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Second, ask your future Chinese employer to apply for a government issued employment permit that you will need to enter the country for work. Fourth, visit the website of a local Chinese embassy or consulate and download the Chinese visa application.
Fifth, prepare a recent passport photo and affix it on the corresponding place of the application form. Sixth, prepare your passport and make sure it has at least 6 months validity left at the time of application and at least one blank page left in it. Seventh, prepare all of the above-mentioned documents and apply in person at a local Chinese embassy or consulate. New Law - Effective January 1st 2013 - As part of new license requirements, each tattoo artist and guest tattoo artist is required to complete a DOH-approved bloodborne pathogen and communicable disease course.
Meet the Department of Health's new education requirement to operate as a licensed tatto artist in the state of Florida.
The 'Baby' singer can possibly be fined as much as $2,000 after he made a tattoo on his friend's leg without license. New York City Health Department could fine Justin Bieber as much as $2,000 for making a tattoo without license, according to New York Daily News.
Bieber is currently in the middle of his "Believe Tour" and will join Miley Cyrus, Jason Mraz, Pitbull, and Lady Antebellum for TV Special "The Real Change Project: Artists for Education". Liam Murphy, founder and CEO of Real Change Productions said, "Teachers are often the unsung heroes, while actors, musicians and pro athletes get all the praise.

The Chinese laws require that any foreign national must obtain proper approval or documentation in order to work in the country.
They are issued by Chinese embassies and consulates to non-Chinese citizens traveling to China for posting or employment. Well, there is no need to panic, as this easy guide will take you through the whole application process and help you get your work visa quickly and efficiently. Again, don’t accept a job with a company that requires you to work on a travel visa as it is simply illegal. This official invitation notice will specify the number of entries, term of validity and duration of each stay that your work visa will allow. The photo should be 2 x 2 inches, have a solid colored background and show your full forward face in the center.
Standard processing usually takes 4 to 5 business days on the condition that you have all of your documents prepared correctly.
By taking this online bloodborne pathogen & communicable disease course you will satisfy the state's requirement and can apply for your tattoo artist license.
Simply register, complete 3 hours of easy course material, pass the final exam and you can instantly download your proof of completion for free!
We have a secure, mobile-friendly registration that allows you to sign up and complete the course wherever you have internet connection. Last summer, the pop star gave a muscular mouse tattoo with a word "swaggy" on New York tattoo artist Keith McCurdy, or known as Bang Bang.

The charity event is held to encourage their fans to keep on pursuing education and honoring teachers. I'm willing to bet, though, that each one of us has had at least one teacher who changed our lives forever. Violation of the laws can result in severe penalties: fines of up to RMB 500 a day (for overstaying a visa), deportation, or even worse, imprisonment. This is what you will need to apply for a license or show (for guest tattoo artists) that you have met state requirements. Apparently, the mouse tattoo was inked in exchange to the "believe" tattoo Bang Bang made for Bieber. If someone works in China on tourist or other non-Z visas, or accepts part-time employment without obtaining proper permission, he could encounter serious legal problems with the Chinese government. Bang Bang previously let other celebrities such as Katy Perry, Chris Brown, and Amar'e Stoudemire ink their design on his body.

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