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I have faced a considerable amount of struggle in my short 23 years that I am grateful for because I believe its taught me to find inspiration and beauty in all things, people and circumstances. I wanted to be a tattoo artist from the time I was 13 years old but for some reason I always thought it wasn’t a realistic goal. I have only been drawing seriously for under 2 years, so I am still discovering my personal style. I am taking a break from it right now to focus on finding an apprenticeship but hopefully I will do my grade 4 next. I wasn’t content with any of them because my heart kept telling me to try to become a tattoo artist. Out of respect for the industry and my reputation I will not attempt to design any more tattoo style artwork until I have learned how to approach it from a professional. Airdrie is a suburb, without much around in terms of art teachers (at least that I am aware of), so I decided to give on-line school a try.

I plan to focus on improving my fine art skills by taking lessons and constantly be learning something new. I believe a solid foundation of the basics is essential to become a well rounded, versatile artist. I hope to surround myself by experienced artists who can help me take my work to the next level and will do whatever it takes to earn that privilege so that someday I can be an asset to a studio, long term. It was an introduction to the basics and different art mediums and a great beginning. Although I feel it lacked the valuable feedback that in-person lessons provide, it was definitely a good starting point for me. It helped me build character because you must be disciplined and self-motivated to succeed at correspondence.After that, I enrolled with the “Master Tattoo Institute” and spent 3 months of 2014 in Miami, learning from Gabe Jaksic.
Gabe opened the first and only tattoo shop in Buenos Aires Argentina in 1989, marking him a true pioneer in his home country and writing his name in the tattoo history books.
In 1995 he immigrated to the United States where he worked in dozens of shops and tattoo conventions. During this time I studied hard to earn my Bloodborne Pathogens certificate because safety is my first priority.

I then moved to the Salvation Tattoo Lounge studio for 4 weeks to shadow tattoo artist, Salim Cortes. It was just a small traditional style skull done with a coil machine.MTI was a phenomenal experience for me.
While I will always appreciate my time spent there, I also realize that one does not simply become a tattoo artist in 3 months!

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