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Tattoos that deal with dreams range from simple tattoos with just text related to dreaming, to complex tattoos that draw on traditional cultures. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Face Tattoos, Eyebrow Tattoos, Russian Prison Tattoos and Girls With Tattoos. Check out the cute bird with upraised wings for a flight in this flying dream tattoo on the upper arm.
The mystical peacock eyes complete the form of this dreamcatcher with the dreaming eye at the center of the design. Curves and straight lines come together in a bold graphic design style in this Dream Theater fan’s tattoo art.
The deer skull theme dreamcatcher is inked in an intricate fashion on the woman’s upper thigh in this tattoo design. The tiny heart with feathers keeps the dreamcatcher motif perfectly snug a little below the ear in this small tattoo design.
Gorgeous flowers circle the bottom of the heart theme dreamcatcher with the names of favorite people making the tattoo personal and special. The large heart shaped willow loop is a unique take on the traditional dreamcatcher tattoo. Pretty blue ribbons are the decorative motifs used in this dreamcatcher tattoo inked on the woman’s back. The side of this woman is elegantly decorated with a dreamcatcher tattoo in which the feathers seem to be enjoying a lively dance. Take a look at the Celtic patterns spreading in a horizontal pattern on both sides of this dreamcatcher tattoo on the lower back.

The bold and stylishly inked text, Chase Your Dreams’ is larger than life on the chest of the tattoo wearer. The traditional Celtic Cross with dreamcatcher feathers from Native American traditions celebrates art across cultures and lands.
The imaginatively inked healing tattoo shows a fairy girl, free and unclothed like a nature’s sprite. The red and blue combination of the willow hoop adds a bright look to this dreamcatcher tattoo on the leg.
A beautiful beaded circle sits around the globe in this colorful dreamcatcher tattoo design. You can see the intricate feathers hanging at the end of tiny snares in this composite dreamcatcher tattoo. The four-leaf clover sits at the center of this dreamcatcher tattoo as a potent symbol of good fortune.
Here is a tattoo showing a beautiful dream catcher decorated with red and blue beads for a colorful effect. All the dream tattoos are different in their styles and i liked Catch Deer Dream Situation idea its cool. Dream Balance Tattoo on the back of the women looks beautiful and the words are more beautiful. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites.
Whether it is dreaming of the next big thing, a better life, a deeper spiritual journey, or something very personal to the wearer, Dream Tattoos are indeed special.

The Native American tribes were known for their dreamcatchers made at home to catch good dreams and let the nightmares drop out. However, I would just like to put that design on the other parts of the body like the back part or the foot.
Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. It is said that we live in a community, and in dreams we are alone, but as we dream together the same dream, we can have a bigger and brighter future. Different cultures interpret dreams in different ways, and tattoo artists celebrate these interpretations through beautiful designs. In today’s fast life too, dreams hold a lot of importance, so tattoo artists may ink designs showing an angel of freedom holding up text related to dreams and love. When everything in the world seems to be going from bad to worse, it is dreams that keep the hope alive. It is love for each other that weaves us into a tight net of fellow-feeling, much like the intricate web woven by a spider. This community feeling and power of dreams is what dream tattoo art portrays through colorful patterns. Instead of giving up hope in troubled times we need to keep actively dreaming and loving, and this is a theme that heart shaped dreamcatcher tattoos often play on.

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