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Have you ever looked at your tattoo (or tattoos) and thought there’s no way you could get it removed? The Dermapen has provided radical results in improving my acne scarring after only two treatments. Color can make your next tattoo shine brighter and give it a splash of emotion as color often speaks directly to our subconscious and makes us feel things long before our conscious analytical brain kicks in. When you are thinking about your next tattoo and you are going over colors that you would love to incorporate, try to think of the color as transparent. If you’re white and never get tanned then you are lucky in terms of color choices for your tattoo as they will all show up great on your skin. Green will show up darker skin as well, but it could take multiple applications to get it to be as bold and as bright as it can be, so if you have dark skin and are looking for a colored tattoo, be prepared for a bit of discomfort as you will have to go over already raw and tattooed skin.
Blue, especially lighter shades of blue are beautiful on darker skin and will shine through your pigment and give your tattoo a splash of color. Red can sometimes be a very stark color and has a deep emotional effect on most people evoking passion and strength and perhaps a bit of danger. At EOD Tattoo our award winning, passionate tattoo artists will know exactly what colors will work for you skin tone and can work with you to design a one of a kind piece of inked art. So with that said, I've seen black guys with colourful tattoos, just not AS colourful as on white guys. Sorry to butt in, Alvin so would it be logical to go one tone higher on a darker skinned person?

Say, if a piece asks for dark red, would you need to make it a tad lighter in this situation? By adding a dark layer over a colour youre not just making the colour dark,, does that make sense?
Sorry if Im not making sense here,,Im trying to explain it properly without sounding like im patronising anyone or moaning about skin colours. Next,, because of th darker skin colour,, any fine lines that are done in a tattoo will have to be, I would say, at least twice to three times the width that you would use on ligehter skin, due to the fact that it will be much more difficult to see,, so you will hardly see small tattoos done well on very dark skin. Finally, I think , unless i remember anything else, darker skin people are more prone to getting keloids,, so watch your needle depth.. Personally, I would try and just get classic black and grey work done on very dark skin,, it will look better, especially after time, but I hope I havent put you off too much using colour,, its just my opinion. Excellent explanation Tramps, Im a Black guy, not very dark, and when i went to place color in my own leg it was one hell of a learning experience.
One of the most surprising facts about laser tattoo removal is that in most cases, the darker it is, the easier it is for the laser to find and disperse the ink, so you have a really dark, mostly black ink tattoo, there’s a good chance we can remove it completely. With the advancements in laser tattoo removal, like our Tri-Lase laser system, we can work with tattoos of any color on many skin tones (individual results will of course vary).  What’s so great about the Tri-Lase is that it contains specific technical advantages for removing a wide variety of tattoos, including professional and homemade or amateur tattoos. I am highly satisfied and feel confident this will be the ultimate solution in removing the remainder of imperfections as it has already eliminated most of the scarring, it is also much more affordable. A tattoo is not like painting your kitchen, you can’t add a primer and then throw on whatever color suits your fancy.

If you have darker hues or like to go tanning, then you may find that the warmer brighter colors like yellow and orange will not show up as much on your skin tone and look faded and washed out before you even leave the shop. The darker your skin, the better off you are going with bold black and grey designs to make your tattoo stand out as much as it can. That’s because tattoo removal lasers are designed to specifically hone in on tattoo ink by passing through the outer skin layers targeting only the embedded ink.
To get a good sense of what a certain color will look like on your skin, try to get a transparent piece of colored plastic and place it over your skin.
I've done plenty on mixed skin tone but none on skin quite this dark (average black skin tone if there is such a thing). If the dude has semi dark skin, its not going to look anywhere near as vivid as it does on a white dude. With all of the options available, there’s no time like the present to start the process of removing your unwanted tattoo.

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