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Not only the best rum on the high seas, but some brilliant inspiration for some of the coolest naval tatts around.
You don’t have to be a sailor to appreciate a great sea tattoo, just as you don’t have to be enamored of the rum either! Got it done a few years ago so don’t remember what shop but the artist was a Brazilian who specialises on faces.
These fun designs are great for people after that quirky sailor tatt look.These tattoos are pretty amazing, and you will find that they are traditional and quite happy. They represent everything that sailors have to deal with, and it helps when the attention to detail and colors are authentic.A Bit of a Navy FlashbackThis tattoo is a perfect representation of a sailor jerry tattoo, and it is of beautiful colors. Seeing mermaids means that you are missing the women back home, and any navy man can understand that little desire. It shows that there are many things that show up in a sailor’s life, and booze, duty, and women show up in it.

It is said that you can see the birds and follow them to land, but this sailor wanted to follow them to a beautiful and happy woman waiting for the women on the shore. Their duty is clearly outlined with the anchor in the background, but it anchors them to their life as well. This means that this sailor thought often of home, and the beautiful design is common in all sailor jerry tattoos.
Of course, the beauty in the waves is unmistakable, and truly it may have carried him home.Personal TemptationThis tattoo shoes that personal temptation is waiting for this sailor as soon as he gets home, as someone named Bianca is waiting for him.
It’s a beautiful tattoo that probably is much like the likeness of the beauty that is waiting there for him. Its simplicity speaks volumes, and it supposed to help the sailor wait until he gets home, keeping him motivated.Pick Your PoisonThis tattoo is certainly a sailor jerry tattoo, shown its design and coloring, but it is one of the much more playful ones.
Honor and duty above all else when in the navy, but you will find that some, such as this one want to have a little more fun with what poison they choose and warn themselves against.

Though, many would doubt he stayed away from it.Living FreeLiving free is extremely important to any navy man, and that is the exact reason that they go to fight for their freedom in the first place. This is because living free is something that is important, and it has to be brought to you on the wings of freedom, and this sailor jerry tattoo does just that. You will find that this beautiful sailor jerry tattoo is of the same design and colors as the others.

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