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The Sak Yan is a traditional tattoo that is done in Southeast Asian Countries, such as Thailand and Cambodia. I am trying to start a page with different types of tattoos which will include the meaning and origin.  If you have ideas or a type of tattoo you would like featured, please contact me with the information using my “Contact Me” page on the right. If you need any more pics you can contact me as i have a great number of pics of sak yant related matters. Some tattoo artist in will place the tattoo on a female but a true Buddhist Monk is forbidden from giving the ink to a female.
If you use this color with our , the range of purples for your tattoos will reach your wildest dreams.

Later I will be doing a story of a female who received a Sak Yant from a tattoo artist who used to study the Buddhist Religion.
I have also heard that you have to be careful who gives you that tattoo as there are Dark monks who can put a hex or a spell on you. He used to be a gangster over in Thailand and when he ran into trouble he was given the opportunity to become a Monk. The Sak Yant is a tattoo that one gets that has a prayer or a blessing over the person it is on. During his journey of becoming a Monk he found an interest in tattooing that he decided to become a tattoo artist instead.

Remember try not to insult a person when looking at their tattoo by saying “Oh, you got that because (insert celebrities name) got it?” This can be an insult to the person who wears it.

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