to ever be tattooed. Jack Reynolds is a 104 year old man from Chesterfield who already holds multiple world records. But yesterday, on his birthday, he became the oldest person to ever get a tattoo beating the previous world record holder by 10 years. Earlier today we stopped into the Royal Ontario Museum for a quick media-only look into the brand new #ROMink exhibit.
The exhibit was curated by the ROM’s Chris Darling, Kenneth Lister, and Anne and Julienne of HEY!
The exhibit was originally held at the Musee du quai Branly by Stephane Martin and drew over 12 million visitors in it’s duration.
On top of daily visits as of April 2nd, the Royal Ontario Musuem will also be holding the following special events during the #ROMink tenure. Reedus was joined by by Mastodon guitarist Brent Hinds at Abracadabra Tattoo shop in New Orleans over this weekend and got matching ink commemorating the front men.

Portland is filled with amazing tattoo shops, amazing tattoo artists, and a long standing history of tattooing.
If you search the internet for the best tattoo artists in the city it’s tough to find any solid listings. Tattoo designs for women are changing especially when it comes to core values and the stigma associated with them. According to a PEW research Center survey over 36% of Americans between 18 and 25 have at least one tattoo. With so many people opting for tattoos today it can be tough to find a style of tattoo that generates originality.
Photo realistic tattoos: photorealistic tattoos often take extra time but they can be absolutely stunning. New school: new school tattoos that showcase the styling of old-school tattoo styles but with new characters, imagery and modern designs can be a popular favorite amongst women today. Traditional tattoos: Because only a small percentage of elderly women and senior women have tattoos, the idea of modern women getting a classic tattoo is still relatively new.
Tera, a mother of four from North Dakota, started selling these awesome tattoo shits with traditional tattoo designs, and tribal tattoo designs, after noticing the extremely generic market for kids’ clothing.
If you search around for the best tattoo artists in New Orleans it’s difficult to find any great listings. Move over Kim K, here comes Steve Butcher with this bad-ass James Harden tattoo that’s taking the internet by storm.
Butcher has long been one of our favorite realistic artists, and it should be no surprise when you see his stellar work. This image broke about 4 days ago when Butcher initially designed, and executed the marvellous piece of art.
We went to Orlando, FL to find the greatest Princess Leia, Boba Fett and Han Solo fan tattoos at Star Wars Celebration VI. We figured we’d join in the fun and produce a list of some of our favorite Star Wars tattoos.
We’ve noted each artist behind each tattoo, and strongly encourage you to follow their awesome work. This week, my geek senses were bubbling out of my skin because both the mini "flash" challenge and the main challenge revolved around Star Wars. However, in this week's challenge, not only did the winner get to assign the canvases, but they would also have their piece signed by George Lucas and auctioned off for the Make-a-wish foundation. Sarah Miller, one of two female contestants left in the running was completely geeking out. There were troopers, Yoda, Chewbacca, star destroyers - everything you can think of that had to do with Star Wars. The other female artist left on the show, Tatu Baby did a really incredible Yoda tattoo but she knows nothing about the movies which sent Sarah off another defensive cliff.
Daniel is the author of a Donald Trump gay erotica novel that blew up the internet earlier this year. He live streamed the event yesterday at 6:30 PM for everyone to see, and here is the glorious result. It examines the intertwined connection behind tattoo cultures, their connections with humanity, and spiritual meanings & obsessions over the 5,000 year history of the practice.
We were delightfully surprised to hear that after only 2 days of holding his position, Josh Basseches (CEO), is looking forward to a future of new and experimental exhibits at the museum, the first of which is Tattoos. For this very reason it is not an easy task labelling the 10 best tattoo artists in Portland.

While a woman getting a tattoo was fairly counterculture decades ago, the idea of tattoos for women today is fairly commonplace. In examples like this James Harden Tattoo, we see realistic art that is photo-quality and wearable for a lifetime. This example that comes from Jon Larsen is a perfect example of how colorful, vibrant and traditional and new school tattoo can look. With a long standing history of traditional tattooing, searching high and low for the best tattoo artists in New Orleans is no laughing matter. Rest assured that some new iconic imagery is sure to come from The Force Awakens, including some awesome BB-8 designs. She showed how much she loved the series by pulling from elements in the movies like the Millennium Falcon and lightsabers. And of course, there were some whiny baby canvases - Those hard asses who thought they could handle the pain but end up crying like little babies. Soon I will introduce it to the work of fashion and design of dresses,” Khaled told Reuters. There are many styles of tattooing for women that range from classic style retro and traditional tattoos to modern photorealistic recreations of characters, people and more. Women that wanted to capture a specific moment, family member or idol on their bodies can now do so in a more effective manner than ever before. If you’re looking for some new ink in the new orleans area, we suggest you start with one of the artists below.
She may not be one of the most "likable" characters on the show but some of her competitors take douche to a new level.
And let's be honest, her helmet was pretty sweet so she could spit fire and eat babies but she'd still be an amazing artist.
Of all the different fandoms willing to get the object of their obsession permanently etched onto their skin, few are as diverse in style as the Star Wars fans. The artists had to paint clone trooper helmets while demonstrating their understanding of and expertise in contrast.
The use of Han Solo’s blaster, created in a neo-traditional tattoo style, gives this piece a sort of steam-punk feel. This piece is part of a flash sheet Williams designed that featured other Star Wars tattoos, as well as Nintendo themed tattoos. When you want sweet Star Wars tattoo but still want to keep it simple and stylish, a Darth Vader skull with lightsaber really does the trick.Tattoos by Matt Brotka I was going to wait for better photos to post this, but im excited about having two Boba Fett tattoos in a row here. More straightforward than stylized, this full color Boba Fett tattoo is spot on.A  Finished this Star Wars leg today. Everything is healed aside from a few touch ups and a little bit of the desert ground at the bottom.
Featuring Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Emperor Palpatine, Boba Fett, and General Grievous (as well a Sarlacc pit, the Death Star, and a Tie Fighter) this massive tattoo is clearly dedicated to the Star Wars villains.A Tattoos by Geary Morrill I had a swell time doing this zombie Ewok tattoo today. Geary Morrill works at Unkindness Art alongside Chelsea Shoneck and Theresea Sharpe (the shop is pretty new, so you should definitely check them out).
It’s about as straightforward as Star Wars tattoos get.Tattoos by Greg French What do your tattoos say about you?

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