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Mathieu Aerni is a character artist at Blur Studio, they of amazing video game trailer fame. Over the years he’s also worked on a number of motion pictures, including Wolverine, The Grey and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists, showcasing the best of both their professional and personal portfolios. If I ever did get a tattoo, and it was Nintendo related, it would probably be the Triforce symbol on the wrist. Those who don't have a faction yet, we encourage you to write your won for extra immersion! In rare cases there will be sub-factions, this usually occurs when a landshuffle is meant from the start. This game will use a claiming system to get land, this is to avoid much landgrabbing except for nations with sub-factions, who will be able to get their sub-factions on day 1. A player may plot to claim a piece of land (province) and then attack it, it will give that player a reason to take it.
If a player loses a previously owned province that was initially his (or from an ENTIRE nation he conquered and annexed) he will have a Strong Claim, which means he should suffer no diplomatic relations for it.
If a player gets a claim by plotting for seven days, he will get a Weak Claim, he may use it to attack the player and ONLY (if he wins the war) take that specific province. A player can invade without reasons, but the rule of one province remains, we want to keep players in the game after all.
Attacker Victory: Players who win their invasion for a province will get the province, but they will have to give up ALL other lands that were not claimed.
Defender Victory: If a player succesfully fights off an invasion, they CAN ask for reperations in return and choose a piece of land for themselfs, however this only comes from an unconditional surrender. White Peace: Players can decide to make a white peace, so that neither player gives up any land, however this will mean the attacker had to pay the defender an agreed upon amount of money for their agressions, and no doubt the world will quietly mock the attacker for failing.
Leaders should be able to be disposed of, as in these times losing a war will often mean losing your head. The Elves are rumored to be the oldest among the humanoid species on Earth, they have four subsections of their kind, a fifth used to exist but is extinct. The High Elves were the first kind of Elf in the world, legends say they were even the very first humanoid. High Elves are considered the richest and wisest among the elves, which shows in their armour and tranquility. Armoured Car: An army group of High Elves soldiers on horses, with their longswords or spears.
Railgun: A large catapult that is only able to move through decent roads, often pulled by horses.
A group of High Elves went there to investigate rumors of a mysterious, dark and ancient device which pre-dated even elvenkind.
Dark Elves are nocturnal beings who specialise in the more frowned upon arts of Assassinations and sabotage, therefor are generally distrusted, unlike their High Elven brethren. Dark Elves wear simular armour to their brethren in looks, however their armours are darker, they often wear hoods to conceal themselfs and are rarely seen in armies. Infantry: A militia of Dark Elves, not as deadly as their trained soldiers, but dangerous nonetheless. Wood Elves - also called Dalish Elves - are the most connected to nature of all Elven-kind, although they're also the most violent ones. Unlike their brethren they don't wear thick armour and often use leather and other resources they gather from the woods like fur. Wood Elves have tattoos all over their bodies for every achievement they have, their first kill, their rank, and so on. Wood Elves live in tents and camps spread over the forests, they do not stay at one place long. Armoured Car: A pack of trained wolves, guided by the magical whispers of the Keeper seeks out it's enemy, scouting and killing. Tank: Ten Wood Elves accompanied by wolves, bears or other forest creatures that they have tamed.
Artillery: A group of ten Wood Elves who will shoot from afar to disable their opponents, deadly aim. While the peacefull nature of the Draconians counteracts the violent attitude of the Wood Elves, the combined group is one to be feared. The Draconian weapons and armours have a dark green tint on them, whetever magical or it is simply the metal is unknown. Cavalry: Two Draconians Rangers on Horseback, due to the elite training of Rangers, these two alone can cause good damage.
Tank: The Rangers of Draconia, the most elite soldiers of the entire Kingdom are Draconians who guard the borders and Kingdom from foreign influence and evil powers. Artillery: While not nessesarily too trained in it, the Draconian armies use small crossbows and bows alike, although mostly crossbows. Railgun: The most ferious creature in the known world, that which is feared the most, the dragon. Battleship: The Hydra, a beast living in the seas, there is only one - this three-headed dragon is rumored to grow another head when one is shopped off. Snow Elves are the youngest of the Elves, living in the colder regions of Earth they too originate from the High Elves, as all Elvenkind does. Snow Elves have a paler skin and longer ears than other Elves, they wear furs and hoods ontop of their snow white armours, using it as a natural camouflage, as even their cloaks and furs are white. Infantry: While they prefer to be left alone, the Snow Elves are the most warriorlike of all the Elvenkind. Cavalry: A scout party of Snow Elves, often wearing somewhat lighter armour than the rest of them, they use smaller shields, wear hoods and cloaks, and use ice picks as a weapon, which they also climb mountains with.
Scout: The rare case of a Snow Elf riding a horse, horses are scarce in the cold are and cared for deeply by the Snow Elves. Tank: In the regions of the Snow Elf Kingdom there are large, elephant like beasts that the Snow Elves have tamed. Blood Elves were - like Dark Elves - part of the journey to Corsica, where something happend. The only settlement which they had (in Ajaccio, Corsica) disapeared as if it was never there, no bodies or nothing were found, the city itself had disapeared. Bio: Centaurs are magnificent beasts who have the upper torso of a human, and the body and legs of a horse.
History: After the great culling, the Centaurs who resided in the Elven and Human kingdoms fled into the forests of Yunin. However, now with the rise of the Demons in the south will the Centauric Union have to ally with their once enemies, or will they fight them independently?
Armoured Car: Centaurs with light armour acting as a screening force, with swords they rush enemies.
Tank: Centaurs with heavy armour and huge hammers run into battle and decimate anything in their path.
Railgun: The forests of Yunin have a large population of Treants, and they can throw rocks very far. Ships: Many centuries ago, the elves who were said to inhabit the forests of Yunin enchanted the forest when the demons invaded.
Bio: The Principality were formed by Wilhelmios Burgdorfian and Joaimian Vaus, during the Vanzer Conference in West Schenker. Background: After the Hofenein War, the Principality emerges as the successful Draconians Kingdom, though the Viennese neighbouring the Elves to North and West. Infantry: The Viennese are well trained, and equipped with the Chameleon Armor and also the Steel helmet. Cavalry: The Elite Stormknights (SK) that was armed with long sword and equipped with Bastian Armor that was slightly lighter than Chameleon.
Armored Car: The Viennese are riding horses, most of them are leaded by Cavalry officer, trained exclusively in Innsbrunia, and Vienna itself.
Tank: After the fall of Ungarnia, the Viennese put they interest on the native style of Ungarnia armored units. Artillery: A catapult loaded with a mace head, very dangerous and only effective in a close range bombarding, but very fatal if they were caught in close combat against Infantry or other armored units. Railgun: A large catapults that have a longer launcher, equipped with the mace head but a more sharpened version. Battleship: Three-Banked style of ship, filled with trained navy crews, the ship was armed with 3 cannons on each deck, lower, upper, and back deck. The greatest span of land in all the known world, resting between the icy domain of the Snow Elves and just east of the Daloth's grand forests, the Minotaur Tribelands lays a harsh and rocky waste. Years ago, the tribes were of little concern to any of the races who resided over the Kingdom of Ashenrock, a human enclave Kingdom that rested as a trade axis between the Dwarves of the north-west and elves to the west and north.
All races were pushed from every region in Ashenrock, except for its figurehead capital city, where all non-Minotaur are allowed, though heavily scorned. For the first time, a Minotaur has proven a capable leader on a national level, and, though the lands remain largely decentralized, the idea of a united Minotaur military force might be cause for concern for neighbors of Ashenrock and Kragma as everyone knows the drums of war never truly stop beating in the camps of the children of Mogis. Cavalry: Men of Mogis upon horseback with both man and steed adorned in the usual Men of Mogis bone and bloody hide armor. Armoured Car: Known as Skullclaimers, they serve as the right hand Mogis, dealing out swift, violent ends to the enemies of the Great Herd.
Tank: Several Minotaur sent into blood-lusting frenzies by Rageblood Shaman, in little to no armor, who descend upon the enemy and use raw force to tear apart foes with tooth, nail, and horn, offering up the gore of the enemy to Mogis in an intimidating and horrible display of ferocity. Artillery: Rageblood Shaman, the zealous disciples of Mogis from the eastern tribe of Kragma who devote themselves to the way of the Minotaur god. Railgun: Rageblood Shaman Elders who have survived the grueling and unspeakable initiations that are required to take upon the mantle and power that is associated with the position.
Battleship: Crafted and manned by the Men of Mogis, as Minotaur have no history of seamanship and many fear water that is above their head. Bio: Men have ruled the Isles of Britain for millennia, their fierce fighting skills in battle, coupled with their political prowess makes them a force to be reckoned with. History: After decades of bloody wars between the civilised Men of the West and the Savages of the North a treaty was signed between Queen Elizabet and the Petty King Daff. Infantry: Fiercely trained and highly loyal men who will follow any order without a doubt, numbering as low as ten, but up to thirty, consisting of short range bowman, and heavily armoured warriors. Tank: A large army of Men who were born to fight, and thus were trained from the moment they could walk.
Railgun: A large catapult that hurls large rocks and metal balls over very large distances. Bio:The nation of Narnia, often and officially the Kingdom of Narnia, is guarded over by Aslan, the Great Lion, and is filled with humans, talking animals and other mythical creatures. The economic heart of the country is the flourishing Great River of Narnia, and all the regions that fed from it. Officially, the seat of Government is the castle Cair Parayel, at the mouth of the Great River, however, under other circumstances, such as (the Age of Winter), separate locations were used as the capital centres of Narnian control.
Narnians do not have an organised religion , however, most Narnians seem to have personal faith in Aslan. Aslan created the World of Narnia by singing it into existence, in which the Stars he was creating, joined him in his song. Railgun:Huge Giants and Dragons and some of Forest trees,They are capable of throwing all kind of Stones on enemy cities and Fortresses and destroy everything on their way for Narnian Army.
The demons quickly established a kingdom, calling it Tharekith and impose a rule of terror. Now time will tell if the Tharekith can destroy the Humans in the south and claim the world like they tried before.
Infantry:Hundreds of Orcs equipt with weak armour and weaponry charge enemies with limitless courage. Railgun: From a giant crevice in the ground, fireballs from the depths of hell land on targets very unprecisley but with a massive splash damage. Bio: The Anuid Kingdom is a Kingdom formed in the southern deserts of Africa, Wearing light armour and primarily using spears and wooden shields they compensate what they lack in technology to numbers and sheer brute force.
History: When the Demons invaded before now, the Anuid kingdom was known as the Ferrand Empire. Infantry: Troops with spear and wooden shield, they come in massive numbers and can survive long in the deserts as their clothing is suited well for the desert. Armored Car: Riding camels who are who are lightly armoured they ride into battle with swords and maces. Railgun: Masses of archers fire their bows in perfect sync, borrowing the technique from the elves its super effective.

Flore are sentient plants that are able to control their own cell growth and choose their own form. The Flora are very similar in personality and normally will work by consensus of the entire country. The Great Forest of Harmony will not change without stimuli, making technological progress impossible without non-Floraen encouragement or help. Due to the differences between The Flora and the other races, The Great Forest of Harmony sends a flore or two at a time to a foreign school, where the flore imitates the human form and learns the languages of the other races.
Trip-vines that entangle and slow their victims, forest wall, and basic branch-to-biped combat training for every willing adult Flora. Trip-vines that entangle and slow their victims, forest wall, and advanced branch-to-biped combat training for every adult Floraen. A small Battlefield, that is a single large Flora that creates realistic battle conditions for Flora to fight in, and get experience against human-sized objects. A large Battlefield, that is many large Flora that create realistic battle conditions for Flora to fight in, and get experience against human-sized objects. In a grand rebellion afterwards, centuries ago, the plants marched as one force, calling themselves The Flora, and eliminated their magical masters. They will work to end magic, and will cooperate with non-magical peoples to better themselves and grow as a society. Lord of the Rings films ents are close to warrior Flora, but they need more green showing, more leaves and double the amount of limbs. Once again I would like to reference the Lord of the Rings films ents, in the same way, except their body texture an color should match that of the humanoid flora examples completely. Bio: A Violent and Sadistic Race, The Satyr migrated to their Current Homelands (West Libya, East Libya, Tunisia and parts of Egypt) long ago from an unknown land though many believe they aren't even from this world at all but hail from where ever the Demonic Races came from. History: 90 years ago the lands of West Panos (West Libya) were divided into small Tribes and City States of Satyrs.
Foreign, Religious and Cultural Views: The Satyr consider races with shorter life spans such as Humans and Orcs to be inferior.
Geography: The Lands the Satyr inhabit is mostly Rocky desert hills in the south, home to the more nomadic Satyr clans.
Infantry: A large War band of Satyr wielding Scimitars and Spears, usually bolstered by Orcs.
Railgun: A Unit of Satyr skilled in magic capable of conjuring great Fireballs to reign down upon cities. Battleship: A fleet of Satyr Trireme armed with heavy Ballistas or Catapults and ramming capablity.
Bio: A mix society of Human and Satyr, The Kingdom of Mikro'ter is a much more tolerant population of Satyr then their Southern Counterparts accepting Humans and Elves mainly for the purpose of trade. History: During the Demon Conquest of the Humans in the West, A wave of Humans flooded into the region which led to several conflicts between Human Refugee Bands and Satyr Tribes.
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That's because it's a custom humanised version (or gijinka) of WoW's Deathwing, created for Jessica by an artist named Zach Fischer -- though other cosplayers are now getting in on the sweet, dragony action.
It wasn't Monkey Island 2 or Fate of the Atlantis great, so don't expect it'll be receive the old 'HD-remake' any time soon. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. The games are great and yeah that guy is the creator but getting his name tattooed on you is kinda crazy. This is a roleplay game, this is not a game to win, even if it takes you 500+ days, it doesn't matter. OOCs are allowed in the DE, but only as an addition to your own IC article to add something, not to cause drama. Due to the game being SLOW paced (1 day OOC = 1 day in RP) I expect people not to declare as lightly as in other games.
Raids are an addition to this game that can only be done by certain factions (specific in the nation list) such as tribal or clan factions. Refer to factions with their IC name, you may say for example: Dalish (Wood Elves) to clarify who you mean. There is no specific rule on how many articles you write per day, but please, PLEASE try to keep it going, even if it's passive or useless things about your leader, nation, trade, all those things.
Sub-factions need to be roleplayed independantly, you get an extra bit of land but you have the responciblity of playing both, and that doesn't mean they always get along!
This is a game for fun, NOT to win, therefor it is highly encourage (not enforced) to attack fortresses & provinces with just melee units, and not just bombard them untill nothing is left.
You will need seven real life days to make a claim, and you will have to tell the player you have it, so he may decide whetever he wants war over it or you want to simply take it. This will mean it's a Barbaric Invasion, meaning other world leaders will think lowly of you, no more than a savage and they might plot to destroy you next. Recently I have been in a game where a player disrespected peace treaties and the kind, and in real life this would have had consequence, however only a few players made articles on how dishonourable it was.
A player cannot calls 'dibs' or randomly claim more during a war, unless it's agreed to by both sides.
Elves generally are a more peacefull race (if undisturbed) and use the nature to their advantage, they often use bows.
It was there that the Dark Elves emerged, twisted and benevolent at first, only after years of fighting High Elves they changed. Dark Elves have better senses (hearing, seeing, scent etc.) and use them to their advantage. These well armoured and armed army groups have helmets, large thick black shields and armour, and often large daggers or swords. Where Dark Elves often assassinate due to their skills, Wood Elves simply hate mankind and have a strong dislike of non-Elves. When a child gets it's first tattoo they are considered an adult, with all the rights that come with it.
These groups of ten soldiers are the best that the Wood Elves have to offer, with extreme skill and range these warriors often disable the enemy before they get there.
The Draconians are very small in numbers, and share their Kingdom with other Dragonkind like Drakes and Dragons. This army group has 10 Draconians who are less trained in melee, and more trained in ranged. The Dragon is a fearsome sight on the battlefield or off, they are creatures of legend and myth, and many believe them not to be real. Snow Elves are resilient to the cold and hide in large cave systems and in the coldest of places in an effort to be left alone.
Their range and enviroment are their only true advantage, as the heavy storms often make it nearly impossible to fire arrows. Whereas Dark Elves became darker skinned and got stronger senses, Blood Elves had a bloodlust and wished to do nothing more than to summon dark creatures for their own purposes. Their swiftness and proficiency with heavy axes makes them a fearsome foe, with about 100 centaurs in a unit. However, they cant live long outside of the forest so forests are planted in paths in which the treants can travel. No Demons can enter, and it makes the bark on the trees expand and become extremely strong when demons are near.
The peoples inside the Viennese are tolerant to the Elves, compared to Orc, which is very hostile. Barren plains and craggy hills of Ashenrock in the east give way to rocky, rolling hills and rugged mountains and permafrost of Kragma.
The tribes were in a state of constant power struggle, more interested in proving their dominance over one another than anything else. Just west of Ashenrock still lies the lands of the Men of Mogis, not yet fully under the folds of Thral's ambitious reach. The Great Herd's fanatical man cavalry are often used as cannon-fodder or for scouting missions. Skullclaimers often wield battle axes used to decapitate foes and collect the skulls of the dead, earning them their namesake. They are a mystery, even to the other tribes, and rarely exit their underground places of endless meditation, horrific sacrifice, and blood worship, but when they do, it is often to the dismay of the enemies of the Great Herd. They are dreadfully powerful, but fortunately for the rest of the world, the initiation into Elder status has a very low survival rate, keeping their numbers few.
Ballistas are the main form of weaponry, sending heavy bolts to destroy the targets of the ships.
They can hit targets from afar with pinpoint accuracy, but are not much good in a hand to hand fight. These powerful siege engines have to be pulled by horses, cows and other hooved animals to move. Narnia was a land of rolling hills rising into low mountains to the south, and was predominantly forested, except for marshlands in the north. The River entered Narnian lands from the northwest on an east-southwesterly course to the Western Ocean.
These included Humans,Dwarfs , all manner of Talking Beasts, and even Winged Horses, Centaurs, Fauns, Satyrs and Giants, as well as Marsh-wiggles. The land of Narnia was in peace for hundreds of years after its creation, and during this time it began to expand its influence to the unknown lands all around it.However, Jadis returned to the Kingdom in Narnian year 898, in order to usurp power for herself. The elves stuck to their forests, humans to their castles and the dwarves to their mountains.
They slaughtered the people of Anuid and attracted Orcs from the south (French West Africa) and made a land of industry and war.
The Ferrand empire was extremely racist and prejudice to the Elves, Humans and other races even though they're entire population consisted of them. The mercenaries were costing too much money and when the demons came they promised the mercenaries money, so the mercenaries joined the demons and they made the Anuids flee from West side of Algeria.
It takes A LOT to take these beasts down, but their hugeness and cost means they aren't used as much and a unit can only consist of one. Quite lethal if one boat is surrounded, as the Anuids don't care about dying when they ram other boats.
Most are over 8 feet tall, have two to four long root-legs that are walked on and five to ten branch-arms covered in long thin jagged-edged leaves.
When a problem is encountered, the news of the problem will spread outwards from the point of origin and the opinions or single opinion will echo back to the point. Each flore hash option to pretend to be male or female(in this case instead of a beard of vines rustled together in sequence to communicate with other Flora, long messy hair would serve the purpose of the beard). However, for the purposes of foreign relations the Representant can be considered the leader of the Flora and the many humanoid flora throughout the country can be considered regional governors, because they are the only flora that can translate and can be negotiated with. Unlike all other structures that are grown or are cleared open space, the capital is assembled from stone to suit the ambassadors. Requires a gathering area(Recruiting Office), a small training area, and 15 corresponding flora warrior groups to be built. This slightly increases the safety of the forest and allows the forest to expand by 6%(cumulative). This slightly increases the safety of the forest and allows the forest to expand by 12%(cumulative). Requires a small training ground(Barracks level 1), Gathering area(Recruiting office) and 15 corresponding Floraen Warrior groups to be built. Requires a small training ground(Barracks level 1), Gathering area(Recruiting office) and 25 corresponding Floraen Warrior groups to be built. Permits sea travel by detaching a section upon which troops travel.This slightly increases the safety of the forest and allows the forest to expand by 6%(cumulative). Instead of soft green plant-tissue trunks, a warrior flore will have overlapping layers of a rough bark like spruce along their lower trunks and smooth bark like hardened melon around the joints. Each balloon flore can compress the gas to fall, let the gas expand to rise, and ignite the gas to destroy everything in a 5 meter radius, and damage everything in a 15-20 meter radius.

The goal was to grow plants that would grow on the walls and in the cities and remain dormant until enemies arrived. They hoped to end all magical life for their enslavement and prevent another magic user to control them. Magical peoples are advised to tread with caution and compassion around them, and correct The Dark Elves' mistakes with olive branches. A powerful Satyr Tribe led by the Warlord Calicant'ros began planning a conquest to unite all Satyr under his rule. Elves are considered mostly ceremonial often using Elf Blood, Ears and other parts in Sacred rituals and festivals. The central part of Panos is mainly lush hills and forests good for crops and livestock, This is the region Calincant'sar has made his seat of power located. The Satyr living in this Kingdom however do not worship Pan but a more Beneviolent diety called Faunus. One Satyr Chief however saw a chance to finally expand his influence, Mikro'ter began accepting humans into his land if they accepted him as their leader and would fight on his behalf.
Many have no jobs, or have to pay taxes so high, they will never live long with them burdening them. By clicking Confirm bid you commit to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder. Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. You get a couple of cosplayers pulling this shit on any other game and people will say "um OK that's weirdly pervy." The Witcher 3? To those that already have a faction, I suggest making a SINGLE post about it and putting pictures for every military class if you can.
Realisticly it can take a nation days to even consider going to war, not to mention prepare it all. Trolls can and most likely will join, you do not destroy their nation, you ignore them untill they leave, if they make issues, attack them but do NOT wipe out their nations. If you make an article, make sure you look up and write properly about what happend, their correct numbers, and so on. By doing this a defending player will have their special fortresses have an effect and can write articles on it. Allies can ofcourse plot different claims from one nation at once, or aid one person wanting it, but they cannot destroy a nation for it.
Different players have different 'cities', whereas the dwarves might lose a Dwarven City, a Wood Elf might lose a Camp. This however does not mean that Dark Elves are weak in a fight, if forced to form an army they use their strong armour and often dual-wield or use a dagger and small shield in combat. All of the Dragonkind heed the call of the Dragonlord - or also known as the Draconian Overlord.
They had many great wars with the Humans and Elves who made them flee from their homelands, although never taking back their homelands they managed to make peace with the Humans of Elves. Arch-Duke title was selected and Burgdorfian is selected as the Arch-Duke of all Viennese by approval of Conferences member. The Viennese under the leadership of Wilhelmios Burgdorfian, the founding father of the Principality after the fall of Hagenag Kingdom on the East, lead the Principality into the Greater stage with the Invasion of Ungarnia on the South (Unberg War), the capital of Ungarnia Budapania fell to the much more elite Viennese troops. Soldiers are equipped with Klauden Swords and Kampin Shield, they also carried a dagger that were store on they boot. Equipped with a Speer and shield, also with the Klanfeur armor which is lighter than Chameleon. The many, many miles of this rugged sub-tundra land are home to the many tribes of Minotaur, known unofficially and collectively as the Tribes of Mogis, their Minotaur god of destruction, war, and chaos. Making the Westerlands a very diverse land of beautiful towns, villages and great cities made of stone, brick and wood, although the land is not without problems. The Men of the North were assimilated into the nation in the West, which would later be renamed by King Forrest to what it is now known today as.
Wielding large, Ebony swords that sparkle in the moonlight and thick, dark shields made of an unknown metal.
The country was bordered on the east by the Merpeople, on the East by a grand mountain range, followed by the Eastern Wild, on the north by the barren land of Ettinsmoor, and on the south by a continental divide and the Kingdom of Archenland. Two years later, she emerged victorious, and bound the entire land in ice and snow for one hundred years, making it always winter but never Christmas . This is, of course until The rapture emerged in The Anuid (Humans who like in the desert, slightly different with darker skin.
They didn't want to be seen as hippocrates, so they started murdering hundreds in the streets, proclaiming that only Redshields deserved to rule the Empire of the Ferrand! With help from the Elves in the north and the humans they held off the Demons and destroyed the Rapture on which they emerged by flooding it with water from the Mediterranean. However, with help from the Kingdom of Narnia and the High Elves they managed to hold the East side of their kingdom. Multiple opinions, instead of just one, are due to regional factors, past experiences, and age, there are some very slight differences between flora. These flora had been very unique and unusual productive members of Floraen society, but chose to do renounce their rights as a flora to serve their country.
Requires a gathering area(Recruiting Office) and 5 corresponding flora warrior groups to be built.
It is also represented on map as 10 Flora warrior groups spread throughout the province.This slightly increases the safety of the forest and allows the forest to expand by 24%(cumulative).
The weed would identify the enemies and defend the people by entangling the attackers, rising from the ground and walking and fighting to end the assault. They are a very cultured race with a love for music and celebration however many of these celebrations honoring their Wild God, Pan involve numerous acts of Debauchery, Hedonism and the Bona' Dea Ceremony where the Satyr cease their Vegetarian ways and consume vast amounts of Elf and Human Flesh in honor of Pan. He was however killed in the first siege he led and his successor and son, Calicant'sar (half Minotaur) continued with his Father's Army and proved to be a far better Warrior and Commander quickly conquering all of West Panos and executing all Lords and Chiefs who did not accept him as the Archon of the Satyrs.
Then the Coastal region which is more forested regions home to the largest Satyr settlements. The Kingdom gets it's name from its old Satyr King Mikro'ter who founded it during the Rise of the Demons in the West. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable.
Human players might have less need for this, as they have catapults and siege equipment often.
Therefor it is not easy for them to go to war, as an army means everybody has to be united. Draconians are all warriors, men, women and children, their Overlord has however commanded that an actual army of constantly trained men fights before others do. The rest of the Ungarnian's cities fell in the matter of week later, the last stronghold Miskolechia fell to the Viennese.
The Viennese furthermore opened a training camp specially for the Tigers Rider, in Kekes, The Tigers Rider were equipped with sharpened speer and bow, also with the improved Chameleon armor. Lords and Ladies are always plotting against each other and the crown, and masses of bandits inhabit the land.
This was known as the Hundred year of Winter.Following an uprising by loyal Narnians, and the first Battle of Beruna, the Pevensies were made the new monarchs of Narnia. Now they were prepared and called their Demon brothers from the Netherworld who attacked the other Anuid provinces. The kingdom established was called the Anuid Kingdom, And it lived in relative harmony with its neighbours and within itself. The equivalent of a head has 2 eyes and a beard of vines in the place of the mouth and nose with different textures, rubbed against each other in sequence to communicate, making them seem mute. The problem is then dealt with according to the desire of the entire nation, if a consensus is reached. Higher level improvements replace previous level buildings as if the previous level improvement was destroyed; a level 1 is worth 6%, level 2 is worth 12%, but building level 2 eliminates the 6% from level 1.
This considerably increases the safety of the forest and allows the forest to expand by 12%(cumulative). This slightly increases the safety of the forest and allows the forest to expand by 18%(cumulative).
They daily need to stop and rest to recover lost energy and soil nutrients, for at least 1 hour per day, fighting increases this required time. These need 5 Flora warrior groups to help it travel over land, or a floating platform upgrade(Battleship) to travel over Ocean.
The magicians had control over the plants, but some weeds recognized their subservience and slavery and began producing poisonous spores and venomous spikes that the citizens had the misfortune of being killed by. That civilization may have been The Dark Elves, if so then they have been wanderers for many generations.
The Satyrs also view Orcs as a 'Servant' Race and Minotaurs as Kin and are treated well thoughout Satyr lands. The Eastern Satyr lords fearing the same fate as the Western Lords, united into a lose coalition and formed an Army large enough to challenge Calicant'sar. Hybrids of Satyr and Minotaurs are idolized in Satyr society, often being taken in at early ages to be trained as Elite Warriors called the Polemis. After a long and bloody conflict Mikro'ter conquered most Satyr Tribes in the region and named himself King of the newly unified kingdom.The Kingdom of Mikro'ter was the Wealthiest Satyr Nation up until Calicant'sar united Western Panos half a century ago. Long ago, a pact was made between two brothers, that they would aid the poor of the cities by teaching them how best to steal and from whom to steal. This is also done so that some races (like Elves) won't outlive others entirely due to them becoming much older.
Pro-Hagenag however, disapprove and despise the creation of the Principality, which triggered the Hofenein War, decisive Viennese victory after the battle of Habengenberg. It crumbling as it is, with citizens looting and proclaiming that the demons deserve the Anuids land. Each eye is made up of a short tube with light sensitive tissue at one end and a flexible sap-lens at the other.
Needs 10 flora warrior groups as trainers and a functioning gathering area(Recruiting Office) with 5 instructors to function properly. Needs 20 flora warrior groups as trainers and a gathering area(Recruiting Office) with 5 instructors to function properly.
The Flora made the land entirely nature where they could build a better society from the old ignored ruins, still standing well preserved in some regions.
The ensuing battle resulted in a victory for the Eastern Satyr Lords but left the Eastern Satyr Armies with heavy casualities with one out of every three dead. They were weak from just coming through but vast numbers quickly destroyed the kingdom, however they retreated to the east.
The Ferrand Empire fled and dispersed and were later put on trial by the Kingdom of Narnia for war crimes and civil genocide. Calicant'sar however managed to rally his forces and withdrew back into his lands with less casualties sustained on his Army. Consisters of 5 Railguns, 5 artillery and a tank.) Dragons come in multiple shapes, having their own elemental powers. In conclusion, each province is covered in forest in proportional amounts to the number of improvements and improvement levels, times the percentage of morale. The Satyrs have since been divided between those who claim Calicant'sar as the Archon in the West and those who do not in the East. Realizing the danger of a public institute, the remaining brother closely watched the city, and awaited for a thief he deemed had the skills to join the new thieve's guild.
Slowly, this new organization grew, now without the public and less chance of a messenger to the guards. Slowly, the once purely Minotaur religion had in its ranks the likes of Men, Elves, Dwarves, and others. Seeing the guards approaching yet again, the thieves fled to the decentralized south, and through their thievery, managed to gain effective control of a city. In the following years, blood and fire descended upon the Kingdom of Ashenrock as the Men of Mogis and Minotaur from Kragma crushed the Kingdom and Ashenrock was claimed for Mogis and the Great Herd.

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