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The tattoo process of applying ink in pleasing colors and designs has been an art form for centuries, yet is taken to an entirely different level when paired with classical fine art. Despite the fact that this Mona Lisa graces the back of a large, hairy man, the colors and details are admirable not to mention the sheer size of the tattoo design.
Artist BUGS, a native of London, is world-famous for his fine art designs AND his fine art tattoo work. Though this elegant and beautiful tattoo is only a portion of the wildly beloved Birth of Venus painting, Botticelli’s dreamy works of art are commonly commissioned into tattoos. This detailed and serene tattoo portrait of Frida Kahlo is exquisite and commemorates one of the most famous, strong, female artists in modern history. A top shelf print-like copy of one of Roy Lichtenstein’s finest works in vibrant colors and textures.
A beautiful tattoo rendition of Van Gogh’s Starry Night, frothy lines and heart-achingly wonderful colors and all.

Famous classical paintings such as The Last Supper and Birth of Venus, jump from the canvas and come to life on the body. Whether it be a back piece or a tiny character, we believe the body is a living canvas capable of exhibiting incredible masterpieces.
The workmanship, detail, and obvious talent these tattoo artists possess is almost palpable. Then feel free to check out our collection of owl tattoos in the Owl Tattoo gallery for inspiration. Whether you stopped by for tattoo inspiration or simply to oggle some beautiful tattoo art, we hope you enjoy the selection of classical art tattoo designs we’ve featured below. There is more ink delivered in the technique of solid coloring than that of color shading.So if you have a tattoo that is almost all shaded coloring with very little black then you have tattoo that could fade a little quicker. However they may have been tattooed at a depth that interacted with the fatty tissue layers that causes the ink to halo or spread.

I have some returning customers with watercolor tattoos from 5 years ago with no signs of needed a touch up. Nothing lasts forever but if you need a touch up I can help you.What makes a watercolor tattoo different than a normal tattoo?This is what confuses people about watercolor tattoos the most. It appears to have a watercolor background and no black outline around the flower.The truth is that the style is the only thing different here. The same ingredients, tools and techniques are used but I focus on simulating a watercolor style effect.Blurs, bleeds, splatters, runs, fades, shades, are all created on purpose from using a watercolor reference.
I enjoy sharing it and if you'd like you can add me on any social media you prefer.The Creative Process EbookGrab my free ebook and learn more about how I will turn your idea into artwork.

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