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Casper came to us as a four-month-old kitten in April of 1995, following the death of a stray we’d adopted several months before. Founded in 1868, the SF SPCA is a community-supported nonprofit dedicated to saving, protecting and caring for cats and dogs.
For years to follow, Tobes sat on the couch, awaiting my arrival home, happy to sniff out whoever I was cheating on him with. When Tobes finally gave in to years of heart disease, liver failure and asthma, I knew I had to memorialize him as best I could. After just a few years of working full time in an animal shelter, I sat in the room at the end of the hall and euthanized 10 cats. If you work with an animal rescue group that collects cattoos, please submit your photos and stories and we’ll add you to our Team Cattoo section!
She could open any door and cupboard in the house, as well as the trash can and the green can even after we’d snapped the lid down. A visit to the vet revealed that she was a borderline diabetic; she could get better or she could develop full-blown diabetes.

This section will spotlight animal rescue groups and organizations that proudly wear their love of cats on their skin.
We care for the abused or abandoned dog, for feral cats fending for themselves, and for animals in pain and requiring treatment.
The only door that foiled her was the microwave door; she never quite figured out that she had to push and pull at the same time. We had to give her sugar pills twice a day, which involved quite a bit of trickery to get her to take them. My family and I rescued Ginger off the streets of San Francisco when I was around 6 years old. To kick off the new section we have some incredible photos from the team at the San Francisco SPCA. The care that we and our community of supporters provide makes the difference between neglect and nurturing, hurting and health, loneliness and a loving home. I feel the sport is a bit small and that I could get better performance, two-up, on the softail.

One time she and the dog teamed up to get a half-eaten bbq chicken out of the fridge and divide it up, leaving only the empty plate behind.
Some neighborhood kids were pushing her off some stairs repeatedly, and my mom yelled at them so they ran off. These are some of the most dedicated animal rescuers in the country and they have one of the most impressive collections of cattoos ever. A big thanks to Daniel and the crew for submitting these awesome images and the stories behind the ink.
The cat was inside and my mom didn’t have the heart to throw her back out onto the street!

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