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If I were to get one of these panther tattoos, I would want mine to be as unique as possible while still looking like a very cool panther, because you certainly don’t want to lose that part of it. Because of their characteristics in the animal kingdom, they have become associated with superior courage, strength, and fighting ability in the tattoo world. I think guys see a panther certainly as a beast of power and in some ways try to emulate that by getting a panther tattoo put on themselves. Find Idea's, Discover Artists, your next tattoo, get inspired or browse our communities amazing collection! They range from a full body tattoo to just the head of the panther and then a few others in between. It’s sort of the whole point of getting something like a panther to begin with, to put on ones body. It’s a ferocious crawling panther design that was once the staple of the tattoo world. It is ironic that the crawling form, such as in this example, may have been adapted from a 1934 children’s book on mythology by old time Milwaukee tattoo artist Amund Dietzel.

It looks as if this panther is perched up on his arm, with his head arched back as if to say, come no closer or else, and even though it is just at tattoo, it gets the point across very well. And thus a symbol of life itself, but again I doubt that many people around the world who get a panther tattoo put a while lot of stock into those meanings.
Some are of the classic panther image while others are slanted toward a different style of tattoo and still some others where the artist took a bit more of an artistic license with. You don’t want the artist to be so unique that he somehow loses the original idea along the way.
The panther is a complex animal and a member of two different families, the puma and the leopard. In the superstitious and mystical world it is believed that panthers have sweet breath that can be smelled by other animals and humans from far away. They say that s panther tattoo is popular among men because the panther is a symbol of leadership, strength and power.
They do it for what that image means to them more than anything and that is the way it should be. One of the most famous and powerful tattoos of the twentieth century is a crawling panther. The panther is a member of either the leopard or puma families and is a predatory animal found throughout the Near East and in parts of North Africa.

And now after a few years of stagnation the panther tattoo has made a comeback in the world of tattooing. And while I think that may be part of it, I am not sure many people even know about those meanings.
So if you’re looking to get one of these panther tattoos, or any other, make sure you find the right type of artist first.
They are known for their savage cunning and in China the black panther is considered especially dangerous. So, if you have an interest in this magical design now is a good time to incorporate it into your personal body ink collection.
Because of it’s body shape it is ideally placed over the rolling and fluid musculature of the human body.

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