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I chatted with Jersey Shore creator SallyAnn Salsano back in October here in Inked Out to talk about her new reality series on Spike TV, Tattoo Nightmares.
For those of you who haven’t seen Tattoo Nightmares yet, it’s a show that follows real people with really bad tattoos that range from hilarious to downright disturbing.
In season two, we’ll see things like a suburban dad who woke up in the emergency ward in a bloody gown with no recollection of how he got “Thug Life” tattooed across his entire stomach or Catholic schoolgirl who mistakenly got a pentagram inked on her lower back or how a woman who was so blinded by love let her legally blind boyfriend tattoo her. I have to admit that after speaking to you last time, my fiancee and I started watching the show. I don’t want to take anything away from Tommy and Big Gus, but every time Jasmine turns something out, we are just blown away with the detail of her work. Yeah, I also love the comedy that’s injected in the show because you do have to be able to laugh at yourself if you’re inking something on your thing that’s definitely comes up to be a bad idea, but also I love the way that we do the makeovers. So there’s so much fun stuff and there are so many great breakup stories and there are so many people, I would, literally, say the characters this season have stories that are way more outrageous, but they’re all legit.
After Tattoo Nightmares came out, I felt like channels such as TLC and Lifetime had these knockoffs on their networks. Has there been any talk in bringing in a guest tattoo artist to fix one of these bad tattoos? How long does it take out of Tommy, Big Gus and Jasmine’s time to film a full season of Tattoo Nightmares?
I would just say that I think the other thing that we have that’s way better is that Tommy, Gus and Jasmine, last year, they met right before we started filming the show.
Our cast also includes Tommy Helm runner-up of Ink Masters Season 1, and a new face to the community, Jazmin Rodriquez. I have since become a fan of the show, so it was great to talk to SallyAnn again about season two after finally seeing her vision on the small screen. The cameras follow these poor tattooed souls as they seek the help of three of the best “cover-up” tattoo artists in the business to fix their “tattoo nightmares.” They are former Ink Master season one finalist Tommy Helm, the fun-loving Big Gus and the super-sultry Jasmine Rodriguez. There are these stories and so many more that you’ll see depicted on this new season of Tattoo Nightmares.

I think once people saw the show, everybody started writing in with the most psychotic and craziest tattoos of all time!
There was a story about a guy who paid for this woman’s breast implants and she was like, “You know what would be so hot? When we did Jersey Shore, then came Jersey Couture, then came Jerseylicious, then came The Housewives Of Jersey. To be honest with you, I think that fans of the show and the people in the tattoo world realize what a big deal it is to get tattooed by Tommy, Gus and Jasmine. Season one, we only had like eight episodes and due to the demand of the shows, season two was over 20 episodes. So you know when you first meet people, everyone minds their Ps and Qs and stuff like that. It’s not a mean show where they don’t get along, but they just razz each other and it is so funny to watch their interaction. I found this to be a great way of helping the industry, plus I’m getting paid of course.
The stakes are higher this season as the regretful clients go under the tattoo gun for a second time around to see if Tommy, Gus and Jasmine can work a miracle and turn their disaster-pieces into masterpieces.
As the writer of Inked Out every month, I love seeing the outcome of these repaired tattoos and, of course, seeing the challenges that Tommy, Gus and Jasmine have to face week in and week out.
If you got a picture of my breasts tattooed on your arm.” He did it and then she broke up with him! I think on the conservative side, all of them have up to a two-year waiting list to be tattooed by them.
I also think they know what’s funny about the show and I think they are more into hearing people’s stories and I actually think the whole show has elevated because of that. I was pulling 16-hour workdays six days a week for a little over a month, which was not an easy task.
Yes, it’s gotten a bad rap in the tattoo world but when I was given the opportunity to film a show I took it so I could show America that we can be positive role models to the average person aspiring to be a tattoo artist.

Some of which were so bad that they were hurting their relationships, self-esteem and outlook on life. The one thing that makes SallyAnn’s hit series so entertaining is the reenactments, which allow us to see how the nightmarish tattoos were born.
The season began last week, but Spike reruns these episodes so often that it will be easy to catch up! There was another guy who was really fit and in shape and he had like “Fuck Love” tattooed on his stomach, but he used to be a really small guy and now he’s like 250 pounds.
Their comfort on camera and their comfort with each other, like they’re just calling each other out, having a good time, messing with each other, it really is a fun thing making the overall vibe in the shop better. But let’s be serious… how many of you cry and talk negative about these shows?
We cannot stop the ever-growing interest in this trade so why not educate them the best we can and with Spike TV in over 98.7 million homes. On the show, we take on the task of these people’s TATTOO NIGHTMARES and give them new hope at the end of the long hours of getting tattooed on the show. We had 15,000 emails from people who wanted us to cover their bad tattoos and we literally went through every single email. You will also get to see re-enactments of their stories, which I can’t wait to see, because some were just too damn crazy to hear. I love the look of our show and I think the storytelling is still different than the other shows. What better way to show them clean tattooing, sterilization, customer service, pride in your art and community. Maybe not to the public of the masses, but in their little world, they were very well known and I think since the show hit now, it’s unbelievable.

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