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That is actually a girl, she used to go by the name Bellz, her real name is Vladlena Sevelova.
Origins of tattooing go way back to tribal communities, but over the years tattoos have become part of a fashion statement.
Generally Emo boys like to have more tattoos than emo girls, emo boys tattoos are also usually larger than those from emo girls.

Tattoos can be put on any part of the body, starting from face, shoulders, chest, sternum, armpit, forearm, back, and legs.
Let’s name just a few popular Tattoos among Emo boys: gothic tattoos, tattoos with slogans or inscriptions, nautical star tattoos, guitar or other rock music instruments tattoos…. Tattooing as an art is very popular all over the world among various subcultures and emo culture is not exception.

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