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Tattoos are a series of punctures that deposit dye or ink to the several different levels of the skin. Small skin reactions, called contact dermatitis, or more serious allergic reactions to the tattooing method, dye or even from the latex gloves used by the tattoo artist can also arise at times.
Scarring is another problem that does not happen very often seeing how tattoos are just one big scar with ink. The spread of infectious disease is very easy through tattooing, such as hepatitis B & C, tuberculosis, tetanus, and even HIV, if dirty equipment is used. It is very important to think about all aspects of getting tattooed before you actually go and do it. Sometimes it is not possible to completely remove all of a tattoo to restore normal skin tone and texture.
With a properly licensed and reputable tattoo artist, you really minimize any chance of problems with your new tattoo.
When done by a reputable, properly licensed tattoo artist, there is a very, very small chance of having any problems. Sorry, Paul, looks like all hells breakin’ loose in the form of a flesh eating staff infection!
Philly is also always a fun city, and we were super pumped this time because we were playing the super sweet Trocadero, where Lamb of God filmed their Killadelphia DVD.
Woke up and had a heart-healthy breakfast at the famous John’s Roast Pork, which has the most boner-inducing cheesesteaks in the world. Unfortunately we had a 13-hour drive to Joliet, so we didn’t get to pay homage to the mighty Rocky statue. Because of a recent global security issue, the Disqus website recommends that all users change their Disqus passwords.
The feeling can range from a cat scratch to burning to electricity or just the feeling of being written on very stiffly with a ballpoint pen. This can vary with each individual and each tattoo as well as each body part and the aftercare used. People have been getting tattooed (and things much, much more painful) for thousands of years with no numbing needed.
When this happens, ink can spread beneath the skin creating blobs in the linework or a haze that might surround parts or all of the tattoo. Alcohol is a bloodthinner so it can cause you to bleed more and the excess flow of blood can cause immediate fading.

The paler you are, the better off you are, but finding an artist who works well with white and is willing to do a white tattoo may be difficult. If you tan, it will be even less noticable and may be one of the first things to fade with repeated sun exposure. After working with it in small areas, your artist may be able to better decide if white will stand out and stay in your tattoo. In most cases, the rash (which looks like small pimples) is caused by over moisturizing the area. Allergic reactions typically occur just after the tattoo is finished, and noticed as the tattoo tries to heal.
They and I have slaved over designs for hours getting everything right and putting it to skin. What right does anyone else have to take that artwork that is so very important to them and render it exactly on their skin? I will not put personal artwork or art that's not specifically meant to be tattoo flash into public circulation.
Even if you are working on your own, there will come a time when you can't learn anything more from books, videos or trial and error.
I wouldn't be nearly as far as I am now without all the people who have helped me along the way. It's when you think you know it all that you need to lay down your machines and leave the industry. Right after getting tatted, the tattoo will be swollen, sore and there should be some scabbing on the surface of the tattoo. Most tattoos are raised and irritated for up to two months after a tattoo is done but some skin over reacts which can cause a bigger scar or raised scar tissue called keloids. There can be a series of color specs and a lumpy site where the tattoo used to be and depending on how much you hated the tattoo can look worse than when you started with the original tattoo.
Tattoos are a wonderful way to express your individuality and wear art but can be one of the worst mistakes that you make if you are not informed and do it on a whim.
After a swanky dinner of Maryland crab, we ripped our set, then slammed Natty Bohs and caught up with old friends.
The club is in the heart of Chinatown, and we had a badass dinner of hand drawn noodle soup. Luckily we have a day off, so it’s time for a full day of driving, which means a shitload of Kiss and Howard Stern.

Sometimes that last color can seem like the worst, especially since you're anticipating the end of the process and enjoying your new addition.
There's little to nothing you can do to completely prevent stretchmarks from occuring. You may get a lot of questions asking if it's a scar, branding or some other form of mark.
This can be caused by sun exposure or sunburn, slapping, scratching, rough clothing or even stress.
Tattoo removal is a long, difficult, and expensive process that can leave scars that are sometimes worse than the tattoo itself. Beginning with this post, drummer Phil Dubois-Coyne is keeping a blog for us so we don’t miss out on anything that goes down, both onstage and off.
We got to the venue early the next morning and met all the dudes we would be spending the next month with. Our friends in Relapse came out to show some love, and we had a few drinks with a couple of the dudes from Baroness.
If a person comes to me to design a tattoo I give them my word that I will not reproduce it on anyone. Picking not only lets the germs in it can also take the ink out with the scab leaving an empty spot in the tattoo.
It is also very normal for the tattoo to seep small amounts of blood or fluid for 24 hours or so. Everybody is cool as hell, and almost everyone seems like they party, so, if things go the way I expect, it should be a very blurry month. Check back soon for updates, and make sure to come out and rip it with us when we come through your city. Everyone started feeling much better after hanging with a rep from Jagermeister for a few hours, and good times were had by all.

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