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Product DescriptionSun's Out Guns Out Men's T-Shirt features a classic 100% Cotton style is a great choice for anyone's T-shirt drawer. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. All Doraemon cool Doraemon wear sun glasses pullover hoodies are made of 100% cotton, which means it highly absorbent and comfortable for wearing. This topic has been covered at various times by numerous other posters, but with information scattered all over the web, I felt the community could be well served by the incorporation of this information into one comprehensive document. No Canadian Domestic Market (CDM) nor US Domestic Market (USDM) 1992-1995 Honda Civic 3dr Hatchback models (CX, VX, DX & Si) had Power Locks (PL) or Power Windows (PW) as standard or even optional equipment. The North American experience differs significantly from European Domestic Market (EDM) and JDM models of Civic Hatchbacks. Additionally, and unsurprisingly, the JDM version had extra little goodies in this era of Civic that even our friends in Europe didn't get, one of which was Power Folding Mirrors (PFM), a useful feature in a land where parking and space is at a premium. During the course of my install, I have come to conclusions about some long-standing questions over the interchangeability of some components in this popular modification, and I made some observations about others.
How to adapt a door and cabin wiring harness from a 4dr Sedan to a 3dr Hatchback (or 2dr Coupe).
Suggestion for Power Windows on a low budget if you can only find an Acura Integra in the junkyard (no EX Coupes). Connecting and installing the wiring properly will likely take you the most time out of all the operations involved in this project.
My recommendation is, and if you're like me and want as clean an install as possible, you will spend time pulling the correct colour of wires from a salvage yard vehicle. Americans can just look on eBay; there's dozens of dealers selling large bulk packs of bullet connectors and wire taps. The instructions, as written below, aren't necessarily meant to be followed linearly as a step-by-step process of removal and then re-installation. This project is not difficult, but required a large amount of time and multiple days of down-time for my car.

Every effort has been made to make these instructions as complete and accurate as possible, but no warranty or fitness is implied.
Note that:RHD mirrors will mount fine on an LHD vehicle, but the angle of the supports is different, so the internals will need to be swapped to be able to see properly.
The mirror glass on each side of a JDM RHD vehicle is convex, so these will need to be swapped out, too. It will be a close fit, but they will actually mate quite nicely on the backs of the mirrors.
In-line fuse connector, if you did not get all the correct wiring with your heated mirror switch.
Again in the wiring loom on RH side (Passenger side) of engine bay, connects the ECU to some engine component. Door WiringPull the whole Driver & Passenger door wiring from a 4dr or 2dr with PL, PW and PM. Door Panels with PL and PW switch holes.In 1994-1995 the door panels will definitely have holes for tweeters - you would need these too. Get all wiring that connects from the Driver's door to the fuse box, part-way towards the back along under the carpet between the driver's seat and door sill trim (possibly only necessary on a 4-dr), and along the front firewall to the Passenger's side.I believe this wiring also includes the PM switch wiring, which is nice because now you can use unspliced wires instead of the pigtail you got with the JDM switch. Follow the guide written by 'twistedimage' , for a photo-intensive guide on how to disassemble the cabin wiring.
Get the female brown plug from the fog light wire on a 94-95 Civic near the firewall by the large connectors where they enter the engine compartment. There might be more of this colour in the cabin wiring harness you pulled above, but I forget. Remove the negative cable of your battery before performing any electrical work on your vehicle. My car doesn't have SRS, but I take it they can blow up in your face, so take necessary precautions to disable. NOTE: The EDM Helms (if you've got it) shows the PL wiring for a 3dr Hatchback to the Passenger side incorrectly.

You need to perform the following additional steps:Extend the wiring for the door lock actuator. Replace the large BLK pin from the 4dr harness with one that will fit in to the smaller connector.
If you have a EX Coupe harness, then I don't know what you're going to have to do to get the wires through the door. ActuatorsNothing tricky here, just follow your Helms manual, and the picture walkthrough I linked to above. Passenger side: Recall that the pin locations are different between a 4dr and a 2dr switch.
Remove your mirror internals: you are swapping the RHD mirror internals with its LHD counterpart, since the angle of the supports is different. Figure 10 shows you where to look under the mirrors for the screws that hold on the outer cover. This wire will connect your heated mirror elements to the relay that controls them mounted under-dash, and connects the power folding motors to the power folding relay.
For your additional reference, I attached to this post the PL and PW diagrams from Mitchell OnDemand5. Consult the wiring diagram attached to this post - otherwise you will blow the 20A fuse if you don't change it. In the wiring loom on RH side (Passenger side) of engine bay, connects from the horn all the way to the under-dash fuse box (or steering wheel for non-SRS).

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