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We have already talked in length about Star tattoos in our previous post on the same topic.
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Geminis are said to be Adaptable, Communicative, eloquent, Intellectual, Youthful and lively. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Heart Tattoos, Star Tattoo Designs, Ankle Tattoos, and Tattoos For Girls.

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Some will have it at the top, others on the side, others will hide it under the foot (on the sole) while some will prefer a sprawling pattern that starts at the bottom and goes all the way to the top. But that can be difficult because your feet take you everywhere and you are always rubbing them against one thing or the other. Gemini is the sign of Twins, and people love to flaunt their Zodiac sign with these Gemini Tattoos.
If you must wear closed shoes, then wear a pair or two of very soft socks to protect your foot tattoos. A foot tattoo is like an intimate friend who is always there for you when everything else fails.

Ita€™s imperative that you have them handled by a professional to minimize the chances of this happening.
So if you can endure the pain just this once, you will stand out as having a unique tattoo before everyone gets carried by the wave and gets one.

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