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The whole process of getting a Samoan tattoo is quite painful and not everyone is brave enough to bear the pain. Carved with the picture of a flower, this tatoo design having angular and curvy edges looks neat and elegant. This Samoan tattoo design would take much time and pain to get a final shape on the shoulder.
Samoan tattoo inked on arm with fine and intricate design work done in a pattern resembling waves and arcs. The Samoan full sleeve tattoo having dashes of red in the alleys of the tangled design has a colorful feel.
Samoan design created with the image of an eagle and the flag signify love for one’s nation. The muscular wrestler Rock flaunts his Samoan tattoo having a celtic pattern that looks fearsome. Samoan tattoo design with a big hibiscus flower in center and multi-edged spirals forming a frame around it.
An alluring Samoan tattoo design with wings attached to a flower carved on inside of the forearm. A fabulous tattoo with Samoan design, inked on shoulder, is a symbol of aggression and manhood. This large tattoo enthrall with its wings design covering the back and letters forming the body. Samoan Tattoo design covering half of the arm has clear patterns that are distinctly visible.

Tattoo worn in the form of necklace on the chest has flowers and wings intermingled with the design. The thick black patches mixed with the fine, dainty work in the Samoan design create an awesome look. The Samoan tattoo is a symbol of manhood and power among the tribal and has acquired a badass status in recent times. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Forearm tattoos look very good when they’ve been set, adjusted accordingly with wise design and color combination.
That is why the tattoo wearers flaunt it in style as it is a mark of their patience and capacity to bear pain. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. You should stick to dark tones, preferably and adjust and alter your design according to the length of your forearm. The outline and already been specified be forehand and the geometrical design that it specifies also compliments the forearm structure.
Skull tattoos are usually kept simple but this one looks absolutely brilliant with the flares and turns on it.
So for the silent rebel- here the feather tattoo on forearms is your way of expressing and demanding your freedom. In the earlier times, the tribal people carved tattoos on their body parts to distinguish themselves with other clans.

The conventional Samoan tattoos have blended with the modern designs and the contemporary look is a meeting point of the Gothic look and the modern art and symbols. Plus the location is an advantage as the tattoo that you choose, will be visible and clearly understood. And you can see the best forearm tattoo designs for men and women with pictures that surely inspire you.
Add some color to it, if you like; keeping the skull in tones of gray and making the flares colorful will also look good.
Make sure your tattoo remains neat and to do so, try not adding anything more to the tattoo. Also, if you wish to make it attractive, then highlight it with a contrasting color like white, silver or blue. This tattoo is flexible in terms of color usage, altering will not do any harm to its look. But make sure that your version of the design is not too stuffy (number of spirals) otherwise you will simply lose the look of the tattoo.
Though the modern Samoan tattoos are carved on a part of the leg or hand or chest, the traditional tattoo design starts from the knee and travels up to the belly button.

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