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L’ain Freefall first fell in love with tattoos aged eight, when she saw a strong female character in Chow Yun-Fat classic God of Gamblers reveal her extensively inked shoulder before challenging the men. For many years, Freefall juggled a full-time career as a makeup artist with an unpaid tattooing apprenticeship, determined to realise her childhood passion. We caught her mid-travels to discuss what this month has in store, making it as a woman in a male-dominated field … and how much it really hurts. There were a few reasons why I walked away, mainly because I had been offered a tattoo apprenticeship (which at the time was near impossible to get). I love a client who can come in with a base idea which we can both work on together then, in the end, create something amazing we both love. About UsPHOENIX is an internationally distributed, independent magazine that represents the beating heart of London’s vibrant fashion and culture scene.
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Launched to industry acclaim in June 2010, PHOENIX has fast become the indispensable publication for Britain’s most creative and thought provoking designers, artists, photographers and writers. Never listen to your friends because one may think it was the most painful thing ever and another might think it’s nothing.
There’s no point sugar coating it and it will always be this way but isn’t this the same in nearly all male-dominated industries? I’ve been very lucky to meet and tattoo some of the most unexpected people and I treat everyone the same. She now gets to enjoy tattooing in some of the best shops all over the world, although ‘London will always be home’. When you see the extent of work a person has, you can see how much time and care has been put into it. There are many artists I admire and think are amazing living and dead but to be honest my mum is one of the most hardworking and honest people I know.

My sister came with me and my mum didn’t found out till four or five months later I think. She’s been through hell and back but she’s still standing with so much love to give everyone. Culturally speaking, tattoos are extremely frowned upon in my mum’s generation, but since then she’s obviously become more liberal about my choice of work and how I live my life. I had committed my life as a makeup artist, I had taught and worked so many amazing jobs and there were still so many opportunities awaiting but it just felt like it was a risk I had to take and I’m glad I did.
Make-up is still very much something I love and I still give lectures and classes when asked to.

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