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I think this room has a soft old world elegance about it, yet also has a sudden modern jolt with the fireplace. Depending on how you look at it, if you follow the wood strips, then you see a diamond pattern. This last floor is hand painted, though it’s perfection could easily be mistaken for a stencil. I'm Sheila, a decorating enthusiast with a focus on making over, fixing up, and using what you have. This commercial concrete floor at a retail Levi store features a cementitious overlay in gray and stenciled phrase. Stencils Add Bold Style To A Garage Floor Good morning, my Cutting Edge Stencils friends!  We want to chat about your garage today.  Be honest, when was the last time you thought about how your garage looks and how well it complements your home?
Stencils Are Strutting Their Way Across Painted Floors in 2015 Happy Friday, my Cutting Edge Stencils friends!

The Stencil Concrete Spray can be applied with a minimum thickness of 6 mm up to a maximum of 15mm. Floor stencils and painted floors are one of the hottest new (returning) DIY- glad you did- patterned floor trends. You’ll see this appear in many different spaces, not always painted, but always with the same dramatic flair.
At first glance it looks like marble tiles, but if you look closely you’ll actually see the wood strips that have been painted. The diamond shape and the white diamonds definitely team up more with the fireplace, whereas the exposed diamonds work with the artwork and chair to take you back to another time and place. Carefully measuring and taping the squares so they all line up inside and out, and sit straight on the wooden strips of the flooring is the challenge.
It brings a whole new life to your space, and the best part is that you honestly can do it yourself.

The mix of colours, the black outline, and how the squares have been painted on the wood strips, definitely make this floor more interesting to the eye.
Thank you so much for sharing, and good luck with your sunroom floor… would love to see pics when it’s complete!! You'll also find me keeping up with Audrey Would!, my online vintage boutique specializing in classic Mid-Century and Art Deco cocktail ware and entertainment pieces.

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