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Though it might be difficult to imagine your mother or grandmother getting a tattoo, it’s not as impossible as you might think, when you consider permanent cosmetics!
The woman in the following before and after pictures has permanent eyebrows, eyeliner and permanent lipstick and lip shading. Permanent make up is an idea that may take some getting used to, but in fact, it is a very logical application.
Why go through the trouble of applying eyeliner or eyebrow pencil day after day when you can have it applied only once and have it last for years, if not forever?
Permanent makeup is also an answer to the age old question of how to look good first thing in the morning. Permanent makeup avoids having your makeup run while you’re swimming or watching a sad movie. Permanent makeup boosts your self-esteem by gaining more confidence in your physical appearance. Great news for exercisers and sports enthusiasts: no more smudging or waiting until after you've hit the gym to look your best. For some people, physical difficulties such as allergies or arthritis, prevent them from applying makeup on a daily basis.
If you only wear makeup some of the time then cosmetic tattooing obviously isn't your thing. The most obvious risk when getting a cosmetic tattoo is that you may not like it ten years down the road. There's also the risk that the cosmetic tattoo artist who applied your permanent makeup wasn't skilled enough and did a bad job.
Don’t be scared off though, by some extreme examples of eyebrow tattoos or other cosmetic tattooing you might have seen in decades past.
You will need to determine whether or not the benefits outweigh the risks when making your decision. The woman in the following picture has permanent eyebrows and permanent eyeliner on the upper eye lid.
Tip: if your eyebrow tattoo came out too dark or heavy, get your eyebrow hairs lightened at your local beauty parlor. So, if you do use makeup on a regular basis, consider eye tattoos, permanent lipstick tattooing, or other types of permanent cosmetics, but be aware of the risks and make sure it is what you really want. During breast reconstruction, it can be used to recreate an areola, thereby enhancing one's feeling of feminization.
Someone who has lost his or her eyebrows due to alopecia (a form of hair loss) or chemotherapy, may opt to have natural-looking permanent eyebrows or eyebrow tint tattooed on. Similarly, people with vitiligo, which is a lack of pigmentation in certain areas of the skin, may use tattooing to help even out the skin tone in the affected areas. Some medical procedures require a permanent mark, for example radiation therapy for cancer. Tummy tuck tattoos: tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a procedure in cosmetic surgery used to make the abdomen thinner by removing fat and skin. Regardless of the reason for choosing permanent makeup, you must be aware of both the risks and benefits in order to make the most informed decision. Tip: Keep your bold shade looking modern by going for a cream or matte finish rather than a shimmer, frost or pearl finish. Tip: Use a whitening toothpaste and opt for a blue based orange, warm toned lipsticks can make teeth look yellow. Old Hollywood celebrities loved their white eyeshadow and with good reason (think Marylin Monroe) White eyeshadow can brighten your eyes and make them look larger (not to mention it goes with just about every bold shade of lip color) Start off by applying a pigmented white eyeshadow base all over the eyelid (not going any farther than the crease) then pat a white, shimmery powder shadow on-top to keep the color in place.
What happens when a beauty treatment designed to make you look gorgeous does the exact opposite – and turns into a nightmare? A simple $10 procedure turned into a more than $120 expense to treat this eyebrow wax gone wrong.

If you think the warning about doing a skin test on your hair is just a silly precaution, think again. After undergoing several plastic surgery procedures, Pete Burns of “Dead or Alive” fame decided to have his lip implants removed. Sure, a facelift can drastically transform your appearance, but it’s likely this isn’t what you’re going for. If we could offer one piece of advice, it’s to talk with others before deciding which salon to use for your laser hair removal treatment. If you’ve heard horror stories about people being burned by photo facial treatments, or those who suffered hyper pigmentation afterward, perhaps you should take heed.
Even though spray tans won’t harm your skin as much as actual sunlight, you should still be cautious. We all want to be a bit more beautiful and whether you are into the latest news in cosmetology or how-to's on beauty, hair, or massage trends, "One Beautiful" Blog can nail it for you. Around the globe and across the runways, trends are always changing, making it sometimes hard to keep up. Not only is this a time saver, but given the price of quality cosmetics, it can also save you tons of money in the long run. Some companies specialize in cosmetic tattooing that is semi-permanent – it lasts for about five years, then gradually fades away. Due to the aging process and natural elasticity of you skin, something that looks great now may not look so great when you are older.
In the 1950s and 60s, permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing (like cosmetics in general) tended to be rather dark and obvious-looking. For example, permanent lipstick tattooing at a reputable studio is subtle and natural looking. Do the research to find a highly qualified cosmetic tattoo artist who is licensed and certified with plenty of experience and good reviews not only from customers but from medical practitioners as well. Nowadays styles have changed, and eyebrow tattoos and other permanent eye makeup are softer and more natural. Hard to say because it differs from place to place and depends on the technique that you need.
Eyebrow tattoos are removed with a laser in pretty much the same way as normal tattoos are removed. Like medical tattooing, cosmetic tattooing is yet another modern use for a very ancient art.
A bold lip is hot, especially as we in come into the warmer months and overall it is the perfect summer shade. Ditching the eyeshadow, eyeliner and jet black mascara is one of my favorite things to do when rocking a bold lip, the reason?
Smudge some dark brown kohl liner around your upper and lower lashes lines and then wiggle two to three coats of a good mascara through your lower lashes and (curled) upper lashes. When in doubt draw on a jet black liquid liner and wiggle an amazing mascara through your lashes from roots to tips.
Line waterlines with a soft white kohl pencil and then apply lashings of mascara or false lashes, lining the lash-lines is not necessary.
At one time or another, it’s likely you’ve heard the horror stories or at least talked to someone who’s had a beauty treatment go wrong.
After permanent lip liner was tattooed on her lips, she soon found out that the staff member was a bit confused on where lip liner should actually be placed.
This unlucky lady made the mistake of doing a 24-hour test instead of the recommended 48 hours. But instead of completely removing it, his skin was injected with a filler that caused swelling, blisters, discharge and lumps.
This beauty treatment gone wrong cost nearly $8,000 and was intended to smooth out wrinkles, erase lines around the mouth, and remove fatty tissue in the neck.

This was a botched job on legs, but imagine how painful it could be on your face or even bikini line?!
All aesthetic treatments should be done by an accredited doctor, or it could result in burns like these. First your aesthetician draws in the shape with a normal brow pencil, to see if you like the shape and eyebrow tint. A more powder light finish using blends of pigment can really create a wonderful eye shadow and smudgy pencil effect. When rocking, well any makeup look really winged eyeliner is the easiest and most sophisticated way to go. Take a look at some unfortunate beauty and makeup mishaps– it may just make you think twice (or do some pretty good research) before scheduling your next service.
Now, the patient is considering what seems like one of the only options for this extreme mishap – laser tattoo removal.
Instead, the patient wasn’t able to move her top lip, and couldn’t talk, eat, or drink for weeks following the procedure.
Be especially wary of salons that offer a discount on hair removal – lower prices can be a sign of untrained technicians or ineffective treatment. Joceyln Wildenstein, wife of billionaire art dealer Alec Wildenstein, has reportedly spent more than $4 million on plastic surgery. Try to avoid areas that are likely to wrinkle, stretch, or be exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time.
You can also enhance the lipstick tattooing by adding another shade of lipstick or a clear or tinted gloss over top. When having your initial consultation, be up front and honest about any medical conditions that may have an effect on your tattoo. Then a topical analgesic numbs your skin before the hollow needle carries the ink to the middle layer of your skin. Make sure you don't run out of time to have these shipped to arrive for your Halloween party or next event. Instead, curl your lashes with a great lash curler and apply lashings of clear mascara (and if you really can't ditch mascara then go for a dark brown shade instead) finish off by grooming your brows with a tinted brow gel. The salon tried to heal it with soothing cream, and in the end, reimbursed the customer for their treatment and the medical costs associated with it – including a cream and antibiotics.
Her neck was also immovable for several months because the skin around it was pulled so tight.
She’s undergone silicone injections to her lips, cheeks, and chin, eye reconstruction, a brow lift, Botox, and lip implants.
Your recovery and healing time depend largely on how well your care for your tattoo site and yourself. There may be mild discomfort or a temporary stinging sensation, but typically there is little pain involved. Her head, neck, and face began to swell, and she eventually needed to be put on an IV and given antihistamines to ease the pain and swelling. If you carefully follow the instructions you are given for caring for the site, you should heal quickly and not experience any difficulties or pain. The patient described the pain as someone pressing hot curling irons onto her back, but the spa led her to believe the pain was normal.
Your body has to last you the rest of your life so don't sacrifice quality to save a few bucks.

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