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Scott Campbell and Casey Neistat have put together this short film on how to make a homemade tattoo gun. Alex De Pase is an Italian tattoo artist who specialises in a particularly “painterly” realistic style. The most important contributing factors to his career are his dedication and focus on capturing the essence of things. The first tattoo he did on himself was a tiger, while the first tattoo he ever did was a heart with dagger and snake, for an old friend of his. When you see them in print and online, they are amazing enough but when you look at the original… well, words cannot do justice to how superb they are.
According to De Pase creating realism in art is all about technique and complexity, but also sensitivity, interpretation and skill in perceiving colours, light, depth and detail.
He is 34 years old and has been tattooing for 20 (professionally since 1997) and lives in Grado, a small city near Gorizia.

The experience of every artist is projected into his or her work and injects a particular atmosphere onto the tattoo.
Another time I used the number 13 (for a painting called, "13") for it's ominous connotations. What other personal symbolism can be seen in your work and what does it mean?The chimney stacks represent industrialization and the resulting pollution in my mind.
The triangle is a spiritual symbol that means something personal to me, but I am not ready to divulge that one yet. You shape your works using oil paints and attain a brilliant level of realism to your work. You can make them dry faster by using different mediums so I really don't feel like there is any reason for me to go back.
I might do it for practice but I don't feel driven to paint them and I think it's important to paint what really turns you on.

I would like to be able to paint a little looser but I just don't know if that would make the same statement.
I sometimes imagine my artwork being a little more impressionistic and it doesn't feel right to me.
It's another thing that keeps getting put aside for more important things like paying my mortgage.
I hope for it to be pretty thick and full of a lot of my artwork and a lot of behind the scenes stuff. That opened a lot of doors for me and I got to work alongside a lot of effects guys that I had only read about in magazines.

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